Vedette Shapewear – Review

This has been a difficult blog to write. It’s easy to give an honest opinion when I purchase the item or when it was provided for my own review. I’ve never been one to be afraid of going against the grain by giving a negative review to something others have rated positively. But the item I am reviewing now was something I won from the much-loved blog, The Fashion Planner. In other words, it wasn’t just a buy or a freebie but it was a prize a gift. What’s that they say about looking gift horses in the mouth? (That’s actually a horrible urban legend if you want to read it. Never going near a horse skull again!)

Disclaimer: I received this product FOR FREE from Vedette Shapewear and The Fashion Blanner’s giveaway. The review of the product is in no related to the blog or the blogger.The review is of a company and a product and should not be interpreted as my having anything but love and respect for TFP. I’ve gotten Midnight Cowgirl’s okay in writing this review so you can be sure it is my 100% honest opinion of Vedette Shapewear’s product. I’d like to preface this by saying that Midnight Cowgirl reviewed a different item from another one of Vedette’s lines and found it quite lovely (read the review here: ). So as always, take my review with a grain of salt: not everything is the same for everyone. ESPECIALLY when it comes to shapewear.

Generic Info:

I received style #115 from Vedette’s line, The Danette. While i’m not sure whether the other winners received their prize from the Sensuale Line (as Vedette implied the giveaway would be from) #115 is not from that line.

The piece retails for $66 from the Vedette Store, though there is currently a sale and you can grab it for $54. You can also find it for $45.94 at FajaShop. I received it 10 days from the date I won the prize, which was a Saturday. They shipped it out that following Tuesday so total shipping time came in at 5 business days.

Official images of the garment from the website and the catalog are below followed by my real life images. It’s 100% true-to-advertisement.

Customer Service:

I’m not going to go into full disclosure here. I’ve always been quite curvy in that whole hourglass way. But it’s not the dream everyone makes it out to be – it makes it impossible to buy clothes without having to get them altered. Almost everything I buy must be purchased with my bust and hips in mind and then altered so that my waist doesn’t get swamped by excess fabric. Poor little curvy girl right? Yeah yeah. Anyway, these difficult dimensions put me pretty much everywhere in terms of Vedette’s sizing chart. My bust and hips are one place, my waist and underbust somewhere else. Their website advertises a phone line where potential customers can call to discuss sizes before they buy, to ensure perfect fit. Allow me to provide you with a paraphrased version of the conversation:

Operator Asks For Dimensions. I provide the dimensions starting with the waist and underbust. I am then asked for my bust line…a noise of approval. Enter the request for my hips.

Operator: Oh wow! ~under her breath~ You have a big butt!

Me: Uhm…Yeah…

Operator: Wow okay. Give me a minute…let me think. What item are you getting?

Me: I don’t know, I won this from a giveaway and the item is a surprise. I’m just being asked for my dimensions.

Operator: Oh…okay. So what are you getting ’cause it’s different measurements for the different lines?

Me: Ah. I’m sorry. I won this from a blog? I just know that Vedette is requesting my size. They aren’t telling us what we’ll be getting.

Operator: Oh…okay well…I think you’d better go with a large because you’re kind of juicy.

Me: …Are you sure?

Operator: Yeah. Go with a large.

Juicy? I’ve never been called JUICY in my life. It made me feel like a child’s fruit juice line or the bedazzled words on Paris Hilton’s flat white butt. Are customer service people even supposed to talk to clients like that? Even IF it’s a shapewear company? The lady was perfectly friendly but I could just FEEL her oogling my sexy bust-waist-hip ratio.

Oh. And every review about Vedette i’ve ever read suggests going a size up, so that’s what I did thinking that it might fit a bit loose but what the hey! Right? Ooooooh no. But that’s for a bit later.


I rarely review packaging, but in this case I felt it was warranted. Bloggers who received samples from Vedette for review purposes universally received theirs in elegant boxes or foiled bags with the item wrapped in logo’d tissue paper. What’d I get?

Also note that the product pictured above (105, 106 and 107) is not what I received. But the bottom right hand corner does specify what I did get.

They also made sure to remind me that the item was for free and was not covered under warranty, eligible for return or exchange and (duh!) I could not get my money back for the item I did not pay anything for.

Let that be a reminder that some companies may use certain tactics to amp up their ratings among reviewers. If a company truly wants an honest review, it’s very important to me that they send the product in the same packaging a customer would receive. Otherwise what’s the point?

They also included a catalog of their products, which was actually quite nice.


Midnight Cowgirl warned people in her review to wear a size up. Various other blogs did the same and so I followed suit. I could barely get the darned thing on. I did eventually manage to get it on but keeping in mind that it was a whole size up, it was obscenely tight. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve owned SPANX and other shapewears. I got my first underbust waist cincher at age 12. But for a medium control product this was WAY too snug. If the elastic didn’t have as much give as it did I would have hard quite a hard time removing it…not to mention breathing.

Luckily Harmony stepped in and tried the item on my behalf. She’s a size 32/Medium and the 40/Extra Large felt snug on her waist and only a little loose on her hips. I choose to remind you at this time that the Extra Large is a size up from what I “should” have gotten, according to Vedette’s size chart. It STILL felt snug (and when i say snug, I mean snugger than shapewear should) on someone who is on the smaller side of Medium. Vedette states on their website and catalog that their products run small, to make sure to choose the correct size. However the size chart seems so drastically off from the actual size that it’s quite difficult to ascertain what your correct size IS.


Results are the best judge of control when it comes to shapewear. So here they are.

My Results:
Natural Waist: 1 Inch Reduction
Waist: 1 Inch Reduction
Hips: 2 Inch Reduction
Harmony’s Results:
Natural Waist: No Reduction
Waist: No Reduction
Hips: 1 Inch Reduction

Makes no sense! To put things in perspective: my Spanx reduce my natural waist, waist and hips by a good 4 inches without being too tight. The Danette reduced me less than that and felt MUCH more uncomfortable. The item was also tight on Harmony, but reduced only her hips by 1 inch!

I used this product for 2 hours. Halfway through, the elastic at the top would NOT stop rolling down. I used the straps that are meant to keep the top up (similar to bra straps) but they did little to no good. The waist kept folding in on itself from being too tight. After the first time taking it off (I took a 15 minute break between hours for health purposes) the elastic at the top had worn noticeably. By the second time I couldn’t get it to stay up. At the time of writing this review it is still weak.


Manufacturer: Vedette Shapewear
Style: 115/Danette
Price: $66
Shipping Time: 5 Business Days
Customer Service: 2/10
Packaging: 1/10
Sizing: 1/10
Control: 5/10
Quality: 2/10
Final: 2/10

Sad to say that it was all-in-all a pretty disappointing experience. I can’t even see myself using this if I were to lose weight as a smaller sized me would just get the disappointing control results that Harmony did. Not that she would want them anyway. “Why do women DO this?” She asked staring at the catalog of products while I took her measurements. With a sigh and a shake of my head I muttered, “Because not everyone has a cute butt. And you can’t deny them their right to happiness in the form of a cute butt.” It’s the american way.

I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to Midnight Cowgirl from The Fashion Planner. She okay’d my posting this review AND was the doll who hosted the giveaway in the first place.

‘Till Next Time
<3 EA

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7 Responses to Vedette Shapewear – Review

  1. Yikes- the whole ‘buying a size up’ business is always a bit screwy-sounding to me, but to then have something fit so… badly is cruddy on a whole other level. :/

    I’d never heard of Vedette before– probably because I’ve yet to look into shapewear– but I’m more likely to do a bit more research if one of their items catch their eyes.

    Hm.. it really is unfortunate that you had such a weird experience. @_@ I s’pose this goes to show that word of mouth isn’t always the best word.

    Gracias for the detailed review, as always~.

  2. amber says:

    Your review was very, very informative. I am happy you won the contest! (Like I’ve said a bajillion times already, haha) Same with Noxin, I’ve never heard of Vedette. I’ve never tried shapewear, I’ve always found it kinda expensive for something you wear under your clothes. Vedette seems exceptionally expensive, $66 for a thong? Not even worth it. :

  3. Justin says:

    You listen to Madonna… let’s get married. haha <3

    Sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Geez… you were supposed to have won something… it should have been a happy time… and yet you had to deal with all those misfortunes.

    I can't believe you were called juicy. I'm sure that person could get fired over that. Your picture choice made me LOL.

    Oh and why would they put it in packaging that doesn't resemble the actual product? That makes no sense… they're just being lazy bitches. Maybe it's because everyone gets their stuff for free, because no one would want it otherwise? I sense a conspiracy!

    Thanks for being FB friends! Heehee

  4. GLOWINGDOLL says:

    Wow that lady sounds incredibly unprofessional. She probably thinks that she’s being complimentary.

    And gross packaging too.

  5. amber says:

    Hey darling! (: I’ve tagged you!

  6. hahaha ^.^ I really had to laugh while reading this review..! Your writing style is too funny ^.^ I have never tried bodyshaping clothes it sounds interesting!! hmm.. but anyway.. it sucks that their products are not like what they say they are.. but sadly that’s not a novelty.. :(

  7. PS: I would take JUICY as a sort of compliment.. although it’s really not very professional told by the telephone the JUICY on the blonde girl’s flat butt is just too much irony :P ..muahaha

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