Using Clip On Hair Extensions

So, in this tutorial i’ll be teaching you how to go from…

From This...

...To This!

This tutorial uses 70g (weight) clip-on, human hair extensions – 7 pieces total. This tutorial works the same for different weights and you can skip steps as needed if you have more (or less) clips. :D Let’s do it~

Step 1:

Brush your hair back until it’s nice and smooth. Get rid of any tangles now because you won’t be able to deal with them later. LEAVE your hair brushed back.

Step 2:

Divide your hair into three horizontal sections. Secure the topmost section into a high ponytail. Then, secure the next portion into another high ponytail. Leave the final section down. This will leave you with the below sexy hairdo; which, is appropriate for weddings and state funerals.

Step 3:

Locate the widest extension “weft” (section). Position it in the middle and clip it just below the part that divides the middle section from the section that you left down in Step 2.

Step 4:
Now this is where people start dividing themselves up. Some choose only one weft in the middle and layer the rest around the sides. I tend to take the two second-widest wefts and clip them on either side of my head so they meet in the middle. I do this just BELOW the first (widest) clip. This way the back portion of the extension doesn’t seem abnormally thin.

Step 5:
Release the second (bottom-most) ponytail and gently smooth it over your extensions so that you cannot see the tracks.

Step 6:
Take the two remaining widest wefts. In my case these were two-clips wide. Securely them on either side of your head, but not too close to the hairline.

Step 7:
Release the KRAKEN final ponytail but DO NOT let it fall. At this point, if you part your hair in any particular way, do so ONLY with the top portion of your hair. Some people will comb and part their extensions but this is a quick way to shorten their overall life if not ruin them. Once your hair’s been parted let it fall over the side wefts.

Step 8:
At this point, depending on what weight you purchased, you may or may not have additional wefts left. These will usually be one-clip long. You can either use them to fill in thin spots in the back OR, do what I do and lift some of the top half of your hair (but not below the side-clips) and clip in the final extensions closer to the hairline. This will create a slightly layered effect near your face as well as even-ing out the front-portion of your hair. Once the clips are in re-smooth the top portion of your hair. DO NOT brush your hair at this point, you’ll tug the extensions.

Always remember to double check your hair before you go out. Otherwise you may find yourself subjected to THE EXPOSED WEFT monster.

Once the above steps have been completed, you should be able to enjoy your extensions. Mind you that this tutorial does not cover STYLING extensions; though i’ll probably do such a post in the future. With most human hair extensions, it is possible to curl/dye them. I prefer to buy separate sets of extensions for various styles (ie: have a “straight” set, a “home-curled” set and a “pre-curled” set). Also note that it is not advisable to use hair products on the extensions because of the infrequency with which most people wash them.

Well! I hope this little tutorial has helped some of you. In my next post i’ll be reviewing the extensions I used in this tutorial so if you wanted that info step around!

<3 EA

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4 Responses to Using Clip On Hair Extensions

  1. o: I liiikkee~~. I’m…. oddly uneducated in extensions, weaves, wigs, etc, for somebody so–err- dark. Haha.

    With that said, this is a super useful post, as I’ve been deciding between clip on extensions and a weave this past week, and the clip-ins seem– clearly– more natural.

    Note to self: stop manically cutting my hair once it hits collarbone-length. Maybe then I wouldn’t want to purchase the aforementioned items.

    <.< I shall be jazzed if you one day post an extension styling-centric post. Indeed. Now I'm wondering about if should go for human hair or synthetic if I only plan on rarely wearing the clip-ons…

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      Noxin –

      HAHA. I’m surprisingly educated about fake hair for someone with such naturally thick and gloss and luxurious and wind in my face swishing hair.

      A weave can be done without the braids showing you know.. There are also various types of sew-in extensions and glue-in extensions that will give you the same effect. Clip ins are only good for one day and you must take them out and brush them before going to bed.

      Also (i’ll explain why in my next post) hold off on buying synthetic extensions. The ones I used in this picture were human hair and were surprisingly cheap (think less than a month’s worth of coffee.) <3 As always, thanks for reviewing.

  2. Justin says:

    Wow… there’s so much work involved… I didn’t realize! Anyway, this is a very well-written tutorial. I like how you put a lot of yourself into it…. like the exposed weft monster! bwahaha!!

  3. Great tutorial! The extensions look good :)

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