Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Perversion – Review and Swatches


Urban Decay 24 7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

I don’t know about you, but for a long time I thought all eyeliner pencils were created equal. I was proven horribly, horribly wrong through experience. So – like any good beauty blogger, I began a search for the darkest, most pigmented liner ever. Many recommendations lead me to the same path – Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eye Pencil in Perversion. And here is what I found…

General Information:

One pencil costs $19 USD. To me, this was…a bit of a whopper. Then again, I was braced for it (i’ve been eyeing Illamasqua’s S.O.P.H.I.E pencil, $20.63 for a while.) It’s definitely going to be sticker shock for $1 Wet n Wild girls. Each pencil contains approximately .04 oz of product. Of course, you have to expect you’ll shave a good chunk of that away when you sharpen the pencil. Currently, there are 24 shades available on Urban Decay’s website.

Quick note: Make sure not to get this confused with their Glide-On Shadow pencils, which are a lot like NYX’s Jumbo Eye pencils. Remember, Glide-On Eye Pencil not Glide-On Shadow Pencil. Here’s the ingredients list for Perversion:

Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, PEG/PPG-19/19 Dimethicone, Synthetic Wax, Hydrogenated Polydicyclopentadiene, Nylon-12, C20-40 Alcohols, Perfluorononyl Dimethicone, Polyglyceryl-4, Diisostearate/Polyhydroxystearate/Sebacate, Polyethlene, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Tocopherol.


Urban Decay 24 7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

This is a fairly standard-sized pencil. It’s about the same size and length (maybe a touch thicker) as a Wet n Wild Color Icon pencil. It feels sturdy and has a plastic cap that doesn’t break nearly as easily as the typical clear-plastic caps that cheaper pencils come with.

Color Accuracy:

I know, I know. How many variations of black can there be? A lot it turns out, according to this Temptalia post. Urban Decay describes perversion as a “blackest-black matte.” Blackest black? Check. Matte? Ehh…


Swatched on the back of my hand, it looks pretty matte. But I have to be honest, it stays kind of satiny after the application. It’s still a lot matter than other “cream” or “gel” liners, but not totally matte (see the application pic below.)


Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd. Guys! This is so-so pigmented. It’s easily one of the most pigmented pencils i’ve ever tried. Ever ever ever!


This is an extremely creamy, pencil. As UD themselves say it just “glides on.” With that said, the fact that it glides on the skin so easily also means it’s easy to go askew and mess up your line. It’s a medium width pencil which is quite hard to get a thin line with. And because it’s soft, you can’t sharpen it to a particularly fine point either. At the same time, this also means you won’t get scraggly thin lines or eye-tugging. So it’s a matter of personal preference.

Perversion Applied


UrbanDecay does claim that this is pencil that is both waterproof and “WILL NOT budge.” Well…Swatches speak louder than words!

Rub Test

I like the liner set for about five minutes before I gave it the rub test and as you can see it did smudge and fade the color ab it. But there are no glaring streaks of runaway color either!


Water Test

Now, to its credit – it didn’t disappear completely. But it did fade consierably and a lot of the liner DID go away. On the plus side, it didn’t really streak either.

The wear was only a little worse than the above on my actual eyelids. As you know, I have oily lids – so there was some minor smudging but thankfully no transferring. I’ve read some reviews advising against wearing this on your waterline or using it for tightlining if you have contact lenses. I did both and I had no such problems. In fact, this sucker went for a shocking 6 hours on my waterline! And I have rather watery eyes and am constantly using eyedrops. It faired a little better on my top lid, 7 hours before some minor smudging took place and it never completely faded. Overall – very impressive wear.


This is a pencil for a very specific market. You can’t be afraid of true pigmentation or a thicker liner.

Value: 3/5

Definitely a pricy pencil!

Packaging: 5/5

Very nice, easy to handle and sturdy.

Color Accuracy: 10/10

A blacker black was never seen before or since!

Pigmentation: 10/10

This is one of the most pigmented liners i’ve ever seen.

Application: 8/10

It can be a bit tricky if you’re used to less slip and a thinner pencil, but it’s really quite effortless once you get used to it.

Wear: 8/10

This has excellent wear. With that said, it doesn’t WHOLLY live up to the water or smudgeproof claims.

Overall: 88% (B+)

With that said, would I repurchase? Probably definitely! I’m still going to try out Illamasqua’s S.O.P.H.I.E but I can’t imagine how much improvement could be done on this aside from improving the smudge and water resistance.

<3 EA

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12 Responses to Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Perversion – Review and Swatches

  1. Larie says:

    Milani makes a pencil that’s almost exactly like Perversion for about $7 or $8. That said, though, I don’t like either of them – they don’t stay put!
    Larie recently posted..May Favorites

  2. it’s been ages since the last time I wore liner!! Except for one or two special occasions.. I love eye liner and I wish I had more skills in applying it.. This one looks very pigmented indeed but it’s the ruber and water test that totally astonishes me!! Great review as always Ava! You made me want to go and pick one up. You can do such cool stuff with liner!!! But I hate it when it smudges.. T.T
    ねこちゃん recently posted..Teru Teru Bozu~

  3. Misato-san says:

    MAC has a pencil black as this one… Feline. I love it!
    Misato-san recently posted..Oogie Boogie… Blue!

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      I thought about Feline but I was looking for something a little thicker. I’ll probably be picking it up too for tightlining and waterline work.

  4. Shivani says:

    I want to try this one out. I love zero, but this is the darker version!!
    Shivani recently posted..Review | YSL Effet Faux Cils Waterproof Mascara in Majorelle Bleu

  5. Ciambella says:

    Hello! I’ve been lurking for a bit–you have a great site! I like your no-nonsense reviews!

    In addition to the Milani recommendation made above (I think Larie might be referring to the Liquif’Eye), I’d also recommend trying Prestige’s Waterproof Eyeliner if you’re still browsing! And if you happen to be looking for a fat shadow pencil, Sephora’s 12HR something pencil with an extra long name–it’s a chubby black shadow pencil with a fat tip and I’m sure Waterproof and Shadow are in the name somewhere–in the black color is really good. It lasts really well on my waterline without any irritation!
    Ciambella recently posted..Hey Tango

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      Hrm. Comparing the two, the Liquif’Eye looks a lot more like Perversion (especially when compared to Zero.) I think it’s on my bargain-to-buy list but in other colors.

      Thanks so much for the recs, Ciambella. I am -always- browsing. I’ve been meaning to try both Prestige’s products and Sephora’s (particularly Sephora as I think i’ve been neglecting them.)

      Welcome to the land of non-lurkdom. However brief your stay may be, I appreciate that you took the time to comment!

  6. sara says:

    I have heard good things about these but you’re right about the price. But still I am curious to try them out! :) x
    sara recently posted..Garnier Skin Naturals Oil Control Fairness Cream – Review

  7. Stacey says:

    I was never really convince on these eye pencils, my lids are super oily too and I just reckon they will smudge. But I’m taking your word on this Eden, I’ll have to check these out!
    Stacey recently posted..Mac Lipglass in Morange

  8. I neeeeeeed perversion!!! I have zero and I love it, but I always have to set it with black eyeshadow to be completely opaque and matte… once I run out, I’m switching!!
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..May Glossybox!!

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