Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette – Review and Swatches

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette

I knooooooow! I knoooooow. I have to not-review palettes that are no longer on sale. At least this too has several permanent shade shadows that you’ll be able to get a feel for. Too Faced’s Sweet Dreams Palette was a Holiday 2011 release, it was sold for $52 USD if memory serves correctly. But I didn’t pay for it! Nope. This, dear readers, was another win from DGS Beauty’s Birthday Giveaway. So this picture-laden review is dedicated to the amazing Dinah!

General Information:

This lovely beauty comes with 15 shadows, two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter as well as a tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance (which i’ll be reviewing later) and the infamous Too Faced look cards. Each shadow has .03 oz of product, the highlighter and bronzer have .14 oz and the two blushes are .008 oz. A standard Too Faced eyeshadow single normally contains .08 oz, so you’re getting under half of what you’d normally get. Their Chocolate bronzer, highlighter and  lines usually contain .35 oz, so again you’re getting less than half of normal quantities. Finally, the blushes tend to run at .14 oz standard size. All in all, is it still a bargain? Yes. You don’t really have the option to pay less for lesser quantities of these products so buying everything included at full size would run you well over the $52USD price tag.


This is a holiday palette, which tend to run a little south of practical as a general rule (IMO). But this is still a…doozy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s stunning. Very Rococo-era with a bit of vintage glam inspired. When my Aunt saw this in my room she snickered. I asked her why, and she said that it looked very antique and was perfect for an “Old Lady” like me. (I’m notoriously old fashioned, fan of vintage things/jewelry/clothes etc.)

Butterfingers that I am, this palette has been dropped. And it survived the fall intact. The cardboard they use is really thick and sturdy, though it does start to shred a bit around the edges (which is why I still keep it inside the original box when it’s not in use.) All in all, not travel friendly – but really pretty, a great “decorative” thing to have out on your vanity space (if you have it) and effective at protecting the product.

Color Accuracy:

Okay. So, as per usual, I took several shots of the product. Brace yourselves!

Top Drawer (Eyeshadows)

Bottom Drawer (Blushes, Highlighter and Bronzer)

I also took closer up shots of the shadows, for your viewing pleasure (click the images for full size.)

Too Faced takes rather good product images, and so the look of the palette in photos is what you get in real life. But let’s briefly discuss the colors in depth.

From Left To Right: In The Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Lovey Dovey and Satin Sheets

In The Buff – a matte, white. That’s about it.

Peach Fuzz – Peach Fuzz, being a shimmer shade, I expected to be a lot…more colorful. It becomes a nude, neutral, but sparkly base on me. Hardly describable as Peach and almost invisible once on my skintone.

Copper Peony – A soft, coppery-rose gold. Satin finish with a hint of shimmer.

Teddy Bear – This is probably about the same shade as my bare eyelids, so it makes a good base for neutral looks. It’s another matte, light to-medium brown.

Lovey Dovey – Lovey Dovey is a very pretty medium, shimmery chocolate color.

Satin Sheets – Is one of TF’s more famous shades. It’s a satiny, shimmery champagne shade (why is it pink in the pan? Who knows!)

From Left to Right: Cut The Cake, Party Girl, Nice Ash, Smolder, Honeymoon, Label Whore, Nice Stems, Cap a Teal and First Dance

Cut The Cake – A Lilac/Lavender with a grey undertone. Pearl finish.

Party Girl – A medium purple with sparkle~

Nice Ash – Taupey charcoal with a sparkly finish.

Smolder- Matte deep navy.

Honeymoon – It’s a beautiful color but….so hard to describe. It’s a gold – that much isf or sure. But it’s got some….greenish…tinge to it? It’s the best way I can phrase it. Let’s just say it’ll never be described as a bronze. It actually reminds me strongly of the gold part of the packaging (around the edges?)

Label Whore – The MOST frustrating color in this palette to capture. You can see that it looks like a duochromed deep deep blue or green in the pan but When applied it’s like a brown with blue shimmer?

Nice Stems – Obviously a beautiful green with golden shimmer.

Cap a Teal – Dark blue with blue-green shimmer.

First Dance – To me this appears to be a dark, matte eggplant or purple.

From Left to Right: Chocolate Soleil, Candlelight Glow, Cocoa Rose and Sweet Pink

Chocolate Soleil – Matte, medium brown bronzer. I use it on other people because it’s almost exactly the color of my skin after foundation.

Candlelight Glow – White base with golden shimmer. It’s not gritty and makes a lovely inner corner highlight as well!

Cocoa Rose – Browny-pink blush withe a matte finish.

Sweet Pink – Bit of an orgasm lookalike here: your standard pink with golden shimmer.


In case the above swatches weren’t enough, here’s one more.

Sweet Dreams Palette Swatches (All Shadows)

When I swatch for pigmentation, I use what i’d say is a medium amount of pressure. These came out much more pigmented if I pushed harder on the pan … but I don’t know many people who use that much FORCE when picking up color with their fingers, let alone brushes. I’ll be doing a review of the Shadow Insurance separately, because it makes a huge difference, but on their own these shadows are moderately pigmented, with the matte shades suffer from the most patchy/chalkiness.

The blushes, bronzer and highlighter on the other hand were very well pigmented. None disappointed!


I was pleasantly surprised when doing an EOTD with this palette at how well even the mate shades blended. I had minimal fallout from all but the sparkliest of shades. The colors layered well. These shadows are a real joy to apply! The blushes too had similar results. Candlelight glow had a ton of fallout, but that’s to be expected from a shimmery highlighter.


On their own, these shadows go for about 3-4 hours on my oily lids. I don’t want to spoil the Shadow Insurance review but…let’s just say they can go MUCH longer with it than without it. The bottom drawer offerings generally went about 4-5 hours, with candelight glow having the longest wear time (6 hours) and cocoa rose having the shortest (4 hours max).


Beautiful, if impractical packaging. A luxurious offering of various colors and finishes and tons of possibilities. This really was a dream palette. With that said, the “value” of the product is misleading and the fact that the shadows improved so much with the Shadow Insurance makes me wonder if there’s not some sort of multi-product selling conspiracy going on here.

Value: 3/5

You’re not getting as much as they make you think you are, with each single item being less than half of the standard size. Though it’s still a GREAT way to get your collection STARTED.

Packaging: 3/5

Beautiful and protective. But who’s going to lug this around, really?

Color Accuracy: 9/10

Except for the confusing shades (which would be difficult for anyone to depict accurately) TF does a great job with their product images. Look them up if you don’t believe me!

Pigmentation: 6/10

Could use some improvement but benefits greatly from the included Shadow Insurance.

Application: 9/10

Minor fallout issues. Otherwise easy to work with!

Wear: 7/10

Standard wear for drugstore shadows, not-so-standard for department store stuff.

Overall: 74 % (C-)

It’s a lovely palette with great color selection and stunning packaging. But the value isn’t as there as they claim and the formula of the shadows could do with some improvements.

<3 EA


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14 Responses to Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette – Review and Swatches

  1. Shivani says:

    Seriously, you didn’t love this palette?? How is that even possible – I use it every single day, even now after all these months. Ahh, but i respect your opinion!!!
    Shivani recently posted..Update | My Skin-Care

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      I love the shades and I really do enjoy working with it…but only with the TFSI. Without it the shades just don’t last/show up on me. D: Don’t be sad!

  2. they are usually soooo spot on with their palettes…bummer that this one wasn’t mindblowing
    Socialite Dreams recently posted..Blossom – Pink Powerpuff Girl

  3. !!! I wish you had shown us more pictures of the packaging… it’s gorgeous!!! If I’m ever going to buy a palette it’s probably going to be a too faced one :D what doesn’t convince me right away is the pigmentation.. the color range though is fantastic… honeymoon, label whore, cap a teal & sweet pink are my favourites!! Can’t wait to see your looks with them!!
    ねこちゃん recently posted..Sartre, Schiller and Dandelions

  4. I’m impressed to hear that that packaging survived a drop… Meanwhile, I have a horrible habit of stepping on my palettes. Don’t ask me why they’re on the floor… >.<
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted..With MAC’s New Très Cheek Blushes, I’m Three Steps Closer To Blush Fiend Status!

  5. sara says:

    You are right about the pigmentation. I can see that from the swatches. The colors wouldn’t look so vibrant if TFSI is skipped. The blusher and highlighter looks great. :)
    sara recently posted..NIVEA VISAGE Refreshing Cleansing Milk – Review

  6. Larie says:

    LOL at Dani. Why are they on the floor??? Hahaha. The colors in this palette are pretty, but man, I have so many eye shadows and palettes already, I’ve just stopped looking at more of them.
    Larie recently posted..More Orange: For Your Eyes

  7. Stacey says:

    Love the selection of eyeshadows in this palette, though like you said, the packaging is a little impractical. I have yet to try Too Faced eyeshadows, but am very intrigued!
    Stacey recently posted..Nubar 2010 Glitter Top Coat

  8. Seeing the shadow swatches I was a little disappointed, but I do agree that with shadows like theirs a primer makes a HUGE difference!

    The matte shades they do are indeed lovely!<3

  9. You’re so right, it’s a beautiful package and lovely colors, but the quality is just not consistent with the price… for that reason, I’ve never been a fan of too faced shadows :/
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..My Favorite Person Ever!

  10. Rachel marshall says:

    Sooo jealous, haha Ive been trying to get my hands on this palette ever since it got released, it’s absolute torture. SO beautiful.

  11. It looks beautiful! I think I might just buy it.

  12. It’s beautiful! I think I might just buy it!
    shivani karwal recently posted..Urban Decay Naked Palete Review and Swatches

  13. Rebecca says:

    Thankyou very much for the review. I love too faced products!! im sad that this has been discontinued. The candlelight glow, however, isn’t an eyeshadow at all. It’s supposed to be used for like highlighting your cheeks. It works nicely and does give you a very nice warm glow!!

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