Tarte 8pc Glow Your Way to Gorgeous Kit – Review (Part 2)

Sigh. I’ve been so super busy lately and it’s just about to get worse. I won’t bore you with the details here, you can read about it on http://thereasonfortears.com if you like – but it took me even longer to write this review than Part 1. Thus far the Glow Your Way to Gorgeous kit has been a bit of a disappointment, let’s see what the rest of the items did for me!

LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Luster in Sweet

LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster – Okay, so – when I bought this I thought I was getting a lip TINT. Which Tarte does make but they oh-so-deceivingly call it a Lip Tint. I guess I just didn’t see the Luster at the end of this because I was SHOCKINGLY shocked by the sheer amount of glitterosity in this little thing.

Close Up

Given the fact that I hate glittery lip tints, I had to really put aside my biases in order to review this.

Packaging: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that this has a twisty bottom that makes the color stick rise (as opposed to having to sharpen it and lose a bunch of product. A+ on that front for sure.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation on this is very nice for a natural lip tint.

Bare Lips

Sweet On Lips

The glitter is especially present on my lips, versus how deceivingly absent it is in the swatch. I wouldn’t call this a luster EXCEPT for when swatched. Otherwise it’s a glittery lip tint and I’m sticking by it.


Application: If you dislike mint, I’d stay away from this. It has a pretty noticeable mint taste, smell and “feel.” It goes on smoothly. I tend to do the lines of my lips with the tip and color in with the sides (otherwise it takes forever to get a good even coat.)

Wear: I can’t say this lasted terribly long on my lips, even without eating or drinking anything I got at most 2 hours. The glitter, unfortunately, remained on my lips for several hours after the color was gone. It feels smooth on my lips and not sticky at all.

12-Hour Wear Amazonian Clay Blush in Peaceful – This was the real reason I bought the kit, I’ve wanted to try an Amazonian Clay Blush for a long time but the colors out right now don’t really show up on my skin. Or maybe the testers at Sephora were old? Either way – Peaceful is a lovely peachy pink shade with a bit of gold shimmer. I’ve seen some people describe it as matte but it didn’t seem that way at all to me.

12-Hour Wear Amazonian Clay Blush in Peaceful

Peaceful Close Up

Pigmentation: As seems to be the case with all of the Tarte blushes (i’ve swatched them all at this point in-store) they simply don’t show up well on my skin. They seem to be perfectly pigmented on other people, even people of the same skin tone, so I don’t know what’s up. This swatch is as heavy handed as I could get without being afraid of cracking the blush.

Heavily Swatched (Left) and Blended Out (Right)

Application: This blush is pretty soft, not chalky or buttery; somewhere in between. I do require a lot of product to get the color to show up on my face (as discussed above) which makes it look a bit cakey close up (but you can’t tell from far away.)

Peaceful on NC42 Skin

Wear: As the name implies, these blushes are meant to be long lasting. 12 hours is the claim and I got about 8 before the color really wore off. Of course, this is probably due to my combination skin (of which, my cheeks are one of the oilier parts.)

Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess

I had no idea what this was, and hand to look it up to figure it out! Haha. Like the oil (mentioned later) this is a secret bonus of the kit. I thought it was a full sized product myself. Here’s some pics.

Gorgeous Exterior

Just As Pretty Inside IMO

Pigmentation: I tend to use most bronzers as all-over colors instead of for contouring, simply because most bronzers aren’t dark enough for my skin. While PAP isn’t necessarily more pigmented than other bronzers I’ve tried – it gives me a very glow-from-within look. It’s a very pretty golden color.

Swatched (Left) and Blended (Right)

Application: This feels softer and more buttery to me than the Clay blush. It goes on easy and I don’t need as much product to get the color on my face.

Wear: With primer, foundation and setting powder I can get 4-6 hours of wear on this. Not as high as the clay blush but I imagine that if it did they would have made it into a blush color instead of its own product.

Other Extras:

Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Pure Maracuja Oil Sample and Pencil Sharpener

Makeup Bag

The Blush brush is my favorite of the extras. It’s small for precise application and very soft. The eyeshadow brush not-so-much. It’s too thin to get the cream blush onto my lids and too soft to pat it on. I haven’t tried the oil because I figure that’s the last thing my face needs – so no word on that. The pencil sharper works really well – but it’s not a huge deal. I’ve since tossed the bag. The plastic feels really cheap and the zipper is one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Got stuck all the time and was hard to open and close.


I can’t say i’d buy this kit again, knowing what I know now. The blush color is nothing I can’t dupe with a cheaper brand and the bronzer will run out quickly as it’s a sample. For people who like a shimmery  face, this is a good kit. But I’m more of a matte/dewy person.

LipSurgence Natural Lip LusterPigmentation: 10/10Application: 8/10Wear: 4/10Overall: 7/10 Amazonian Clay Blush in Peaceful

Pigmentation: 4/10

Application: 4/10

Wear: 9/10

Overall: 5/10

Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Ave. PrincessPigmentation: 3/10Application: 8/10Wear: 7/10Overall: 6/10 Extras4/10

If we add up the scores for each item from the previous part with the scores from this and divide, that gives this kit a total final rating of: 5/10. In other words – unless you’re a fan of shimmer over “glow” i’d save your $60 bucks.

That’s all for now.

~ <3 EA

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5 Responses to Tarte 8pc Glow Your Way to Gorgeous Kit – Review (Part 2)

  1. I love that you’re not afraid to be totally honest, great review, wish I could say the same for the products

  2. mimi says:

    what a coincidence! I just swatched the tarte Amazonian Clay blushes today too XD I thought they were pretty pigmented but I don’t know how it would look on my cheeks~ The lip “tint” looks really good on your lips! But too bad it’s like a glitter bomb ): I don’t really like glitter all that much either >< But goodjob to tarte for making it a twist up pencil rather than a sharpen pencil (:

  3. Sara.H says:

    The lip product is sheer for me. The blush shade is gorgeous! I like natural pinky shades. :) The bronzer looks beautiful on you :)

  4. Lilit says:

    How interesting that the tarte blushes don’t show up on you easily because the ones that I have are incredibly pigmented and I have to be careful to not overdo it. Peaceful looks really pretty on your face, even though it did take a lot of work to get it to show up.

  5. adrienne says:

    Thats so odd that the blush doesnt show up :( the products are all to glittery and sheer for me sadly :( xx

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