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Clip-On Hair Extensions 70g 1b – Review

When it comes to hair, there’s a ton of options. It’s important to know what options are available. I’ve covered wigs, but there are several less dramatic options. Starting with the metaphoric bottom of the hair barrel: clip on hair extensions. Not to put them down that is!

I prefer clip-in hair extensions to glue in extensions (see: Britney Spears’s notoriously poor glue in extensions) and so do a lot of hair professionals. Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Marco Maranghello (senior stylist at John Barrett Salon) have their own line of clip on hair extensions. Why? Because they’re a convenient, inexpensive way to change the look of your hair. They don’t damage the hair the way glue-in and keratin extensions do. When you’re finished with them all you need to do is take them out.


Cliss WL40 – Wig Review

Okay so, I’ve been teasing the few people who read this blog for the last several hours with promises of this review. I’m happy to see that there is interest given that this isn’t a much-discussed topic. Let’s jump right into this! Woo!


Wig Liners

I have thick hair. At least this has been the comment of every dermatologist, doctor, hair stylist and idle-runner-of-their-hands-through-my-hair-er I’ve ever run into. I’m not telling you this to brag. It actually poses a problem when wearing a wig. The more hair you have the more unnaturally the wig will lay on your head. Enter the wig liner.