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Heed My Heely Warning – Review

Let’s do some basic math here. Nerd + Girl + Wheels = …Falling. Lots and lots of falling.

I’ve never been particularly coordinated. Partly because i’m an Aspie and we’re notorious for our inability to not-be-physically-awkward and partly because i’m just that damn unaware of where my limbs are at any given point. I think it was a foolhardy desire to overcome this natural inclination towards ass meets ground when I agreed to review a free pair of Heelys!

Yes. Heelys.

The shoes with wheels in the heels.

Best Of Japan Giveaway

Best Of Japan Giveaway

Some of you may be familiar with Pop Sister, a japanese fashion and beauty magazine that focuses on Gyaru style. Lipgloss Love Affair’s Kelly is holding a spectacular giveaway. The prize? The top choices of japanese beauties for the year of 2011. It’s like winning all of Glamour’s top beauty rave products…with a japanese edge!

Cool Swatches: Left To Right (MAC Lady Danger, Sula Awake 'Till Sunrise, Revlon Siren, MAC Korean Candy, MAC Morange, MAC Sheer Mandarin)

Orange Lip Looks Part 1 – The Retro

It may be a little late to jump onto the how-to-wear-orange-lipstick bandwagon. But I’ve decided to do so anyway!

Orange lips are (thankfully!) still on Fall trend. I love watching this look walk down the runway and the streets. It’s quirky, stylish and truly wearable. There’s a shade of orange out there for everyone! Here’s a few that I own…

Sheen Supreme

MAC Sheen Supreme – Review and Swatches

MAC’s Sheen Supreme line debuted earlier this year and getting ahold of the colors I wanted has been AN ORDEAL. I literally went to both my local MAC store and Nordies’ MAC Counter for a month-and-a-half before I caved and ordered Gotta Dash and Full Speed from Nordstroms.com. Then, just as I had finished writing up my review for those two…they launched the Seasonally Supreme collection and there were some colors I -had- to have. Turns out my favorite counter doesn’t carry them – so I had to brave the MAC Store (I rather dislike the attitude of the SAs in mine) ONLY to have the girl give me incorrect colors. Bah. Long story short – everything got sorted out and this is going to be one PICTURE HEAVY review.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in Siren – Review and Swatch

The unhealthy obsession with orange lipstick continues! I think this has been my favorite color trend since I started getting more into makeup. Something about it screams, daring lip noveau. I know (believe me, I KNOW) that red lipsticks are the darling dujour for ladies who like to rock a “classically” bold lip. But orange is nearish red in the color wheel and just as eye catching. I’ve already reviewed what is probably the most famous of the Orange lippies, Mac’s Morange (you can read about it here.) Now I take a stroll down drugstore lane to find Morange’s sister shade, Revlon’s Siren from the Super Lustrous Lipstick collection.

Ever since I started blogging (about beauty) all my trips to Wal-Mart have been doubled due to the amount of time I spend in the makeup aisles. This particular lipstick was an exercise in irony and hysteria. I first saw it a few weeks ago, picked it up … but since I couldn’t see the inside I decided (FOOLISH FOOLISH ME) to put it back. That EXACT SAME Saturday I read exactly 4 different reviews on this lipstick and woe was me. I NEEDED it. Badly. But the next several trips to Wal-Marts (yes, I went to multiple) resulted in near-empty Revlon shelves and no Siren lipstick. This last Saturday finally resulted in VICTORY. I was so excited that I hugged it as I did all the rest of my shopping!