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Flora Garden Collection by GUCCI

Gucci Flora Garden Collection – Review

On Friday, just as my spirits were being crushed by the hopelessness that is the-week-before-finals I received a box. A beautiful, glorious box. Can you guess what was inside?

Mont Bleu

Mont Bleu Swarovski Element Glass Nail File, Tweezers and Earrings

I was recently contacted by Mont Bleu a company that has a wide variety of personal care accessories, most notably – their Czech glass nail files. Prominent bloggers like Charlotte from Lipglossiping have reviewed their products quite positively in the past so I didn’t hesitate to check out their offerings for myself.

As you may, or may not know – I play guitar. It means that my nails have to be short and above all -even-. Let’s just say I once had a cracked nail that had an encounter with a wayward extra super light string and a nail bed was sliced. Not wanting to repeat that fiasco, i’ve been pretty religious about filing my nails when they crack (which is often.) Of course i’d heard of glass nail files – but i’d never bothered to pick one up before. How different could they be, I thought to myself?

Pretty damn different.


KK Center HK Handmade Glamour Big Eye Eyelashes (ES A613) – Review

Okay so, anyone who’s read a beauty blog has probably come across the wide variety of lashes sold by KK Center HK. Their selection is insanely massive and they are eager to work with bloggers; offering sponsorships and samples in a beautiful exemplification of what the blogging review world is all about – real people trying real products and giving real opinions.

It’s not huge news. It’s happened to most of the beauty bloggers I follow already – so why was I so absolutely giddy when I was contacted by KK Center HK with an offer to send me a set of lashes to try out? It’s all about legitimacy! It’s been less than a year (hint hint: expect a surprise for SB’s 1 Year Anni) but I sometimes don’t feel like a legitimate beauty blogger. I’m too dorky, inexperienced and I lack the artistic talent of other ladies online. But somehow, sharing a sponsor makes me feel that much closer to the lovely women I admire online.

Enough gushing though! Onto the lashes!


Cutey Jewellery Charm Bracelets – Review

Not too long ago, I was thrilled to be contacted by Ashley Peach from Cutey. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to accept a sample of her products given that the company is based in the UK. But change my mind she did and here are the lovely results~!

Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips – Review and Swatches

My last BzzAgent kit, in addition to sponsoring the Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes also included some samples of Maybelline’s newest lip-care offering! I chose the three tinted shades for review and swatching: #15 Cherry Me, #25 Pink Punch and #30 Peach Me. With such funky, cute packaging, who could resist trying these little