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Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 31

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 31 Golden Beige – Review

Whaa!!! Laptoppie is back and so am I with this picture-heavy review of my first BB Cream!

A few weeks ago, Missha was celebrating the re-launch of their website with a superb deal. A free tube of their famous Perfect Cover BB cream, about 500 tubes a day for a few days (just pay the $8.99 USD shipping cost.) Being that i’ve been itching on getting ahold of this, the only popular line of BB Cream in a shade darker than NC 20-25, I jumped on the opportunity. My rapid action reaps rewards for you too in the form of this review!

Hint of Tint Official Image

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Hint of Tint – Review

Some people are blessed with tiny tiny pores. I am no such beast. I have rather large pores, especially on my T Zone and upper lip. I can usually disguise this with makeup but I have never found a fully satisfactory pore refiner. Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More and Pores No More Hint of Tint are two products that usually receive rave reviews for their ability to minimize pores.

I don’t know why, but when I first heard about this product I immediately thought of the old television show Daria. It was one of the few things I watched on television for most of my childhood/teenage years and I own the entire series.

It centers around an intellectual, sarcastic girl and her friends and family. Her younger sister Quinn is the exact opposite of Daria, beautiful, popular and with BOUNCY HAIR. In season 2′s episode “Monster”, Daria and her best friend Jane follow Quinn and her friends, the Fashion Club in order to make a documentary for school. This was the first place I ever heard about pores (and it took me another few years to actually know what pores WERE.)

(Notice the cat stickers? A package after my own heart!)

Essays, Sunday Girls and Surprises

As you may or may not have noticed, my posts have slowed down a bit in the last week. It’s midterms here in the grand ole’ state of undergraduate studies and I am taking five courses, four of which are marked “Writing Intensive.” What that means, dear readers, is that I’ve been doing 4 Things this week: Sleeping, Eating, Writing and…well…BATHROOM stuff. I haven’t even seen the BF in two weeks x__x

I’m about two papers away from finishing everything up, but was so burnt out on Tuesday that I was prettty sure I was going to go comatose. Then a package arrived from a faraway land (Scotland.) And all was right with the world.

September 2011 Birchbox

September 2011 Birchbox

DA…DA..wa wa wa…?

At least that was the noise I heard in my head as I received my September 2011 Birchbox. For a 1-Year Anniversary piece…it was…well…i’ll let you decide.