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One Prime Day (Mac Lipstick Not Included)

Benefit’s the POREfessional – Review

If there’s one thing (besides orange lipsticks) that I think is a good idea on the beauty/makeup world – it’s samples. Especially the kind you can use more than once. I actually purchased Benefit’s One Prime Day kit several months ago. The (not currently in stock) $10USD kit contained a .25 oz Mini of That Gal and the POREfessional respectively and a .9oz Stay Don’t Stray. I’m a bit late for others to take advantage of this sample kit, but having used up all the samples I can now report on the three products contained within. Here’s the first: the POREfessional.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense (Boxed)

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense – Review

Back in early February, I did a long-overdue review for Clinique Moisture Surge. As you may or may not recall, that product ended up receiving a C+ for somewhat underwhelming performance given its high price. By the time that jar was empty, Clinique had released the Intense formulation of this product and It too was one of my little sister’s birthday gifts to me (How many are there? Even i’ve lost track!) Anyway. I’ve been using it for a over two months – so time for this to get reviewed as well!’

Olay Pro-X Professional Advanced Cleansing System

Olay Pro-X Professional Advanced Cleansing System – Review

I tweeted this a while ago, but around the end of March I purchased Olay’s Pro-X Professional Advanced Cleansing system from drugstore.com. It’s been two months and I thought i’d do a quick write-up on my opinion.
Sorry – I am not nearly consistent enough to have taken before and after pictures, but uh…just take my word for it?

The Present

Philosophy’s The Present – Review

Primers are difficult for me. As you know, I have rather dry skin. But it tends to produce quite a bit of oil in my t-zone. If I buy a primer for one problem it inevitably ignores the other. This was one of my last beauty purchases before my No-Buy. I bought it around the end of December. It promises to be:

“A colorless day-and-night skin perfector that camouflages fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, and gives the skin a flawlessly airbrushed appearance.”

And it delivers for many. But did it deliver for me?

Clinique Moisture Surge

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – Review

I always used to think I had oily skin. Only oily skin. Years of experience and dermatologist visits have taught me that I have rather dry skin. And all of my oil stripping cleansers, astringents and the like have only made it drier. My skin will then attempt to compensate for the dryness by producing excess oil. This is especially true on my forehead and t-zone. Thus I embarked upon a search for the perfect moisturizer to control both my dryness and the subsequent oiliness.

I tried various drugstore brands before venturing out into the world of Clinique. It was a natural place to start right? The brand is heavily known for their skincare. Both their website and word of mouth directed me to Moisture Surge. So off I went.