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Undertone Guide

NC/NW, Mac Foundations and Why I Had to Get Re-Matched

NC? NW? Cool Undertone? Warm Undertone? Not Cool? Neutral Cool?

I won’t lie and say I had no experience with these phrases before my makeup journey, I did. As a graphic designer and art dilettante, I know my color wheels, warm vs cool shades and the importance of proper matching. With all that, I still managed to get matched to the wrong color foundation the first time I went to a MAC counter. But then – I’m not alone am I? MAC Cosmetics seems keen to confuse the living kittens out of aesthetically aware girls everywhere with their foundation system. In this post I hope to clear some common misconceptions up, as well as ridicule myself and my temporarily yellow face.

LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Luster in Sweet

Tarte 8pc Glow Your Way to Gorgeous Kit – Review (Part 2)

Sigh. I’ve been so super busy lately and it’s just about to get worse. I won’t bore you with the details here, you can read about it on http://thereasonfortears.com if you like – but it took me even longer to write this review than Part 1. Thus far the Glow Your Way to Gorgeous kit has been a bit of a disappointment, let’s see what the rest of the items did for me!


Fun Hauls and Patient Boyfriends

Bucket (le boyfriend) has been taking a keen interest in my adventures into makeup. We have quite different ideas of what is or is not good makeup. He has a thing for raccoon eyes (not smokey, raccoon), nude lips and NO blush or bronzer or shadow. I like thin, winged liner, interesting blends of eyeshadow and pop of color lips. I wore Mac’s Sheen Supreme in Full Speed Ahead today and he hated it!

Despite this difference in preferences, he’s more than supportive. We had our weekly (we live quite far apart) date this Monday and the better part of it was spent carousing the MAC Store, Nordstrom’s Mac Counter (they didn’t have the Sheen Supremes at the store!) and finally, a trip to my local Ulta Cosmetics. Arrrrrrrrgh! I didn’t buy anything at the MAC places because the color selection is better online, but I did haul at Ulta! Picture show time~

Hilari Front

Payless Shoe Store Love

An outing for a nice Sunday brunch turned into a mini shoe shopping adventure when Parental Figure B decided to make Parental Figure R drop by Payless! I use the word comfortable a lot in this write-up, and why not? Who doesn’t love cute AND comfy rolled into one foot-covering bit of awesome?

Did you know Payless was founded (not under that name of course!) WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in 1956. Since then it’s had a middling reputation: floating somewhere between practical and cheap, in a bad way. But lately they’ve been pulling a Forever21 and sending out some rather cute, affordable designer knockoffs. I’m not going to judge are you? The less each shoe costs the MORE I can buy! You can check out the four pairs I picked up after the jump.