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Spiked Shoes

DIY Spike Embellished Shoe

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen (and seen again) the spike embellished shoes churned out by the likes of Sam Edelman and Christian Louboutin. And with good reason! I think these were probably the first designer shoe to enrapture me as much as Vivienne Westwood’s Rocking Horse shoes. As a reforming goth-punk it seems I am not yet recovered enough to be able to avoid the lure of spikes. Sweeeeeeeet sweeeeet spikes.


Shoe Lessons

Hey there! If you read my last post, you know that I’ll be writing about why you may not want to buy from Charlotte Russe until you try a little alternative. But first…a history lesson!

Charlotte Russe Haul

Shoe Haul!!

Buh. First let me apologize for the lack of updates guys. Let’s just say it’s Final Weeks and I have family members with anger management issues. ATM, I’m taking a break after writing 10 (single spaced) pages of essay to whip up this picture-heavy shoe-porn fest for you all to enjoy. Forgive me?

7672 Official Image

Heed My Heely Warning – Review

Let’s do some basic math here. Nerd + Girl + Wheels = …Falling. Lots and lots of falling.

I’ve never been particularly coordinated. Partly because i’m an Aspie and we’re notorious for our inability to not-be-physically-awkward and partly because i’m just that damn unaware of where my limbs are at any given point. I think it was a foolhardy desire to overcome this natural inclination towards ass meets ground when I agreed to review a free pair of Heelys!

Yes. Heelys.

The shoes with wheels in the heels.

Hilari Front

Payless Shoe Store Love

An outing for a nice Sunday brunch turned into a mini shoe shopping adventure when Parental Figure B decided to make Parental Figure R drop by Payless! I use the word comfortable a lot in this write-up, and why not? Who doesn’t love cute AND comfy rolled into one foot-covering bit of awesome?

Did you know Payless was founded (not under that name of course!) WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in 1956. Since then it’s had a middling reputation: floating somewhere between practical and cheap, in a bad way. But lately they’ve been pulling a Forever21 and sending out some rather cute, affordable designer knockoffs. I’m not going to judge are you? The less each shoe costs the MORE I can buy! You can check out the four pairs I picked up after the jump.