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Le Cheveu Salon and Spa – Review

So, a few weeks ago Bucket was sweet enough to surprise me with a Living Social special for a facial, body wrap and aromatherapy session at Le Cheveu Spa and Salon in Yorba Linda, California. I was lucky enough that my nagging resulted in us scheduling my visit within the next month (i’ll tell you why later.) Anyway – I went last week but I just now managed to write up my review. For those of you that have never had either of the two treatments, i’ll try to make this post as informative as possible.


What Big EYElasheS You Have My Dear!

All the attention to my irises was giving my eyelashes really low self esteem. So, courtesy of my friend’s (heretofore named GIGGLES) last minute loan and encouragement – I went to get fake eyelashes installed…or whatever you call it. What did I think? Brace yourself and find out.