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MILANI Paint Eyeshadow Palette

MILANI Powder Eyeshadow Palette in Paint – Review and Swatches

Let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we? My life’s been taking all sorts of topsy turvy turns lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped spending COPIOUS amounts of money on that goo we all love to slap on our face. One such goo…kind of, is Milani’s infamous Paint palette. Released for Spring 2012, it promised all sorts of highly pigmented, neon-bright wonders. Now…did it deliver?

Topshop Lipstick (Packaging)

Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock – Review and Swatches

Another day, another lipstick! (TBH, i’ve wanted to do a lipstick overview post(s) for a while. But I keep buying new ones! One day, I promise!) This is Topshop’s very lemminged after Brighton Rock. Not being a huge pink lipstick girl in the past, I wasn’t sure how i’d feel about it. But I WANTED it soooooo badly! I bit the bullet (not literally!) and here’s what it…brought me.

Topshop Lipstick Box

Topshop Lipstick in Infrared – Review and Swaches

There’s something mysteriously alluring about imported makeup. I guess that’s why I read a lot about people in other countries lemming over things like Wet’n'Wild and NYX…granted…that should have probably been my first clue.

Topshop is (from what I gather) the UK equivalent of Forever21 in its relatively low cost (reaaaaaaaaally relatively) and frequent designer “inspired” pieces. They also have their own makeup line, which i’ve been wanting to try out forever. I had a 10% off coupon and they were having some sort of free shipping offer for Memorial Day, so I mini hauled. Here’s the first of the three I purchased, Infrared.

One Prime Day (Mac Lipstick Not Included)

Benefit’s the POREfessional – Review

If there’s one thing (besides orange lipsticks) that I think is a good idea on the beauty/makeup world – it’s samples. Especially the kind you can use more than once. I actually purchased Benefit’s One Prime Day kit several months ago. The (not currently in stock) $10USD kit contained a .25 oz Mini of That Gal and the POREfessional respectively and a .9oz Stay Don’t Stray. I’m a bit late for others to take advantage of this sample kit, but having used up all the samples I can now report on the three products contained within. Here’s the first: the POREfessional.

MAC Lipstick in Impassioned

MAC Lipstick in Impassioned – Review and Swatch

I don’t think I ever would have purchased this lipstick if it weren’t for Lilit of Makeup and Macaroons. She’s given Impassioned so much love that it’s contagious! Until recently, I didn’t particularly care for pink lipsticks. But lately, my collection of them has been growing. This was the first of the latest of my bright pink purchases.