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Some Of My Most Frequently Used Perfumes (From Left To Right: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Gracious Tuberous by Gucci, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Glamorous Magnolia by Gucci and Bright Crystal by Versace)

What I Smell Of

Okay, weird title yes? But isn’t it something that we notice about people right away? How they smell? Whether it’s bad or good, it’s not easily ignored. And while I could go into how I’m currently using a Powder-scented deodorant or Neutrogena T-Gel for my hair (it smells of menthol…which I find oddly comforting!) that would complicate the actual subject of this post. My favorite and most frequently used perfumes.

(Notice the cat stickers? A package after my own heart!)

Essays, Sunday Girls and Surprises

As you may or may not have noticed, my posts have slowed down a bit in the last week. It’s midterms here in the grand ole’ state of undergraduate studies and I am taking five courses, four of which are marked “Writing Intensive.” What that means, dear readers, is that I’ve been doing 4 Things this week: Sleeping, Eating, Writing and…well…BATHROOM stuff. I haven’t even seen the BF in two weeks x__x

I’m about two papers away from finishing everything up, but was so burnt out on Tuesday that I was prettty sure I was going to go comatose. Then a package arrived from a faraway land (Scotland.) And all was right with the world.