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Magic Leverag (Long on the Left, Short on the Right)

Magic Leverag Hair Curlers – Review

I was born with one curly hair, which was promptly snipped off and grew into a mass of thick, straight hair. I looooooonged for wavy hair all the way up through till my teen years when, oddly, my hair began to wave on its own. I then spent the rest of high school straightening my hair. Haha. Sometimes i’ll wake up with stick straight hair, other times wavy and occasionally one half of my head is wavy and the other is straight. I’ve tried all kinds of hair curling methods, chemical, irons, wands, foam, rags, pincurls – you name it i’ve given it a shot. But my hair is rebellious and none have really given me a curl that lasted longer than one or two hours before falling horribly awry. Enter Magic Leverags and my salvation!

Lookin' Fancy There Birchbox!

July 2011 Birchbox feat. Cynthia Rowley


I’ve totally been procrastinating posting because I knew I was going to get this. Just as I was giving up and finishing a post for something else, it arrived in the mail! The much-hyped Cynthia Rowley July Birchbox.

June Birch Box 2

June 2011 Birchbox

Aah! So I took my own advice and signed up for a Birchbox account. It shipped and I received it in 2 days, though Birchbox warns that shipping to the west coast can take up to 10 days. Word around the beauty block was that this box came with a full size Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Highlight or Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten (valued alone at $29.50!) and I am here to confirm that it is true! But before I get to that, let’s take a trip down the fortuitous lane that was the receipt of my first Birchbox!


Clip-On Hair Extensions 70g 1b – Review

When it comes to hair, there’s a ton of options. It’s important to know what options are available. I’ve covered wigs, but there are several less dramatic options. Starting with the metaphoric bottom of the hair barrel: clip on hair extensions. Not to put them down that is!

I prefer clip-in hair extensions to glue in extensions (see: Britney Spears’s notoriously poor glue in extensions) and so do a lot of hair professionals. Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Marco Maranghello (senior stylist at John Barrett Salon) have their own line of clip on hair extensions. Why? Because they’re a convenient, inexpensive way to change the look of your hair. They don’t damage the hair the way glue-in and keratin extensions do. When you’re finished with them all you need to do is take them out.


Using Clip On Hair Extensions

This tutorial uses 70g (weight) clip-on, human hair extensions – 7 pieces total. This tutorial works the same for different weights and you can skip steps as needed if you have more (or less) clips. :D Let’s do it~