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MAC Semi Precious Giveaway

aSoftBlackStar’s MAC Semi-Precious Collection Giveaway

Life’s been so busy that I absolutely forgot to join this giveaway. There’s still one day left so fire up your FBs, Twitters and Blogs and get to entering!

200 Follower Giveaway

Pigments & Palettes 200 Followers Giveaway

Jessica from Pigments & Palettes is pretty much an artist. She’s created some of the most beautiful looks I’ve ever seen. She deserves the 200 followers she has and I hope that you check out her blog in addition to this SUPER cool giveaway.

DGS Beauty's Summer Giveaway

Hawaiian Honeys Bring The Freebies

JC from Makeup Diary and D. Sadie from DGS Beauty are two AWESOME beauty bloggers (and human beings, Navy wives, shopping masters.) Each is hosting a giveaway on their respective blogs which I feel INCLINED to share.

Flormar Blush and Bronzer

Flormar Teracotta Giveaway!

I’ve you’ve never heard of Flormar, you’re not alone. I hadn’t heard about it either until I read about it on Lilit’s blog, Makeup and Macaroons. I tend to love all things that Lilit loves and so I’ve since been HARD lemming some Flormar products. Unfortunately, they’re not available in the states. FORTUNATELY they ARE available in her latest giveaway!

DSC_0166 copy

Sparkly Playground’s Giveaway

Miss Jayce over at Sparkly Playground is hosting a pretty awesome anniversary giveaway!