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Heart Kristel’s MAC Faves Giveaway

Awwwwwwww Yeaaaaahhhh~

The lovely Kristel from HEART KRiSTEL’s BEAUTY BLOG is hosting a whopper of a giveaway. You know you want to enter. Look at the goodies involved!

Makeup Monologue's Giveaway

Makeup Monologue’s Giveaway

Woo! It’s four chances to win some amazing goodies (including 3 MUA palettes) courtesy of Makeup Monologue.

(Notice the cat stickers? A package after my own heart!)

Essays, Sunday Girls and Surprises

As you may or may not have noticed, my posts have slowed down a bit in the last week. It’s midterms here in the grand ole’ state of undergraduate studies and I am taking five courses, four of which are marked “Writing Intensive.” What that means, dear readers, is that I’ve been doing 4 Things this week: Sleeping, Eating, Writing and…well…BATHROOM stuff. I haven’t even seen the BF in two weeks x__x

I’m about two papers away from finishing everything up, but was so burnt out on Tuesday that I was prettty sure I was going to go comatose. Then a package arrived from a faraway land (Scotland.) And all was right with the world.

Best Of Japan Giveaway

Best Of Japan Giveaway

Some of you may be familiar with Pop Sister, a japanese fashion and beauty magazine that focuses on Gyaru style. Lipgloss Love Affair’s Kelly is holding a spectacular giveaway. The prize? The top choices of japanese beauties for the year of 2011. It’s like winning all of Glamour’s top beauty rave products…with a japanese edge!


Flormar Terracotta Blushes – Review, Swatch and THANK YOU LILIT!

Not many of you keep up with my personal blog …and that’s probably for the best recently. Suffice to say that in this last week I’ve gone back to school, been scammed out of $50USD by members of my Law Society (and lost another $1000USD as a result of an expense incurred related to that $50USD), my camera is dying and has to be sent in for repairs, my laptop is dying and by the time I sneak on the desktop to post this it will have been sent in for repairs AND school has started up again.