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She's dreaming of keeping this outfit forever!

Sudo CP #1 – Taylor Swift in Safe & Sound MV

So, over the first weekend of the month I re-read The Hunger Games trilogy. I was doing it because, for some reason, I thought the movie premiered on the 3rd. Imagine my DISAPPOINTMENT when I realized it premiers on the 23rd!! Ack! I was horrendously broken hearted. To soothe my HG craving, I started googling it. That was how I stumbled across Taylor Swift’s music video for Safe and Sound, the first single off The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond.

I fell in LOVE. Literal love, over the dress she wears the video. If life had a terminal window, i’d totally Sudo CP THAT DRESS /onme. That is, i’d totally copy paste that outfit onto myself if I could. For a while I moped about not being able to share my desire to have this dress. Then I realized I run a rather girly blog and well…a new posting series was born. Tada~!


Cutey Jewellery Charm Bracelets – Review

Not too long ago, I was thrilled to be contacted by Ashley Peach from Cutey. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to accept a sample of her products given that the company is based in the UK. But change my mind she did and here are the lovely results~!

Graduation OOTD, LOTD

When I purchased my salmon pumps from Payless, my lovely reader and blogging inspiration Neko-chan hoped for an outfit post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those of you who take the time to comment so here is me granting a fairy wish! (On that note: a great big OMG HI to my new followers. You guys


Spring/Summer ’11 Accessories Part 2

xD I feel kinda silly writing this post. It makes me feel so…preachy. I need to read more fashion magazines to get better at this! Anyway, in this post you’ll find links to items that I feel have the same spirit as the designer Spring/Summer 2011 collections. The post took forever to finish but IT’S WORTH IT FOR YOU! Every once in a while I may include an item of the genuine article, ’cause you know – a girl needs some designer in her life every once in a while.


Spring/Summer ’11 Accessories Part 1

I don’t always follow fashion trends…okay that’s a lie. I completely follow them but I very rarely wear them. Why? Because I’m not vain enough (I said enough!) to spend that much on an accessory likely to burn out before August is through. That’s the thing about a Spring/Summer accessory, it has a hard time translating to any other season.

Still – it’s nice to have something similar to what’s going down the runway every once in a while. So in this post i’ll be giving you the low-down on designer Spring/Summer 2011 lines. In my next post i’ll be giving you the down-low on how to get the looks for less.

…Wow I just shuddered from writing something that corny!