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KK Center HK Handmade Glamour Big Eye Eyelashes (ES A613) – Review

Okay so, anyone who’s read a beauty blog has probably come across the wide variety of lashes sold by KK Center HK. Their selection is insanely massive and they are eager to work with bloggers; offering sponsorships and samples in a beautiful exemplification of what the blogging review world is all about – real people trying real products and giving real opinions.

It’s not huge news. It’s happened to most of the beauty bloggers I follow already – so why was I so absolutely giddy when I was contacted by KK Center HK with an offer to send me a set of lashes to try out? It’s all about legitimacy! It’s been less than a year (hint hint: expect a surprise for SB’s 1 Year Anni) but I sometimes don’t feel like a legitimate beauty blogger. I’m too dorky, inexperienced and I lack the artistic talent of other ladies online. But somehow, sharing a sponsor makes me feel that much closer to the lovely women I admire online.

Enough gushing though! Onto the lashes!