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Orange Lip Looks Part 2 – Subdued Sunset

I actually had a pretty hard time naming the look i’m going to feature today. It could be labeled as “bright” or “pastel” depending on the intensity you go with. Don’t worry – I’m not wimping out and going peach on the lips, today’s Orange Lip Look features a full powered layer MAC’s Korean Candy

Cool Swatches: Left To Right (MAC Lady Danger, Sula Awake 'Till Sunrise, Revlon Siren, MAC Korean Candy, MAC Morange, MAC Sheer Mandarin)

Orange Lip Looks Part 1 – The Retro

It may be a little late to jump onto the how-to-wear-orange-lipstick bandwagon. But I’ve decided to do so anyway!

Orange lips are (thankfully!) still on Fall trend. I love watching this look walk down the runway and the streets. It’s quirky, stylish and truly wearable. There’s a shade of orange out there for everyone! Here’s a few that I own…

Petal Pusher

My Wet n Wild Palette Swatches and EOTDs

It feels a bit silly to review any of Wet n Wild’s recently (and not so recently) released palettes when there are so many great reviews out there. But I like finding as many swatches of products as I can before I make a purchase. This is especially true for the Wet n Wild palettes given the fact that they are so COSTLY for ladies not in the states. So here’s my first “Swatches Only” post featuring the 3 Wet n Wild palettes I own: 8 Pans Petal Pusher and Blue Had Me At Hello as well as the trio Silent Treatment.

Of course – i’ll include some of my thoughts so don’t worry. This won’t be a pictures only post.

Tube + Flash

MAC Morange Lipstick – Review and Swatch

Oooh ho ho. If you know what shade this review is going to be for, you may find yourself wondering how and why. A self confessed geek and reforming goth, how could I of all people buy MAC’s infamous MORANGE lipstick? It’s the can-do attitude of the various models and actresses that inspired me, really. Red just doesn’t draw enough attention to my non-attention-enjoying self. Heck. Thus far, THIS is my brightest EOTD.