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She's dreaming of keeping this outfit forever!

Sudo CP #1 – Taylor Swift in Safe & Sound MV

So, over the first weekend of the month I re-read The Hunger Games trilogy. I was doing it because, for some reason, I thought the movie premiered on the 3rd. Imagine my DISAPPOINTMENT when I realized it premiers on the 23rd!! Ack! I was horrendously broken hearted. To soothe my HG craving, I started googling it. That was how I stumbled across Taylor Swift’s music video for Safe and Sound, the first single off The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond.

I fell in LOVE. Literal love, over the dress she wears the video. If life had a terminal window, i’d totally Sudo CP THAT DRESS /onme. That is, i’d totally copy paste that outfit onto myself if I could. For a while I moped about not being able to share my desire to have this dress. Then I realized I run a rather girly blog and well…a new posting series was born. Tada~!


Vedette Shapewear – Review

This has been a difficult blog to write. It’s easy to give an honest opinion when I purchase the item or when it was provided for my own review. I’ve never been one to be afraid of going against the grain by giving a negative review to something others have rated positively. But the item I am reviewing now was something I won from the much-loved blog, The Fashion Planner. In other words, it wasn’t just a buy or a freebie but it was a prize a gift. What’s that they say about looking gift horses in the mouth? (That’s actually a horrible urban legend if you want to read it. Never going near a horse skull again!)