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G&G Maxiy Barbie Brown/Walkure Brown – Circle Lens Review and FOTD

Hello lovely, it’s been a while.

At least that’s what I thought when I started getting back into my Circle Lens review mindset. My exploits into beauty began with reviewing one of my favorite “enhancements.” Since I started reviewing them I’ve accrued quite a large collection – but I haven’t reviewed them! Luckily, I am comfortable enough with these to write up a quick review in the day before I send my laptop off to HP for repairs. I hope that you enjoy this slight deviation (or return?) and my review of G&G’s Maxiy Barbie Brown (Walkure Brown) circle lenses!


EOS DollyEye Blue – Circle Lens Review

Being that I had an upcoming (breathe in and out, this may come as a shock) gathering with female friends, I decided to break out the DollyEye Blues in celebration of my newfound ability to SPEAK to people! Huzzah! Also, the longer-term wearing opportunity made me feel I could confidently give an accurate review. So on we go!


EOS DollyEye Grey – Circle Lens Review

I’ve been so excited to review these lenses, ever since I ordered them. So, so, so excited in fact that I even did a video review (which you can watch at the bottom of this post.) The DollyEye greys were a longtime obsession with me. After reading Noxin & Shara’s reviews on them and oogling them via google I finally jumped full on-in and bought them. SO. GLAD. I. DID. Now i’ve actually had these for a while but this week was the first time i’ve worn then. Ironically, I got rid of about 4 inches of hair around the same time and both the lenses and the haircut debuted at school this Monday. The lenses were so powerful that no one noticed my hair until Tuesday (when I wasn’t wearing the lenses!)


Sneak Peak! GEO Flower Series. Coming To An Eyeball Near You~!

So Thomas from Geo (a manufacturer of circle lenses) sent me these lovely promo sheets for Geo’s new series, Flower. This series will consist of several new sets of lenses. These are Blanket, Bonaire, Carnation, Clover, Lavender, Lotus, Morning Glory, Pansy, Plum, Rose and Sunflower. All come in colors: violet, blue, green, “brown” (yellow) and gray.


Neo Vision Dali Extra Brown – Circle Lens Review

Okay! So I finally have had the chance to write up my review for the second-part of my two-part purchase from PinkyParadise.com

The second pair of lenses that I purchased from them were Neo Vision’s Dali Extra Browns.