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Be forewarned that the shiny black exterior is a fingerprint magnet. It's exactly why I always go for the silver or white handheld devices instead of the black!

NYX Smokey Look Kit – Review

Haha! Thought i’d do another lip product review didn’t you? Now that Sudo Beautify is in place I feel the need to expand my review repertoire. So my first review from my NYX haul will be for the Smokey Look Kit!

Really briefly I’d like to discuss NYX. They were one of the first companies I purchased ANY makeup from EVER. I bought their Round Lipstick in #562, Almost Black. It was a dark, blackish-bruise like color that nicely complimented my gangly middle-school goth attire and chains. It’s a color I wouldn’t wear now except for a cosplay but it’s nice to look back!

NYX was founded in 1999 by Toni Ko. Named after the roman goddess of night (so it should be pronounced phonetically instead of N-Y-X!) the line was meant to provide great color payoff for low prices. Seeing as how I bought my Almost Black lipstick in a dollar store nearly 5 years after their founding, I’d say they kept their promise. A lot of people are hesitant to try NYX because they are considered a cheapie company. But there’s no rule that ever said cheap had to be bad and I think my review of this palette will prove that!

Three Days Later

Individual Eyelash Extensions – Review

In case you missed it, i’ve already done a post on getting my eyelashes done in “flares.” You can read it here. This post will be for the somewhat different and more costly experience of having eyelash extensions done. I put quite a bit of information on the post with the flares but i’ll go into a little more detail before my review which you can read after the jump.

I gave myself a week of time to “experience” the lashes before posting this review. It also gave me a good basis for the “Results.” portion. I hope you enjoy~


Le Cheveu Salon and Spa – Review

So, a few weeks ago Bucket was sweet enough to surprise me with a Living Social special for a facial, body wrap and aromatherapy session at Le Cheveu Spa and Salon in Yorba Linda, California. I was lucky enough that my nagging resulted in us scheduling my visit within the next month (i’ll tell you why later.) Anyway – I went last week but I just now managed to write up my review. For those of you that have never had either of the two treatments, i’ll try to make this post as informative as possible.


Wig Liners

I have thick hair. At least this has been the comment of every dermatologist, doctor, hair stylist and idle-runner-of-their-hands-through-my-hair-er I’ve ever run into. I’m not telling you this to brag. It actually poses a problem when wearing a wig. The more hair you have the more unnaturally the wig will lay on your head. Enter the wig liner.