Sula Natural Blush in Forget Me Not – Review and Swatch


No. Not that kind. The kind that makes you go…why did I buy this blush? Oh right – because I’m a lemming for pretty packaging in an over saturated market.  But before I run away with myself, let’s give you some more details huh?

Generic Info:

Sula is better known for their nail polishes, but they’ve recently expanded into the makeup range. I went to Ulta this Sunday with the plan of picking up some of their lippies, glosses and blushes but ALL of them save for one blush had been opened by someone who ignored the “No Testing” sign. Byugh. The SA even went to the back to see if they had any and sadly they did not. So the only Sula purchase I was able to make was Forget Me Not…believe me I wish I HAD forgotten to get it.

All products in Sula’s current makeup lineup are available at Ulta stores and online. Each product is $8 a pop – not quite cheap but not quite department store priced either.

Color Accuracy:

Official Forget Me Not Picture

No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The image that Sula gives for Forget Me Not is really THAT different from what the actual blush turns out to be. Luckily the internet exists and you can pretty quickly Google a representative image…but isn’t that kind of Sula’s job? To show you what their product looks like? I was all up for thinking that maybe Ulta made a mistake and used Girl Next Door’s image for FMN and visa versa, but that would just mean that Girl’s Next Door image was also inaccurate as it doesn’t resemble Girl Next Door in the pan.

Official Girl Next Door Picture


It’s not that this blush wasn’t pigmented, it’s that the pigmentation on the swatch was deceptively light. You’ll see what I mean in the face photos further down. On the back of my hand the color was less color and more of a glitter bomb. And that is where I have a real problem with this blush. Yes I saw some sparkle in the pan and I thought it wouldn’t be that bad. But the sparkles of silver and copper make this ill-suited for day wear. I had plans to return this but who knows…maybe i’ll elect to have some non-boyfriend/non-friend human contact some day? The sparkle is less evident only my oily cheeks – but it’s still there. The pigmentation is really the only reason i’m considering keeping this – it’s hard to find a blush that will show properly on my skin.

Swatch (On the back of my hand)


The blush is powdery by my standards, which are quite high when it comes to what is or is not powdery. It gets on my brushes just fine but it also flies around everywhere with the slightest movement.

The texture also isn’t smooth at all – it feels almost gritty in the pan and powdery on my cheeks. Luckily, it’s extremely blendable so I was able to soften out all the powder chunks.

It took about two applications to get this on my face the way I wanted it, not bad but not great.

Forget Me Not On My Face (Excuse the experimental taupey eyeshadow. It's from Wet n Wild's Silent Treatment whom everyone and their mom has reviewed so I won't be bothering. You need it. That's all I'm sayin')

Oh. And see that on my neck? That’s not sweat (though it was hot!) That’s glitter fallout…from when I moved my brush back down. YEAH.


The wear on these blushes is quite impressive. 6-8 Hours in sweltering heat. Again – this is a minor saving grace.


I’m 50/50 on these. I love the pigmentation and the wear but the quality of the product itself is underwhelming. Much cheaper brands (Essence, Wet n Wild, NYC, NYX) have better quality products though the packaging is obviously not as adorable. I’d rather take a good product in cheap black plastic than a glitterbomb in pretty white any day.

Color Accuracy: 0/10

Pigmentation: 8/10

Application: 6/10

Wear: 9/10

Overall: 5/10

Any experiences with Sula guys? Should I even bother with the lipsticks?

<3 EA

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10 Responses to Sula Natural Blush in Forget Me Not – Review and Swatch

  1. Man, that pretty packaging will get you every time! I’ll stick to my NARS for now and just add glitter over top, lol!

  2. Larie says:

    I actually haven’t heard much about this brand, even though I’ve seen it popping up on blogs lately. The packaging is lovely, but I think I’ll pass. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity, though!
    Larie recently posted..MAC Sheen Supreme: Can’t Resist!

  3. The packaging is SO pretty! Never tried their products, it’s too bad this one didn’t work out well. :)
    Vintage Makeup recently posted..Stages of Beauty Giveaway Winner!

  4. Vijaya says:

    Can I point out a crazy coincidence?

    I’m wearing Silent Treatment right now.
    Vijaya recently posted..Hard Candy Kaleyedoscope Eye Shadow Duo: Break Up

  5. Shivani says:

    I think I will skip. Well not that it is actually available in my proximity, but it doesn’t make me want to reach out and grab this one either. Thanks for the review.
    Shivani recently posted..Project Pan 5!

  6. Stacey says:

    Hi, been seeing this brand pop up in quite a lot of blogs lately…though im kinda curious i think i will skip this one…thanks for the review! =)
    Stacey recently posted..FOTD: Everyday Look with Orange Lips

  7. Sara.H says:

    Thanks for the lovely review. I so don’t like powdery blushes myself. it’s hard handling them
    Sara.H recently posted..Independence Day Eyes

  8. bhumika says:

    d color looks nice..havent seen it much..nice blog..following u :)
    bhumika recently posted..LaVaque Tweezers and Crystal Nail File Review, Giveaway

  9. The packaging *is* cute! Such a pretty color on you! Too bad you don’t like the sparkles very much cause I do, gives you a beautiful glowo. Also, I love your eyes! What’s on them, mamasita?
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..August Birchbox

  10. Aww, this sounds really disappointing :( The colour looks absolutely gorgeous on you, but with *that* much fallout? Er, I think not.
    Rae // theNotice recently posted..Ramblings | Marcelle opens an online shop & Rae blathers on about her favourites

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