Sudo CP #1 – Taylor Swift in Safe & Sound MV

So, over the first weekend of the month I re-read The Hunger Games trilogy. I was doing it because, for some reason, I thought the movie premiered on the 3rd. Imagine my DISAPPOINTMENT when I realized it premiers on the 23rd!! Ack! I was horrendously broken hearted. To soothe my HG craving, I started googling it. That was how I stumbled across Taylor Swift’s music video for Safe and Sound, the first single off The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond.

"I hope I get to keep this dress forever."

I fell in LOVE. Literal love, over the dress she wears the video. If life had a terminal window, i’d totally Sudo CP THAT DRESS /onme. That is, i’d totally copy paste that outfit onto myself if I could. For a while I moped about not being able to share my desire to have this dress. Then I realized I run a rather girly blog and well…a new posting series was born. Tada~!

Generic Information:

I tried to find as much info as I could about the dress, but I came up horrendously short. The most I got was from Taylor Swift herself while watching the Making Of Safe and Sound video…video.

“I’m wearing this little vintage 1920′s chiffon, silky dress and the kind of idea of it is…sort of ghost like. It’s supposed to look a little ghostly.”

So, the words vintage pretty much mean one-of-a-kind. It’s a tragedy because this dress is a real beauty.


As TS mentioned, the dress appears to be a chiffon dress layered over a silk or silk charmeuse slip. The chiffon portion features short, gathered ruched sleeves.

(Whoops she sleeves to have pulled a side-seam!)

It has a lovely pleated (or ruched?) v-neck. I love the wide, pointed empire waistline too.

But my absolute favorite parts of this dress are the effortless, fluttery, draped skirt…

It's okay. She's a ghost, those nails won't hurt!

And the DEEP, DEEP v-back on the silky slip underneath the chiffon.

Aaack! That back makes me die of envy!


Unfortunately, this is a very unique piece. I couldn’t find anything that matched it even remotely. My favorite dress “inspired” by the S&S dress is this little beauty by Raining Blossoms. Of course, at $269.00 USD it’s not exactly cheap! But I think the sleeves could be shortened by a tailor to make it more similar to the TS dress.

I also think that this lace-overlay dress from The Vintage Dress Company would be a suitable replacement.

But if you’d rather just watch the original in action, check it out in Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound music video featuring The Civil Wars!

So what’d you think? Should I do more of these? Should I just keep my outfit envies to myself?

<3 EA

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10 Responses to Sudo CP #1 – Taylor Swift in Safe & Sound MV

  1. elaine says:

    she ripped the dress!

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      xD Elaine! I gasped when I saw it! I was like NOOOOOOOO VINTAGE BEAUTIFUL DRESSS!! I think they must have patched it up in a hurry because you can see the difference between before and after the seam was ripped and sewn up.

  2. Larie says:

    It is a pretty dress! I like the second lace option you found, though, too. And ooh, yay, the Civil Wars! I like Poison and Wine, but haven’t listened to too many of their other songs. They get a bit slow.
    Larie recently posted..The Thursday Post

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      Musically, I think it was a lovely collaboration. According to the Making Of Video – it was total serendipity too! They just happened to be in town and the song came together in one day. The Civil wars filmed their part in less than a day.

      I love the CUT of the lace dress more than the first option. But there’s something about the chiffon overlay that makes it feel so dreamy to me.

  3. She does look very elegant in that dress :) It’s beautiful. It would make a beautiful wedding dress. I cannot wait for the movie either! :)
    Rainy Days & Lattes recently posted..Recent Acquisitions

  4. the dress is gorgeous! hehe..lbut I should definitely go and read about ‘The hunger games’ right now since I don’t know nothing about it!!! (but people are talking about it everywhere o.0) I know what you mean with the back of that dress… it makes me die too!!! so incredibly elegant!! why show naked skin if you can cover it with a veil of nothing? it look so delicate and feminine! I really liked reading this entry Ava =) nyaaaaaaa I’m so meeeeeean…. but I just have to say it.. Unfortunately I really dislike Taylor’s face… :( ) Oooops
    ねこちゃん recently posted..It’s a blogger’s thing

  5. wow, I barely recognized her in these photos!! She almost looks like Scarlet Johansson
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..Mariposa Maravellosa

  6. YES. DO ALL OF THESE. MORE. ; _ ;

    I was similarly enraptured by that dress.

    I am… rather enamoured with that dress from The Vintage Dress Company, too, that you posted. <33 Hrrngh.
    ♥ Noxin ♥ recently posted..Review: EOS A3 (Bambi) Grey

  7. sara says:

    Taylor Swift looks so innocent in these photos. Love the dresses :) xx
    sara recently posted..Beautyuk Posh Polish Gemstone Collection – Review & swatches

  8. Mickie says:

    Now I am looking for a pattern to remake this type of dress for my 7 year. Such a beautiful dress and she wants it for her Birthday now……Good Luck to me

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