Spring/Summer ’11 Accessories Part 2

xD I feel kinda silly writing this post. It makes me feel so…preachy. I need to read more fashion magazines to get better at this! Anyway, in this post you’ll find links to items that I feel have the same spirit as the designer Spring/Summer 2011 collections. The post took forever to finish but IT’S WORTH IT FOR YOU! Every once in a while I may include an item of the genuine article, ’cause you know – a girl needs some designer in her life every once in a while.

Guess’s Looks For Less:
Elegant, Ladylike & Cute

Magnolia Beaded Necklace from Furniture Creations for $13
Yeah, it’s a little funny to go jewelry shopping at a furniture place – but one must go where the low prices are! It took some doing to find a single piece (there are plenty of pieces you could layer) to achieve the look of non-cheap white beads and the fun glittery flowers. I love the way this necklace does both without being too over the top – it could be worn to work imo. It’s very girly, i’d love to wear it with a nice sundress and a sun hat for lunch!

Tan Woven Clutch With White Flower from Kelly’s Keepsakes for $18
Yes, I know the page says this purse is sold. But if you contact the seller she’ll be happy to remake this particular clutch for you. Or if white flowers aren’t your thing – you can find this adorable woven clutch with other color flowers. There were quite a bit of woven pieces, from one flap tote to several shoes. But I like the simplicity of this one, it’s all about the elegant ladylike touches.

Minicci “Sophie Satchel” from Payless for $12
Pssssh. Don’t underestimate Payless, they can knockoff designer accessories in a hurry. This Sophie Satchel takes obvious inspiration from the Guess line, but more than that: I prefer the clean solid color to the various crazy patterns. How about you?

Leatherette Espadrille Wedges from Forever 21 for $26.80

Check out these Leatherette Espadrille Wedges from Forever21! With their cute little bows and the woven look on the wedges they are a mix of romance and summer all in one! (And in true Forever21 Style, they strongly resemble the Partis wedges in Guess’s collection of this season)

Heart Link Cuff for $7.99 from Rockruller

eBay’s nothing to sneer at either! Check out this silver heart-link cuff. Worn alone or in multiples, they strongly resemble the heart-link cuff from Guess’s Spring 2011 collection.

Pinup Flap from Guess for $78.40
;D If you’re feeling like treating yourself, you can find Guess’s Pin Up Flap for under $80 at Zappos! That’s $20 off the retail price!

Alexander McQueen’s Looks for Less:
Rocker, Funky, Unique Touches!

Feather Fascinator Headband from Beckaboodle for $20
No one in the real world will ever pull of feathered boots. But that doesn’t mean feathers aren’t a go-to accessory for this Spring/Summer season. Why not try out a nice gray feather fascinator? After that Royal Wedding interesting head and hair wear are sure to make a splash!

Studded, Black Mesh, Peeptoe from Promiscuous for $44
This studded, mesh, peeptoe heel is probably one of the most duplicated shoes this season. At last count i’ve seen this style in six different shoes. Sadly, the cheapest (GoJane’s) quickly sold out. There were two up next after that one, and I chose the higher priced of the two. Because for a $10 difference you can at least get a quality shoe as opposed to one that’s mass-produced by a factory. BUT ANYWAY. How rock and roll are these? If you think you can’t pull these off you totally can. I wore these to SCHOOL with a tee shirt and jeans and made it work so I know you can.

Flower and Skull Ring from Craft-Store for $5.99
Look closely. Do you see it? Above the frills and pearls? That happy little skull is Alexander McQueen’s trademark. Something unexpected and edgy amidst a sea of beauty. Yeah it’s costume jewelry, but at least it’s cute! For under $6 – if it breaks you can always buy another!

Pink Black Flower & Leaves Lace Clutch from ifashionlady for $29.99
Is there anything etsy doesn’t have? This adorable clutch (seen here in pink but available in other colors as well!) has black leather leaves, pink linen sakura accented by brass beads, an antique bronze frame and a detachable bronze chain!

Burberry’s Looks For Less:
Fun, Clean Lines & Pop Colors

Wayfarer Sunglasses from House Of Sunglasses for $9.99
I’ve never been a fan of the Wayfarer style of sunglasses made famous by RayBand, but they’ve definitely picked up speed this season. xD I’ve seen more than one girl wear them to school. If you’re going to buy some, why not pick them up in the fun and funky colors that Burberry is using? If you buy 3 from House of Sunglasses, you get free shipping.

Metal Keeper Skinny Belt from Asos for $10.79
UUUNG. Burberry aside, I recently discovered ASOS and I’ve already spent a fortune. I’ll post on what I bought when it gets here, but for now check out this double-wrap skinny belt. Though they aren’t prominently featured in the promos – Burberry has some EXTREMELY similar items to this particular belt. If you don’t like the yellow, ASOS also has it in a bright green and a fire engine red.

Solid Color Makeup Bag from GoJane for $11.70
When the heat is going and the makeup is starting to fade, a touch up is necessary. I’m particularly prone to the need (obsessive compulsion?) to re-apply my makeup as soon as I suspect the mask is coming off and my true lizard face will be revealed. Thus the need for a makeup bag. But why go for an ordinary makeup bag when you can buy one that’s so bright and distracting, no one will even know you’re re-applying?!

Carlie Flats from Crocs for $45
We all love to make fun of old school Crocs; I know I did. At least I did until I put them on. Luckily for us, Croc’s gone a bit more fashion forward. They make some flats that are transparent without that plasticy feeling that the Burberrys look as if they’ll have. At $45 bucks, it’s not too much of a stretch!

Pick Your Bright Tote from Avon for $14.99
I didn’t care for the fact that most of Burberry’s bags for this season were the size of a large hot dog. During the summer especially, you need to haul around an awful lot of crap! Still – with pop colors being so on trend, you have to get one that’s bold or the fashion police will come and whisk you away.

Woman’s Travel Walker from Prophet for $54.00
I don’t wear sneakers/trainers/running shoes myself (they pinch) but Burberry did them for this season and I loved the way they did. Gone are the days of choosing black or white sneakers, now you can get your workout gear in bright yellows, fuchsia, orange and a bunch of other colors. But let’s face it – Burberry probably isn’t going to take a lot of time designing a functional sneaker so much as a pretty one. Don’t hurt your feet! Buy real running shoes in pop colors!

Chloé’s Looks For Less:
Classic Glamour with an Edge

T-Strap Mary Jane Pump from GoJane for $24.70
GoJane knocks one out of the park (and off of Chloé) again! This time their t-strap, mary jane pump with the metallic toe really calls upon some style elements that Chloé used this season. Just be careful. This skinny, 5″ heel could easily get stuck on a boardwalk. Be cautious!

J.Furmani Classic Beaded Bag from eBags for $24

This lovely, understated beaded satin clutch is probably going to end up in my purse collection. Like the Chloé purses, the beading doesn’t necessarily distract from the design: it’s an integral part of it. Also like the Chloé purses, it has a hint of vintage style: think old Hollywood glamour.

Natalia from Blowfish for $39
The Natalia flat meets Chloé in the land of wanna-be ballet shoes. The elasticized criss cross straps are an interesting detail. Though fashion gurus may warn me not to wear this (ankle straps shorten the leg!) – I still think they’re adorable. A nice neutral shoe that is casual enough to be worn with any outfit and neat enough to be paired with a cute little dress for a summertime party.

Turnlock Bag from Chadwick’s for $29.99

For the days when a clutch just won’t cut it! This simple, functional satchel has a lovely ivory color and the turn-lock clasp that was so popular in Chloé’s bags this season. It’s available in other colors as well, try out the Garnet for a pop of color!

Juicy Couture’s Looks For Less:
Natural, Native Aesthetic

Woven Flower Front Hat from GoJane for $13
As I mentioned to Yaptus on her blog, I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a big floppy hat! Well Juicy Couture has given it to me and I have snapped it up. Not sure WHY Juicy thinks they can charge $88 for a straw sunhat when GoJane has one that’s equally cute for $13 though!

Geneva Platinum Women’s Rhinestone-accented Cuff Watch from Overstock.com for $22.49
Two-For-One with this piece! A thick turquoise cuff that doubles as a Geneva watch! If you look closely, you’ll notice Juicy featured OBSCENE amounts of turquoise bracelets in their promos. Yeah you can find similar turquoise cuffs for slightly less. But as a nerd I demand that at least SOME of my fashion serve a function. So jump on the wagon. Jump on it! ~Shakes fists~

Modern Contrast Bangles from Forever21 for $5.80
There’s something I really like about these bangles, though I can’t quite figure out what it is. Obviously the colors are on-trend. And the “wooden” part falls into line with Juicy’s more hippie-ish vibe this season. I wonder if they’ll clack when I wear them? 8D I love the sound of clacking bangles.

!SPLURGE! Beaded Owl Drawstring Tote Bag from Juicy for $148
If you really really want some authentic JC, this beaded drawstring tote is from the collection and available for preorder for just $148! It’s pretty much my favorite piece from the whole Juicy collection. Not, mind you, that i’m a huge fan of Juicy. But something about the way this owl stares so DEEP into my SOUL. I want to ask it how many licks it takes to count out the $20 bills I will use to pay for him.

Versace’s Looks For Less:
Retro, Resort Gear

Geometric Quilted Lion Head Emblem Satchel from (don’t laugh) xBox Decal for $33.50
Never having been a fan of clutches, I was happy to see a large tote in Versace’s collection. Here is a similar piece in various colors with gold with the quilted Greek Key pattern and a gorgeous gold Lion’s Head clasp.

Damsel Cat Eye Sunglasses from UrbanOutfitters for $10
In true retro glamor form, Versace brought back the cateye sunglasses this season. It’s not a look that works on everyone, but January Jones sure made me want to try. Here’s a tip: the rounder your face, the sharper you want the edges to be. The more square or diamond your face shape? Go for rounded cat eyes. Being a square/oval mix myself, I went with these round ones. But take initiative and pick the ones that are right for you!

Greek Pattern Twist Lock Tote Bag from…eBay? for $18
This structured tote features the greek “Key” pattern that was the focal point for Versace’s line this season. In beige, it’s chic and elegant. It’s definitely the color I prefer it in. But, I believe it’s also available in gray, black, purple and brown if you run a search!

Della Pumps from Macy’s for $64.50
!Splurge! Not Versace, these pumps by Isola Shoes are pretty darn close. The ivory/black combo in particular is quite fashionable. Apparently, these feature some crazy shock absorbing technology that will allow you to jump an inch in the air without that horrible pain shooting up your leg! Hey, it’s more than I can jump in my heels. …Or at all. Just make sure to catch them for the sale price!

I know i’m going to be picking up a few of these pieces. x3 Most likely from the McQueen clones, the Carlie Flats, everything from the Chloé section, that Owl tote and the Della Pumps. How about you?

<3 EA

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3 Responses to Spring/Summer ’11 Accessories Part 2

  1. Those wedges are cute, and I love the cat eye sunglasses!

  2. Icy-fayce says:

    Some of this stuff AAAHHH I want it. I’ve been on such a shoe craze lately, especially. And yeah, I feel ya on the whole “colorful sunglasses” thing. I’ve never really been into it, myself, but I also doubt I could pull it off LOL.

    You make me want to spend all my money. ; w ; <3


    Oh man– those Mary Jane Pumps and the ones from Della, too. Unf. .>)

    And ooohh my gosh: that Chadwick’s bag. I think… I may have developed some overly-strong feelings toward this particular bag. (Is it too soon to go on bended knee? Or is that too forward for a woman these days? Haha.)

    I love these pics– almost makes me wanna do ‘the work’ and pick up a fashion mag more often. Haha.

    P.S. Just got the weirdest sensation of Deja Vu typing this….

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