Spring/Summer ’11 Accessories Part 1

I don’t always follow fashion trends…okay that’s a lie. I completely follow them but I very rarely wear them. Why? Because I’m not vain enough (I said enough!) to spend that much on an accessory likely to burn out before August is through. That’s the thing about a Spring/Summer accessory, it has a hard time translating to any other season.

Still – it’s nice to have something similar to what’s going down the runway every once in a while. So in this post i’ll be giving you the low-down on designer Spring/Summer 2011 lines. In my next post i’ll be giving you the down-low on how to get the looks for less.

…Wow I just shuddered from writing something that corny!


All Photos Courtesy Of Guess

Guess’s collection for this season is really really feminine IMO. I see hints of ladylike appeal in every accessory. You know, if you ignore the breastages long enough to notice them. But how does one get this look WITHOUT stripping down to retro swimwear and posing like the rent was due yesterday?

Alexander McQueen

All Photos Courtesy Of Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has gone rock, roll, crazy and paper mache on us! While I normally adore the brand’s eccentric style – I can’t think of anything to any of the shoes with. At least not anything besides jeans, a white tee and a jacket.


All Photos Courtesy Of Burberry

Burberry has launched their Burberry Brights campaign for this season. The collection is comprised of candy colored sunglasses and handbags. It’s as if they’re trying to show that they can do something besides their signature plaid.


All Photos Courtesy Of Chloé

Chloé’s Spring/Summer 2011 accessory collection makes use of a lot of transparent plastic and delicate, elegant touches. It’s hard to think the two could mix but they certainly do! I think this is my favorite collection and the one I may spring for.

Juicy Couture

All Photos Courtesy Of Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture has fused BoHo fun and elegance for their Summer 2011 accessory line. Maybe I just like it because it’s an excuse to finally buy a floppy hat!


All Photos Courtesy Of Versace

Versace’s Spring/Summer 2011 accessory line reminds me of an older woman, recently divorced on vacation in Rio. I dunno! It just feels a little too mature for a summer line! It’s supposed to be Greecian inspired but the only similarities I see are that they both feel like ancient history. The campaign isn’t doing wonders for my feelings of this line either. Maybe if they’d shot it in color and focused more on the product?

Welp! This has been immensely entertaining, but stick around for Part 2 of this post series. In it you’ll find my hand-picked, designer-INSPIRED pieces that you can use to incorporated the above styles into your own Summer Wardrobe!

<3 EA

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2 Responses to Spring/Summer ’11 Accessories Part 1

  1. What wonderful photos!! I like the black&white and the red bag of GUESS! About VERSACE I actually like the shooting! the pictures are pin sharp…and about the greek thing… it’s the simplicity of the design and the meander pattern on the bags that reminds of the ancient greeks! I like it ;)

  2. (Look at me having a life and not checking folks’ blog updates in several days. ;P Haha.)

    Anyway, Oddly enough, the Juicy Couture line appeals to me. (I’m usually not on that boat, but it turns out I’m now very interested in sailing on it….) Must be the bright colours. (Perhaps I’m still a decora-chan at heart. xD )

    The Chloe line, too, is awesome, I agree. (Although those ‘flats’ are a bit wonky to me, what with the opaque toe. Haha. That ankle strap is a gorgeous touch, though.)

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