Sneak Peak! GEO Flower Series. Coming To An Eyeball Near You~!

So Thomas from Geo (a manufacturer of circle lenses) sent me these lovely promo sheets for Geo’s new series, Flower. This series will consist of several new sets of lenses. These are Blanket, Bonaire, Carnation, Clover, Lavender, Lotus, Morning Glory, Pansy, Plum, Rose and Sunflower. All come in colors: violet, blue, green, “brown” (yellow) and gray. Here they are individually:



LOL! Okay so the first series isn't named after a flower. Maybe they mean a blanket of flowers? Looks more like wiggy grass to me.

So much going on here. Same wiggly grass effect as above but also some lighter swirls and pixel-y spikes.

Super cute IMO. Probably going to get these. A very lacy or Fleur De Lis type pattern.

Don't really feel that the name lines up with the pattern. They could have done something very quirky with clovers. Still they implement a pixel-y outer ring, good use of texture and color variation and an interesting inner "dark" ring.

Yeah, i'll probably buy these just because of the name. Seems true to flower-form as well. The colored edges totally look like the tops of lavender blooms to me.

Another style that I think will match the flower it's named after. Probably very good for mysterious types. I wish Geo did darker brown lenses, these would be interesting in a natural light.

Now this is what I think Clover should have been. But still the interesting combo of a smooth outer ring + the textured Inner-Outer ring will make for a good color. I like them in violet!

this looks really gritty and textured to me. It reminds me of an anime that I can't quite place. I'd love to see these in grey or blue with someone who has that color eye naturally. Probably very dramatic!

The most obviously floral. They're like a wider version, more spaced out version of the Sunflower series by Neo.

While it certainly resembles a rose patter, I don't like that they used black to accent the edges instead of shading the colors. Probably my least favorite from this new series.

Have to say I think they missed the mark here too. We already have a good sunflower type circle lens, so I don't know why they had to make another. With that said these also look quite floral, I would havce called them Daisy!

And, if you want to compare them all you can see the two full sheets here and here.

So what do you guys think? Which should I get?

So Excited!

<3 EA

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