Shoe Haul!!

Buh. First let me apologize for the lack of updates guys. Let’s just say it’s Final Weeks and I have family members with anger management issues. ATM, I’m taking a break after writing 10 (single spaced) pages of essay to whip up this picture-heavy shoe-porn fest for you all to enjoy. Forgive me?

I’ve never really been a shoe person for myself. I adore shopping for other people and tend to be good at finding something that meets other people’s style and needs. Lately though, my trip down girlification lane has set me on a bit of a shoe binge. It started with a pair of platform pumps from Payless and…well…let’s just say…I went a little crazy. I blame my friend “Harpy” for this addiction – her frequent Charlotte Russe boot hauls caused me to treat myself on Black Friday/Cyber Monday looooooooooong ago.

Since their invention, we’ve seen a number of changes to women’s high heeled shoes. We have more options than ever before…which begs the question…why did I wait so long to buy a darn pair of platform pumps?

The answer to your question my dears, is…I was SUPER intimidated by them. And then Bucket and I took a swoop down Payless lane because he wanted some cheap slippers…and I fell in loooooooove!

Women’s Komet Platform Pump by Brash

These black, suede platform pumps sell for $34.99USD regularly. I purchased them with a 20% off coupon, so I got them for $27.99USD. HOWEVER, I just purchased another, identical pair for a DIY project I have in mind and I saw that there’s a pretty decent promo going on for these. Right now they’re on sale for $24.99USD AND Payless has a 30% off coupon (63935). That means if you jump on them you can get them for under $18 USD, before tax. And if you choose the ship-to-store option, shipping’s free!

I’m normally an 8, but I had to get these in an 8 1/2 because they were way too snug. I’d say they run a little LESS than a half-size small, because I still had to use heel grips to make up for the teensy amount of leftover space. But these are super comfortable, i’ve worn them for up to 6 hours on a frequent-walking day and been perfectly fine. At a 5-inch heel and a 1.5-inch platform, they wear like a 3.5-4 inch heel so they aren’t going to be THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES EVAH but they are really really comfortable for the style. I tweeted a while ago that I was a bit nauseaous in class and had to rush to the restroom. I was able to book it up stairs and down a hallway in these babies so definitely give them a try if you can. They come in the black suede, a purple suede, a color-blocked blue-violet-magenta multi, a vinyl finish nude and a glittery gold.

It took me a little over 2 weeks to master walking in these. I’ve yet to perfect running (i’m a little bit teetery) and my bad knees make me wobble occasionally but I’ve got a fairly good grasp on walking in platform heels now. Sooo the next logical step was to buy A WHOLE BUNCH MORE (or two…you know…just sayin’.)

Charlotte Russe had a 30% off sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (on shoes, anyway. Clothes became 40% off on CyMo.) I also found that I could stack a 10% off coupon I had from them onto that, bringing the sale up to 40%. Combined with their temporary offer of free shipping for orders over $40USD and…well…yeaaaaah….

Sueded Color-Block Platform Pump

These shoes originally (and currently) cost $32.50 USD. That’s a fairly good price on mall-store shoes IMO. But! After my (total) 40% off discount though, I got them for a very reasonable $19.50USD.

I’m one of those people that needs to have shoes to match their wardrobe, if not exactly then to a certain extent. LUCKILY FOR ME, i’m a pretty monochrome kinda gal. I usually wear black, grey, charcoal, (rarely) white with black, grey, charcoal or random-dark-denim-wash jeans. I have a few colored pieces, some dresses and such – but I haven’t left gothic high school times behind fully. At least my clothes are more tailored no…i’m getting off track.

Having a pair of black platform pumps made me strongly desire a pair of light grey ones. I searched in vain until I found a pair with of satisfactory shade and color and a hint of interest: a yellow color-block on the heel.

I want to like these, I really do. They’re perfectly true-to-size, the platform and heel feel steady and even. It’s got a 1.25-inch platform and a 5.25-inch heel so they are a little more challenging than the Brash pumps, but they’re almost as comfy and wearable.

My one issue with them is the construction of the heel. See that second picture in the middle? Enlarge it. Yeaaah. I really prefer my heels to not be coming apart at the seems. I’ll superglue it and hope for the best because I don’t really think that another pair will not eventually have the same issue.

(Red) Sueded Platform Stiletto Pump

These were a total BARGAIN to begin with at $30USD (before sale.) After the 40% discount I ended up paying $18USD for them! Loooooove sales!

These were actually the last pair that went into my shopping cart and it’s where I got a little frivolous. I knew the other pairs of shoes I was planning on buying and I decided that I needed to order at least one colored shoe. I have this intimate makeup-fantasy of wearing a fairly neutral outfit with a bold red lip and then a bold red heel. I saw these and (at 40% off and much consulting with my youngest sister and Harpy) snapped them up.

I’m not a van of the contrasting finishes between the (faux) suede and the plastic heel, but other than that these are very nicely constructed. They are every bit as true-to-size as the grey pair, but are constructed a bit differently. The heel is thinner and shorter at 5-inches tall. The platform is 1.25-inches but the stiletto definitely makes wearing them more or less the same as the taller pair.

Burnished Buckle-Strap Wedge Bootie

Let’s get price out of the way. These were/are normally $42.50USD and were a SPECTACULAR $25.50 after the 40% off discount. I probably wouldn’t have sprung for these if it wasn’t for the discount…i’ll tell you why in a bit.

These booties were an executive decision by Bucket. I tried them on in the Charlotte Russe brick and mortar store when I was confirming that a size 8 would do for the platform pumps. TBH, I would never have picked them out for myself but He thought they were interesting (and me wearing regular heels still makes him nervous.) They’re sold out in this color now (you can still get the brown and black ones – I linked to them above) so I guess he made the call.

These are wedges, so they’re far easier to walk in than the pumps. But they are still sky-high at a 5-inch wedge and a 1.25-inch platform at the toe. I’ve worn these most of all the Charlotte Russe shoes so I can tell you that they are super super comfortable. I can run, jump up stairs, all the normal ladylike behaviors. They ARE a little big but not a whole half-size. I’ll probably pick up another heel grip to adjust the fit but for the time being the fact that they’re booties keeps my feet from slipping out of them. The straps at the toe and the ankle are adjustable to a degree, and that also helps keep them snug. They have a side-zipper closure…and that’s where I had a problem.

The one pet peeve I had with these was that one of the zippers had some excess plastic when I got them. It took forever to get the zipper out of the way in order to cut off the excess flap of plastic and of course it takes an extra effort to get that shoe closed. Otherwise, I was really impressed by the quality of these shoes.

Color-Block Sueded Peep Wedge

This was another impressive saving! These are normally priced at $40.00USD, but the 40% discount knocked them down to $24USD. Awesome am-I-right?

Charlotte Russe described these as having an ankle strap, but it seems more like a Mary-Jane style strap to me (just elevated due to the wedge!) Either way, these are some pretty adorable little shoes. The wedge is 5.5-inches and the platform is 1.6-inches. Thus, these shoes win the tallest platform award woo!

Like the booties, these are a little bit bigger than the advertised size 8. Unlike the booties though, the strap really only does so much to hold my foot in so I am DEFINITELY buying a pair of heel grips for these. Also like the booties, I wouldn’t say they’re a full half-size oversize, maybe like a quarter sized?

Okay! That’s the end of my haul!! Ready to run over to your Charlotte Russe and pick up few pairs….? Well…maybe you should wait until my next post to find out why that may not be your best bet! Hee. Don’t you love a teaser?

<3 EA

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8 Responses to Shoe Haul!!

  1. Larie says:

    Hot! I love all of them, but especially the two wedges. So hot! I love shoes…*sigh*
    Larie recently posted..Woodstock x2 EOTD

  2. It’s never too late to be a shoe person =D I started off being into shoes from Charlotte Russe! I still love their boots and stuff, especially during their year end sales :D
    Rainy Days & Lattes recently posted..Sunkiller Perfect Strong BB Cream with SPF 50

  3. wohooooo :D a biiiig shoe haul!! It’s quite some time since my last pumps.. To be honest, I never had real pumps :D I think you chose some very pretty shoes! haha.. I know the problem with the platform pumps.. I’m still super intimidated by them… but I guess I’ll have to give them a try.. you can see them anywhere!! and it’s difficult to find a pair without platform… The red ones are so hot!! and I really like the last ones.. they’re so elegant :)

  4. Stacey says:

    I use to be scared of heels too, but then one day BAM! and I couldn’t stop myself from buying more. Great choices! I have yet to master 5+ inch heels but would buy any of these in a heartbeat!
    Stacey recently posted..FOTD with WNW Knock on Wood

  5. Sara says:

    OMG! I am drooling!! I LOVE stilettos! wow! The red one is HOT!!! Nice haul! :) xx
    Sara recently posted..I couldn’t resist these… (jewelry haul)

  6. I was resisting coming in to this post because I was worried I was going to be really jealous … I was right. Those second ones … DROOOOOOL. I asked for lots of shoes for christmas. Here’s hoping santa pulls through.
    Meredith Jessica recently posted..House Tyrell / Christmas Contest Look

  7. Love the color blocked heel shoes!!! Fabulous!!!
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..Tracks On My Snow-Nails

  8. Ruqaiya says:

    Wow!! Lovely shoes!! Just came across ur blog and I gobbled up all the posts <3 Great work!!

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