September 2011 Birchbox

DA…DA..wa wa wa…?

At least that was the noise I heard in my head as I received my September 2011 Birchbox. For a 1-Year Anniversary piece…it was…well…i’ll let you decide.

September 2011 Birchbox

In this month’s birchbox, I received:

  • Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable Mineral Powder (spf 30 in Tan)
  • Incoco Nail Polish Applique
  • Jouer Lip Enhancer
  • Truth Art Beauty Face Nourish – Birchbox Blend

Here’s a mini review of each product.

Colorescience Pro Sunforgettable Mineral Powder SPF 30 in Tan

Colorescience Pro

My combination skin is not a fan of powders, but I really liked how this wore on me. Here’s a quick before and after.



It provides light to medium coverage and evens skin tone. But it’s not really great a preventing oil – I may use it as a finishing powder.

Incoco Nail Polish Applique

Incoco Nail Appliques

I know that al ot of you have been DYING to try out these nail polish appliques. I’ve been on a ban from nail polishes for a few weeks now for the health of my nails, but I sacrificed my left, middle nail to give you an idea of this item.

I’m afraid that I didn’t really care for these. The pattern was beautiful and I was surprised at how faint the smell of nail polish was. The application was flawless and easy…the wear? Well…

It barely made it through the day. Overnight, the tip chipped so badly that I just removed it. Not impressed.

Jouer Lip Enhancer

Jouer Lip Enhancer

Because it’s a mini, there are no ingredients. Fear not! I have you covered.


I am badly in need of a lip treatment and this sample does me have considering Jouer. It feels buttery smooth on my lips and never quite fades (until it disappears complete that is – there is no in between.) There’s a faint scent of roses but no taste.

Truth Art Beauty Face Nourish Oil

Face Nourish

I have a few face oils, none of which i’ve used oftenbecause I have combo Oily/Dry skin. But the ingredients list on this made me want to try it immediately:

Organic Cold Pressed Oils (ARgan, Raspberry, Rosehip, Pumpkin) Organic Geranium Essential Oil, Vitamin E

The instructions tell you to massage a few drops into your skin after cleansing. I experience quite a bit of tightness after cleansing so I did so. Not miraculous results, but it felt very nice and didn’t sit on top of my skin like other oils do.

The “Treat”

Friendship Bracelet

Urgh. The infamous friendship bracelet. I wore it for five seconds before it caught on something and pulled so loose that there was no hope for it and I tossed it. Seriously? This is why they delayed the shipment?

This is my last Birchbox, as I’ve been less than impressed with the quality lately. It has nothing to do with this box in particular. It wasn’t as bad as past boxes but it also failed to blow me away. To be honest, i’d rather save the money to make ONE purchase I KNOW i’ll like as opposed to paying to receive 5 items out of which only 1 is of use to me. Thoughts?

<3 EA

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10 Responses to September 2011 Birchbox

  1. Love the bracelet & those nail stickers look pretty!
    Vintage Makeup recently posted..Your Opinion? Thanks!

  2. adrienne says:

    what the hell springs to mind. I’m sorry for an anniversary box this is utter rubbish! the bracelet looks like an accident just waiting to happen. I’m not subscribed to any of these sample boxes yet (I have had a few pr boxes sent) but this one puts me right off! x
    adrienne recently posted..Aloha New Obsession

  3. Vijaya says:

    There are some people who like the bracelet, but I don’t get it. It looks like a piece of string.
    Vijaya recently posted..Geo Xtra Series Lenses in Love Green

  4. Larie says:

    I kind of get the idea behind these things, but honestly, there are so many blogs out there with reviews and swatches, I’m not really interested in a handful of samples that I could probably get elsewhere. Even if they are “deluxe.” I agree that I’d rather save the $ for a single item I know I will like…or can return.
    Larie recently posted..Zoya Freja: Everyone Needs A Good Gunmetal!

  5. That ‘bracelet’ is beyond pathetic. I was enticed the first time I saw a birchbox post but they seem to be getting lamer each month … or is that just me?
    Meredith Jessica recently posted..Photoshoot Makeup

  6. Stacey says:

    I seem to be reading quite a few unhappy posts about Birchbox. I don’t think I will ever sign up for these things just because I rather spend money on something I know I want and have a use for. The bracelet is so ugly! I would never want to be seen wearing that!
    Stacey recently posted..FOTD: Spring Colours, Pink & Purple Look

  7. I have yet to try Birchbox! I keep telling myself I will as soon as I go back to the US, but I can see what you mean about saving the money for one good purchase :/
    The Pretty House of Y recently posted..Sinful Colors – Easy Going

  8. yes, the content looks kind of meager for an anniversary box.. I always wanted to have something like birchbox but I think this is history for me now. Mostly it’s just stuff that I don’t need and how you said, the money is better spent with one good item.

  9. Sara.H says:

    Eeee! you got the nail strips! :) you will love them. hehe. Lucky people. I wish the same box could come to my country :) xx
    Sara.H recently posted..Revlon Crème Gloss in ‘Play up Pink’ (review & swatches)

  10. How is it that you get the same exact box I do, lol? I even got the same design stickers! TWINS. The bracelet is ridiculous. Seriously, THAT’S why I got my box on the 21st? I tossed it without even opening it; looks like something I got out of a coin machine.
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..Trip to the Julian Gold Rush Hotel.

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