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An outing for a nice Sunday brunch turned into a mini shoe shopping adventure when Parental Figure B decided to make Parental Figure R drop by Payless! I use the word comfortable a lot in this write-up, and why not? Who doesn’t love cute AND comfy rolled into one foot-covering bit of awesome?

Did you know Payless was founded (not under that name of course!) WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in 1956. Since then it’s had a middling reputation: floating somewhere between practical and cheap, in a bad way. But lately they’ve been pulling a Forever21 and sending out some rather cute, affordable designer knockoffs. I’m not going to judge are you? The less each shoe costs the MORE I can buy! You can check out the four pairs I picked up after the jump.

There was a BOGO (1/2 Off) sale going on, as if there ever isn’t, so I was able to justify buying four completely unnecessary pairs of shoes. Amazingly there are no pointy toes in sight! Just as well, both Bucket and Parental Figure R hate my penchant for pointy shoes. I’m happy with what I picked out! What do you think?

Hilari Exotic Peep Toe Pump – $19.99

I’ve always secretly wanted a pair of salmon pumps, ever since I was a little girl. …I was a weird little girl. These are so amazingly comfortable! Because I’m somewhat…unevenly footed I am going to layer a heel grip or two to make them non-slip in the back. I don’t think this is a sizing issue or anything, it’s just my wonky feet, They have a slightly rubberized sole and a 3″ heel.

Party Cork High Wedge Sling – $19.99 (Reg. $24.99)

The names of these make me giggle, it’s so descriptive…except for that party part. I absolutely hated the way these looked in the box TBH! But, they look better on and I would have felt horribly wrong NOT buying a pair of black shoes. They’re incredibly comfortable and because they’re open backed I don’t have to worry about my oddly sized feet. The sole on these is HIGHLY rubberized. The wedge looks like cork but it’s just a finish. …Why wouldn’t they just make it out of cork?

Clarissa Chopout Flat – $22.99

These are another pair that I was iffy about. But, my beloved Grey Pointy Anstin flats are finally dead and I needed a pair to go with the many many silver-toned things I own (including my nails ATM!) The way these are done makes them look like they’ve been cut from stone! The material is reflective but not glossy or shiny, I really love the finish. And being flats they’re…you guessed it, comfy!

Kendal Knot Wedge – $19.99 (Reg. $24.99)

Confession? I totally forgot that Harpy (my nickname for the writer of Frequently Flabbergasted) purchased these shoes forever ago! I only remembered it after I’d gotten home! She loves them, I love them. You can’t really dress these up because they’re fabric with cork finish wedge. But they ARE versatile: jeans, skirts, sundresses? Good to go! I won’t say they’re comfortable…(but they are!)

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6 Responses to Payless Shoe Store Love

  1. super user does..muahaha I had to laugh my a** off when my bf looked over my shoulder, read the name of your blog and asked me: “as she a nerd?” so funny..I’m still laughing.. I know just basic HTML and how to play a little with the FTP programm (Cyber Duck) but in comparison to your skills mine are really shamful..(。_。) I consider myself partially a nerd because I play Star Craft (1+2) and Diablo2 &co. in the past.. But I would love to be a fullblood nerd .. still smiling..^.^

    now to your new shoes! the salmon pumps are charming! and the white ones too! but actually I like them all..what is it with women and footwear?? I would love to see some outfits with all of these! *hoping for an entry* ..and the prices are really good..stupid Switzerland..
    ねこちゃん recently posted..How to travel Europe in one day

    • admin says:

      xDD Don’t feel bad! Your boyfriend is the first person to get it without having to read it or ask me what it means. I started on computers young and so I’ve had a lot of time to practice. I used to play a ton of video games but I’m getting ready for Law School so that, blogging and my boyfriend pretty much take up all of my time. And my three cats!

      I’m still thinking of outfits but i’ll probably do a post on them eventually. I’m still too shy! Have you considered using an American shopping service? I think the price of the service might cancel out the price of the shoes though D: I really love the salmon and white ones too! They’re my favorite. I think shoes and clothes and fashion have replaced feathers and naturally built in things to attract men!

  2. sorry for my spamming I mean “Is she a nerd..” ;)
    ねこちゃん recently posted..How to travel Europe in one day

  3. Never do I ever feel the lack of employment so clearly and starkly as when I read about folks buying amazing shoes. <33 Haha. (Fingers crossed my interview at Sears on Tuesday goes well~~.)

    Anyway, the point of my post is to share a virtual high-five with you: this little shoe haul is amazing in several facets. Inexpensive AND attractive shoes? Unf. Job well done. (I rather like those salmon pumps — and wow, that phrasing is weird…)

    And I thought I recognized those white wedges from somewhere. xD Haha. Ah well- great minds and all that.

    P.S. I find your affinity for pointy-toed shoe as inspiration: typically, when I wear them, they creep me out. Which usually ends in my thinking of myself as having 'witch toes. Heh heh. One day, I'll be classy and figure them out, as you already have, though. c:
    ♥ Noxin ♥ recently posted..A Package from Japan Oh my!

  4. Cute shoes! It’s been forever since I’ve been to Payless, but I want to try on those white wedges ;)
    Midnight Cowgirl recently posted..Holiday Memory Jar

  5. The pink ones are so cute! :) Your blog is really pretty!

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