Orange Lip Looks Part 4 – Tangerine Tango

I occasionally play this Korean, MMO dancing game. …Okay I’ll stop that minor detail of my nerd dom dead in its tracks. There’s a song in one of the lesser-played modes that’s a remix of the very popular and famous tango song, Por Una Cabeza. Around that same time, the old movie “Scent of a Woman” popped onto my TV. You know? The one with the famous tango scene featuring the same song? These coincidences, being a makeup junkie, inevitably led to thoughts of Tangerine Tango. Then I realized I hadn’t done an Orange Lip Look in a while and I decided to do one featuring orange tones strongly, rather than demurely as I’ve been doing.

As I said above, the last 3 orange lip looks have been quite soft in an attempt to offset the very STRONG nature of an orange lip. But this doesn’t always need to be the case! My biggest inspiration for this look was Kassie of Unique Desire (check out her blog!). She is one seriously talented girl and I’ve always been envious of her bold lip and eye combos. It can definitely be done – you just have to have a brave heart and some good quality eyeshadows. …I uh…only had one of those two things but hopefully you’ll still enjoy this installation!

You Will Need:

Your favorite foundation and primer – I used Clinique’s Even Better Foundation and Philosophy’s The Present Primer

Eyeshadow Primer (Optional) - I used Muneca Kosmetic’s Shadow Magnet, a flesh toned primer.

One Bold Orange Eyeshadow (1)

One Lighter, more Yellow-Orange Eyeshadow (2)

A Shimmery Gold Highlighting Shadow (3)

All 3 Shadows Are From BH Cosmetic's 120 Color Palette - 2nd Edition

Black Pencil, Liquid or Gel Eyeliner - I used Essence Cosmetic’s Gel eyeliner

Eyeliner Brush (If you are using gel liner) – I used Sephora’s Pro Angled Eyeliner Brush #23

Black Mascara - I Used CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Volume

Q-Tips - ;D Name brand only for me

Makeup Removing Towelettes or Eye-Safe Makeup Removing Liquid – I used Neutrogena’s Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes

Brow Pencil, Powder or Gel – I used NYX’s Eyebrow Cake Powder in Dark Brown/Brown

Deep Matte Bronzer for Contouring - I used ELF’s Bronzer from the Blush and Bronzing Powder Duo

A light Orange, Peach or Golden Pink Blush – I used Burberry’s Light Glow Natural Blush in Tangerine Blush No. 06

One or Two Brushes for applying the Blush and Bronzer - I used Tarte’s Blush Brush for both

A Bright Orange Lipstick – I Used MAC’s Morange Lipstick


*Do I really need to say this again? For this look I heartily suggest you DO NOT put on your foundation until after you have finished your eyes. I can guarantee you this look will get messy unless you have the steady hand of a renaissance artist. You’ll want that freedom to wipe, dab and swipe away excess makeup without having to ruin your foundation*


Step 1:

Prep and prime your eyes using your preferred method. We’ll be cleaning this look up no matter how careful we are, so use your finger or a flat brush to pat on an orange shade all over the lid and blend lighting into the crease (you can use your finger like I did, or a fluffy blending brush.) This is going to be the darkest orange of the look so use the boldest shade you’re willing to wear. (I used Shadow #1 in the palette shot)

Step 2:

Take a lighter, more yellow-based orange and sweep it all over your crease. Blend it both up to your brow bone and into the inner corner of your lid. (I used Shadow #2 in the palette shot)

Step 3:

Take a golden-yellow, shimmering highlight shade and dot it along just below your brow bone. Blend it downwards and as far as the middle portion of your eye. Don’t take it to the inner corner. (I used Shadow #3 in the palette shot)

Step 4:

To ensure you get a good sharp line with your liner, cheat! Take any generic black shadow and dip a flat shadow brush into it (you can use the same one you used for the orange shades – I did.) Following the angle of your LOWER waterline sweep a short line about the length of your desired liner.

Step 5:

Taking your liner, sweep back and forth along your guide until you have the point you like. It takes some practice, but i’ve found this delivers the sharpest line on my rather droopy lids. Then follow the line back and trace along the rest of your upper lash line. You can use whatever top-lining style you prefer. Just keep in mind that you will be turning this into a partial cat-eye. When you’re done, use the same black liner to accentuate the outer corner of your lower lashline. Sweep it up and meet the wing you created before.

Step 6:

If you’re anything like me, you’ve created quite a mess. I took a q-tip and covered it with a makeup removing towelette but you can of course just dip a q-tip into eye-safe makeup remover. Touch up fallout, create nice clean lines along the inner corners of your eyes and of course perfect your liner’s wing. Finish up with a healthy coat of mascara.

Tangerine Tango - Completed Eyes


Use your preferred method for foundation application. Primer, Moisturizer, Interpretive dance. Remember to conceal under your eyes if necessary.


Step 1:

Using whatever brush you like, contour your cheeks using a matte bronzer. The look is bold – but we don’t want the stark contrast of bare cheeks either.

Step 2:

Taking an orange, peachy or golden-pink blush, sweep a natural flush of color into your cheeks. Don’t use anything too stark. We just want to add a flush to make the face a bit more dimensional.


Haha. Sweep on your boldest orange lipstick. I didn’t use liner, Morange doesn’t really need it, but you can.

The Finished Look:

That’s it! As you can tell, I’ve led you guys to use a different shade of orange on the eyes from the orange of the lip. You don’t have to do this – I just don’t like being too matchy-matchy…especially when i’m doing a look based around a single color.

Orange Lip Looks - Tangerine Tango

Oh kittens man. I have to share this with you. I tried to theme my finished look photos ala Adrienne from The Sunday Girl? I’ll just leave the creativity to her. I felt like such a cheeseball!


My youngest cat came in to tell me flowers weren't for eating.

I was thinking of that old Tango cliche where guys hold a rose between their teeth. Hahahaha. Aww man, i’m such a dork.

Anyway! I hope that you enjoyed this Orange Lip Look. Let me know what you think!

<3 EA

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12 Responses to Orange Lip Looks Part 4 – Tangerine Tango

  1. Larie says:

    Haha, I love it! The orange eye is perfect, and it complements the lip rather than looking like overload.
    Larie recently posted..The Beauty No-buy: Update #3

  2. Kumiko Mae says:

    Love your lips! Not a huge fan of the eye makeup but the lips are delicious!

  3. reading your entries is always so entertaining!! I’m pretty sure I know that song but I will check it on youtube :p looove tango! :D (I did flamenco when I was younger) I’m so amazed by how you pull off this look!! It looks seriously good with your dark hair and eyes! I still haven’t tried something orange yet… I’m undervthe impression that orange would look stupid on me.. :/
    ねこちゃん recently posted..Wolves, Capricorns & a very sick nekochan

  4. Stacey says:

    Oh Eden you are so cute! I think the flower in teeth thing kinda works! ;)
    I love Morange on you, I thought this look may be too matchy-matchy but it really turned out so well!
    Stacey recently posted..Phuket in Pictures Pt.1

  5. sara says:

    You look gorgeous. Love the lip color on you. Perfect! :) xx
    sara recently posted..Beautyuk Posh Polish Gemstone Collection – Review & swatches

  6. You pull off orange better than anyone I know!
    Vintage Makeup recently posted..Eye ♥ Pigments

  7. Gorgeoussss! You pull off orange SO well! It was made for you.:)
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..LUSH Haul & Rant

  8. loooooooove orange and MORANGE on you!!! You look incredible, just delicious!!!
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..Boho-Glam Siren

  9. Vinna says:

    hi eden! i’ve been following your orange obsession, which turns out to be quite contagious because i am now seeing nothing but orange [and of course, tangerine-tango] every time i walk past a makeup counter! XD and i LOVE seeing how good you look in bright colors like morange! i’ve tried it a while ago but sadly it looks pretty washed out on my cool yellow-ish asian undertone =( so i’m still in the quest for finding the perfect orange lipstick [revlon tutti frutti works nicely on me, too bad it's not a lipstick =p]. hope you’ll do more orange swatch/makeup next time!

  10. corallista says:

    You look gorgeous! You’ve inspired me, I gotta try this out!
    corallista recently posted..Bronze and Hot pink spring makeup : Urban Decay and Maybelline FOTD

  11. Hey Eden :)

    LOVE the lip!!!! Looks great! I’m obsessed w/ orange for summertime. I think you’ll like Modern Mandarin afterall. Forgive me for linking, but I did an orange look a little while ago too: Let me know what you think! :)

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