NYX Smokey Look Kit – Review

Smokey Eye-Con (Get it? Eye-Con?)
Haha! Thought i’d do another lip product review didn’t you? Now that Sudo Beautify is in place I feel the need to expand my review repertoire. So my first review from my NYX haul will be for the Smokey Look Kit!

Really briefly I’d like to discuss NYX. They were one of the first companies I purchased ANY makeup from EVER. I bought their Round Lipstick in #562, Almost Black. It was a dark, blackish-bruise like color that nicely complimented my gangly middle-school goth attire and chains. It’s a color I wouldn’t wear now except for a cosplay but it’s nice to look back!

NYX was founded in 1999 by Toni Ko. Named after the roman goddess of night (so it should be pronounced phonetically instead of N-Y-X!) the line was meant to provide great color payoff for low prices. Seeing as how I bought my Almost Black lipstick in a dollar store nearly 5 years after their founding, I’d say they kept their promise. A lot of people are hesitant to try NYX because they are considered a cheapie company. But there’s no rule that ever said cheap had to be bad and I think my review of this palette will prove that!

Generic Info:

This is NYX’s Smokey Look Kit (the original, not the Purple or the Bronze). It’s Item #S109 in their lineup and the suggested price is $13.00 Of course I didn’t pay full retail for it! I went to Beauty Joint, a site that offers oodles of name brand makeup at a substantial discount. My haul consisted of 2 blushes, 6 lip products and this kit. Total shipping came to $5.10 with a handling fee of $1 and tax cost $4.56. The price for the kit alone was $8.75, which is 33% off the suggested price. BJ and Cherry Culture are two of the best sites I’ve found, especially to get NYX products. But BJ has much lower prices lately and so I went with them.

The kit comes with 9 eyeshadows, two lip glosses and two applicators (one for the eyeshadow and one for the lip glosses.) It also has a handy makeup mirror built into the inside of the flip-top!


As I’ve said before, I don’t normally do packaging reviews. But, seeing as how this is a kit I think it’s more important than it would be for a single item.

The box itself looks pretty identical to the kit within. What I really like are the instructions you see on the second picture. You can click on them (twice after it takes you to the gallery page) for a closer look. While the instructions are the simplest way to do a smokey eye I imagine they’d be really helpful for a beginner. (I found the color payoff when using only my fingers, as the kit does not mention a brush, wasn’t terrific with the lighter shades but it was still usable!) Of course with the right brushes the color looks much better.

Be forewarned that the shiny black exterior is a fingerprint magnet. It's exactly why I always go for the silver or white handheld devices instead of the black!

As you can see the eyeshadows are under the flip top while the lip colors and applicators pull out like teeny tiny drawer.

Two applicators. One for the eyeshadow and one for the lips. They're absolutely teensy! Smaller than my pinky.

The palette feels pretty sturdy. Unlike some plastic packages, it doesn’t give when I squeeze or press on it. The only part that felt truly flimsy was the miniature drawer. Not the base of the drawer but the way it slides out; I’m continually afraid i’ll break it off. While I certainly wouldn’t throw the bag it’d be in onto a concrete floor I wouldn’t be afraid of it being jostled around with sturdier items. It’s important to note that it’s bound to get scratched up because of the exterior. I seriously considered buying some screen protectors to stick onto it >> << but you may not be so touchy about that kind of thing.

Color Accuracy:

Comparison is the best judge of accuracy.

The Box Image vs The Palette

Official Palette Image vs My Image

The colors are fairly spot-on for the eyeshadows. I did feel that they were a lot more shimmery than the matte images depicted in the box and official picture though.When applied, there were subtle blue and lilac undertones in the darker colors.

As for the lip colors, they did not resemble the colors in the box or the ones on NYX’s website but they DID match the image Beauty Joint was using (which is too low-res to use here but you can check it out on the item’s page.)


Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

As you can see, the lighter colors are the least pigmented of the bunch. They have great shimmer once blended in but I found that the white (leftmost, column 1) beige (rightmost, column 2) and light blue (middle of column 3) lost most of their color upon blending. The darker colors fare a little better in terms of maintaining their color but still not quite as well as some of the higher quality eye shadows I’ve purchased.

Bare Lips

Petal/Barbie Pink

Pinkish Sheer

I don’t suggest the lip brushes if you want pigmentation. But using my fingers the petal pink really showed through while the sheerer color added some nice shine.


I love how soft the shadows felt! They were light. They did require quite a bit of layering to get the right amount of color, but that’s more of a problem with pigmentation. They weren’t chalky or dry. With my fingers properly coated the color went on easily and lasted for several hours.

The glosses were nice in that they weren’t sticky. But I found myself re-applying them over and over because they didn’t last very long.


Lip Brush (Left: Unsmooshed, Right: Smooshed)

Eyeshadow Applicator

Silly me! I completely forgot to rub the tip of the lip brushes before I first used them. An amateur mistake but one worth noting. Properly smooshed, the lip brush was nice and soft but did little in terms of getting the COLOR on my lips.

Not much I can say about the sponge-tip shadow applicator. It was fine?


NYX Smokey Look Kit
Purchased From: BeautyJoint.Com
Price: $13.00 Retail / $8.75 at Beauty Joint
Packaging: 9/10
Color Accuracy: 10/10
Pigmentation: 6/10
Application: 6/10
Applicators: 5/10
Overall: ~7/10

It’s a handy little kit for a beginner to have but won’t satisfy beauty-buffs on the search for high impact pigments.

All for now!

<3 EA

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4 Responses to NYX Smokey Look Kit – Review

  1. I love the look of Petal!! Very pretty, great review it sounds like a nice set :)
    Vintage Makeup recently posted..10 Things You Probably Didnt Know About Me Tag

  2. Yaptus says:

    Hello found your site !heheh!!!

    ~Im new to eyeshadows ..do you have any tutorial of what proper brushes to use for applying eye shadows? I wanna learn the basics I only have 1brush for everything O.o

    I have NYX too! Only they’re false eyelashes hehe! Reminds me of doing some reviews for them too! >.<
    Yaptus recently posted..SAMSUNG CORBY 2

  3. Sara.H says:

    The swatches look good. :) these are so wearable shades. great review :)
    Sara.H recently posted..Beauty Blogging – Where to start and how to become successful

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