NYX Round Lipstick Haul – Review and Swatches

Sorry for the slight lapse in my suddenly close-together posting. xD Just as my cat-eaten arm is starting to recovery I’ve been hit with one heck of a flu. The last two days were spent sleeping and it’s only the magical power of insomnia that has allowed me to write up this post to post later today. 8D Sick people get more sympathy comments right?

As I posted before, I recently went on a major NYX product binge. Included in this binge were about 9 of NYX’s classic round lipsticks. 6 were purchased along with the rest of my NYX haul for BeautyJoint and the other 3 were purchased from eBay/Amazon seller MsssKel (they were colors that were sold out at BJ.)

Included in my purchase were two of the new Summer 2011 colors: Marrakesh Pink and Peach Bellini. One was a hit and one was a miss. Want to find out which? Read on!

Generic Info:

Beauty Joint

I placed my order with Beauty Joint on May 25th. It was finished processing on the same day and shipped out on that same day. I received my package the next day! Yup! Everything took place over the course of a single day! It was pretty spectacular. Everything was well packaged in an envelope, with lots of bubble wrap.

Shipping cost $5.10 for Priority Mail and I used the code TINYTEA to get $2.46 off my total. There was a handling fee of $1 and they did charge CA sales tax. My total came to $57.38 – pretty good for what I purchased! (6 Lipsticks, 1 Smokey Look Kit and 3 mystery items that I have yet to review so will not yet reveal!) Each lipstick cost $1.99 each at BJ.

MsssKel’s Amazon and MsssKel’s eBay

I chose to purchase from MsssKel’s Amazon because, at the time, the prices were much better. I placed my order on May 23rd, it was shipped same day and I received it on May 26th – same day as Beauty Joint’s order! The lipsticks came in a neat little NYX box (bulk packaging I imagine, the words on the box were crossed out in permanent marker.) No melting or damage to the three lipsticks. The total was $12.86 for the three lipsticks and shipping. Each lipstick was $4 give or take a few cents (not sure why that was the case.)

Obviously, BeautyJoint had superior prices and shipping times. But they do occasionally sell out of certain colors, whereas MsssKel always seems to be in stock. Onto the review!

Color Accuracy:

From Left To Right: Circe, Electra, Eros, Femme, Indian Pink, Marrakesh Pink (NEW!), Peach Bellini (NEW!) and Spell Bound!

I found that the accuracy on these lipsticks was hit and miss. Either the bottom of the lipstick, the website swatch, or the color of the stick itself don’t match up with the color that ultimately ends up on your lips. Of all the shades, I think that Electra, Eros and Spell Bound are the most overall accurate. Circe is the least accurate with there being no hint of the pink undertone in either the bottom or official swatch. Femme is less of the reddish/orange shade depicted and closer to a rose on me. Peach Bellini is the same case (not a coral or peach shade at all!) Marrakesh Pink is also more of an ice pink than the slightly coral shade shown.

Again, from Left to Right: Circe, Electra, Eros, Femme, Indian Pink, Marrakesh Pink, Peach Bellini and Spell Bound

The above image may be a little confusing, so let me explain. Obviously these are the lipsticks swatched on my arm. The mini pictures on the left are the official NYX swatches, the mini pictures on the right are my close up shots of the lipsticks themselves. Get it? I hope so!


Like color accuracy, pigmentation was a mixed bag. The darker shades definitely show through with incredible power. They’re not too buildable but one run through is all you really need. Some of the colors (Circe, Marrakesh Pink) weren’t very even on my already-pink lips. Prepare for the deluge of lip pictures!

Bare Lips





Indian Pink

Marrakesh Pink

Peach Bellini



I can’t say these are the most moisturizing lipsticks ever, because they’re just not. This doesn’t mean they’re drying, but they don’t look quite as nice on dry lips. I do have to re-apply 2-3 times throughout the day and it does require a mirror. These do stain and never quite settle on the lips – there’s always the risk of transferring.  Most of the colors feel very smooth and not sticky at all. ‘

The one EXCEPTION is Marrakesh Pink. I’m not sure how they managed to mess one shade up as much as they did this one. It’s so drying, settles into cracks and feels GRITTY on my lips.


It’s clear why these are classics. Plentiful colors, affordable prices and relatively good pigmentation make these an easy buy. But they aren’t reliable in terms of color accuracy, wear and the formula is clearly not the same for every color.

Price: $1.99 (Beauty Joint) / ~$4.00 (MsssKel)

Color Accuracy: 6/10

Pigmentation: 8/10

Quality: 8/10

Overall: 7/10

Do you own any NYX round lipsticks? What shades? Are you excited about any of the new shades?

<3 EA

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6 Responses to NYX Round Lipstick Haul – Review and Swatches

  1. Amber says:

    I really like the Electra shade on you. I wish I could wear red lipstick. I currently own… 2 lipsticks. ( Lol ) A MAC lipstick and a Revlon lipstick I bought at Target. I’m trying to get into lip stuff, but I’m more of an eye person. :| I have more eye make up and foundation than anything and I still can’t find a good drug store foundation that isn’t too yellow. :(

    I just made my first purchase from Beauty Joint a few days ago. I ordered a Milani Lipflash in “Star Flash”, a NYX Round Lipstick in “Tweed”, and an Jumbo eye pencils in Black Bean for myself but a few other things for my friend’s mom. O-o Is that weird? I’m excited to review the products and hopefully (because I really freaking want to) purchase more from Beauty Joint.

  2. Sara.H says:

    I agree with you. No doubt, they’re cheap and good for the price but on me, I notice that they don’t last that long. anyway, love your haul. Spell bound looks gorgeous on you <3 :)

  3. Heyhey =) I think Peach Bellini is the color that suits ou most.. second placed: Electra and Femme ;) anyway.. gorgeous lips! and btw your Swiss packeg is on it’s way ! =)

  4. Wow– Peach Bellini has to be my favourite shade on you.

    You always make me actually wanna’ try figuring out lipstick and what all I can do with it in my daily life. Haha.

    Thanks for posting all the amazing swatches, as always. Ooh- and both sellers/shops are great. <3

  5. Nin Monster says:

    New follower here! Peach Bellini and Spellbound are amazing on you. :D Electra a close second! :D

  6. Anuradha says:

    Nice review and thanks for the swatches!!! And its so true!!! I bought the frapuccino round lippy thinking it would be a pretty nude for medium complexions-even in the swatch it looks so nice-but on the lips-it washes me out completely :( :(
    Anuradha recently posted..Be Talk: Lotus Herbals ACNEGEL

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