Mont Bleu Swarovski Element Glass Nail File, Tweezers and Earrings

I was recently contacted by Mont Bleu a company that has a wide variety of personal care accessories, most notably – their Czech glass nail files for both the retail and wholesale market. Prominent bloggers like Charlotte from Lipglossiping have reviewed their products quite positively in the past so I didn’t hesitate to check out their offerings for myself.

As you may, or may not know – I play guitar. It means that my nails have to be short and above all -even-. Let’s just say I once had a cracked nail that had an encounter with a wayward extra super light string and a nail bed was sliced. Not wanting to repeat that fiasco, i’ve been pretty religious about filing my nails when they crack (which is often.) Of course i’d heard of glass nail files – but i’d never bothered to pick one up before. How different could they be, I thought to myself?

Pretty damn different.

First, let’s take a look at what else I got.

Yellow Mini Line Nail File

1. One glass nail file from what I believe to be their”Mini” or Travel nail file line. It’s made of tempered Czech glass/crystal, is about 3 1/2 inches long, a pretty compact little thing. The non-filing end has a smoother finish than the filing end, for comfort during use. It’s listed at $5.60USD (the website lists prices in European currency but you can change that up top.) That may seem pricy, but there is apparently a lifetime warranty against “abrasive surfaces” on these babies!

This alone is worlds better than my regular fine, medium and coarse grit traditional nail files. It FEELS smoother than a fine grit file when you run your fingers along it but has the power of the coarse grit. Because it’s so tiny I like to tuck it into my bag for everyday nail hiccups, which happen quite often for me. It doesn’t scratch up anything in my bag because they send it in a clear, pvc case.


2. One pair of yellow, Swarovski Element earrings. They’re called “Light Sapphire” and are in the shape of a butterfly. As you can see, they too are yellow and have a really lovely glisten about them in the light that I wish I could capture in picture. They’re made of metal alloy with a hypo allergenic rhodium plating and do not contain zinc, which can irritate sensitive ears. They’re about 1/3rd of an inch big and are your standard stud-post design. As I mentioned, these were a free sample but you can pick them up for yourself for $11.20 USD.

I was quite in love with these because they were so cute and made me think of spring. I tend to shy away from big, dangling or hoop earrings. I’m a big fan of studs though, as they have never gotten caught in my hair and ripped my ear apart (bad memories bad memories…!) These were really simple, but cute and totally spring-appropriate.

Stainless Steel Swarovski Crystal Embellished Tweezers

3. A pair of stainless steel, Swarovski Crystal Embellished tweezers. Okay so these were interesting for me! It took about two uses for the ends to adjust (or for me to get used to them?) Why the huge difference?

Tip Comparison

On the left are the Mont Bleu tweezers. Sharply angled, thin. On the right are Trim Slant & Square Tip Tweezers from Wal Mart. I used to give up on the teensy tiny hairs that tend to crop up, leaving me with some rather gicky looking facial fuzz on off-days. No longer! I felt like the friggin Terminator of eyebrow hair I tell you.


I’m not the type to spend big bucks on a Tweezerman tweezer where a mini runs you $12.50 USD. But this I would definitely pick up as a gift for the tweeze happy. It’s sold for $15.40 on the Mont Bleu retail site.

Okay, now the big show stopper.

Shining Clear and Topaz Swarovski File Close Up

The one I received is model S-M1 on their retail site: listed as the Shining Clear and Topaz Swarovski file. Included a shot of the security holo sticker, which guarantees the authenticity of the product as Czech glass/crystal and the use of the Swarovski element crystals.

Whaaa…it’s so much prettier in real life. It’s the little things that count sometimes and I actually feel glam filing my big toe when I use this. Is that weird? I totally do though! It’s really decently sized at 5.32 inches long and the crystals serve the added purpose of giving you a good grip. It feels a bit grittier than the mini file, about the same as a medium or coarse grit traditional file. But it’s worlds stronger.

It may seem pricy at $14.00 USD but it too has a lifetime guarantee on the filing surface. Definitely an “investment” type purchase. Want to buy glass nail files for yourself? You can check out Mont Bleu’s retail site here.


I’m not quite sure how to score nail files. I’ve spent probably hundreds of dollars on the regular variety over the years without ever considering the luxury type. But am I glad to have them now? Yes! They leave my nails smoother, neater and will clearly last way longer than the traditional type. The tweezers too are amazing and great for ingrown hairs as well! The mini file is compact, strong and the earrings are adorable! I was really happy with the package (did you notice they took the care to make the colors consistent? Yellow and clear themed – very spring-y) I received from Mont Bleu and can heartily recommend their products. I’m kind of checking out their foot files for my aunt’s birthday this summer.

All for now!

<3 EA

These products were sent to me for review by Mont Bleu. I received no monetary compensation for my review, just the product samples. I was asked and complied with a request to include two links back to the manufactuer’s website. But honesty is the best policy so all of the above is my REAL opinion.

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3 Responses to Mont Bleu Swarovski Element Glass Nail File, Tweezers and Earrings

  1. Citrine says:

    That’s a little random that they have earrings…I guess the embellishment are cute, I think some high end/ahem…tweezerman also have this kind of design so I would just go for those instead (since they are more accessible.

    I have gotten quite a few (maybe 5-8)of tweezers and I actually stopped looking after I caved in on Tweezerman (I found a mini at Urban Outfitters for five bucks), they also have some LE full sized one at TJ-maxx that’s only 10 bucks. They do make a whole world of difference…(This is not a paid insertion. lol)
    Citrine recently posted..Sinful Color Make Some Noise and Sally Hansen Pedicure Strips

  2. wow these are some sexy looking tweezers!!! blingin’!!!
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..Rasta-Maryam

  3. Mariko says:

    Glass files are AWESOME! I think they’re well worth the money, I will never go back to a cardboard file again and I cringe when nail salons use them. They’re so much more abrasive and with the tiniest bit of effort and a glass file it does so much better to straighten and maintain my nails. Great post!
    Mariko recently posted..Cargo eye pencil VS Stila smudge stick

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