Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 31 Golden Beige – Review

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 31

Whaa!!! Laptoppie is back and so am I with this picture-heavy review of my first BB Cream!

A few weeks ago, Missha was celebrating the re-launch of their website with a superb deal. A free tube of their famous Perfect Cover BB cream, about 500 tubes a day for a few days (just pay the $8.99 USD shipping cost.) Being that i’ve been itching on getting ahold of this, the only popular line of BB Cream in a shade darker than NC 20-25, I jumped on the opportunity. My rapid action reaps rewards for you too in the form of this review!

Generic Information:

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream normally costs $29.99 USD but can be found on sites like Amazon and eBay for a little over half that much. I got it for $8.99 shipped during their website relaunch celebration. At the time of this review (11/28/2011) it is currently on sale for $8.99 USD on the official Missha USA website (plus, a minimum of $8.99 shipping to the states via UPS ground.) This sale ends today, so if you’re interested buy it now (or pay double /triple that later!)

Perfect Cover comes in 5 shades. Normally, that’s not very much variation…but for a BB cream it’s a pretty large offering. Most BB creams come in a single color and only a few years ago I can remember Perfect Cover only coming in 2-3 shades. I ordered Shade No. 31, Golden Beige (their darkest shade.) But there are also the brand new No. 27 Honey Beige and classics No. 23 Natural Beige, No. 21 Light Beige and (new?) No. 13 Milky Beige.

I remember doing a post on BB creams in the super early days of SB, but in case you guys weren’t reading back then (or I dreamt it and am referencing you to a page I never wrote!) here’s the basics:

BB (Blemish Balm) Cream was originally formulated in Germany for use by people suffering from surgical or burn scars. It was formulated by derms specifically for sensitive post-op/burn skin. In addition to providing coverage for scars, variations of it can help lessen scars or lighten skin over time. Asia, always on the know took hold of the idea and ran (and ran!) with it. There are different types of BB creams, whitening, acne treating, scar lightening, skin evening. Most of them have some seriously heavy duty sunblock protection (Perfect Cover has SPF 42!) The downside to BB Cream is that, popularized in Asia, it tends to be really limited in terms of available shades.


The Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream came in a rather large and pointless matching box (which I took pictures of but accidentally deleted, whoops!) The product itself comes in a hygenic pump-tube. It’s a fairly good pump but I find it had a bit of a learning curve when it came to dispensing just the right amount of product. Standard fare, nothing spectacular.

Color Accuracy:

No. 27 Honey Beige Official Image 1

No. 31 Golden Beige Official Image 1

No. 27 Honey Beige Official Image 2

No. 31 Golden Beige Official Image 2

As far as I can tell, Missha’s official images aren’t universally accurate (even when i’m comparing other shades of it vs their respective images.) I’d done my research and seen the true color of No. 31, otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased it based on this super pink image.

Dollop of No. 31 Golden Beige

I’d say that the official image for No. 27 is closer to the real life No. 31, and down the scale for the rest of the colors. I wish I had some No. 27 to swatch for you guys, because i’ve seen it IRL and I know that it’s a slightly lighter and much more neutral color than the very golden, bordering on orangey, No. 31. At least No. 31′s name “Golden Beige” is pretty accurate.

Two warnings, however:

1. If you aren’t naturally close to the shade of No. 31, it will look very orangey. It swatches super orange on paler skin.

2. This product oxidizes like crazy. After about 15 minutes it darkens 2-3 shades. If it didn’t, No. 31 would be MUCH too light for my skintone.


The coverage of Perfect Cover is about medium, maybe full if you use a powder to set it.

Another Dollop (on the back of my hand)

Same dollop, smoothed out.

And blended in.

Or if you prefer to worship my visage~

Before Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (Indoors)

After Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

And for color accuracy:

After Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (Natural Lighting)


On the best parts of my skin, Perfect Cover had a slightly dewy, lightening finish. BUT: This is not a good formula for skin types in either extreme. As you can see below, it clings to dry patches something fierce. Despite this, it somehow has zero oil control and so in areas where my skin is oilier it really brought the shine. This is best for average skin, or the best of the dry and the oily skin types. Otherwise, it just seems to aggravate the problems troubled skin might have.

Skin Nightmare!! (I had very dry skin this day!)

I’d like to note that my skin here is post exfoliation, post moisturizer and sans (without) primer. I don’t have any good shots of it only oily skin, but trust me – it isn’t any prettier. It gets shiny on me after about 5-6 hours of wear and requires some serious blotting to remain wearable.

Missha promotes their Perfect Cover BB cream as a Whitening, Anti Wrinkle and UV Protection protect. I don’t know about the wrinkles, but it certainly is brightening and has some great built in UV protection.


Perfect Cover cover is a wonder of wear for me. It doesn’t really budge once it’s been applied and set, I had it on during an all-day house-cleaning spree and when the day was over it was still in place. Of course, the trade off is that it feels a bit heavy on the skin. You can’t really wear this and forget about it – at least, I always know when it’s on and when i’ve rubbed it off my face.

I should note that this product is scented. It’s a very flowery, perfume smell that fades over time. It’s a lot more noticeable at first and it may irritate smell-sensitive people. I enjoyed it for the first 5 minutes and then promptly got dizzy >>;


Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream has great coverage and wear, as well as a nice selection of shades. It stays true to its claims of whitening/brightening skin and protecting it from the sun. However – on problem skin it may not do much good as it visibly aggravates both oily and dry skin. I have been limiting my use of it as a spot cover and occasionally mixing it with moisturizer to prevent it from aggravating my drier skin areas.

Value: 3/5

Packaging: 4/5

Color Accuracy: 6/10

Coverage: 8/10

Finish: 7/10

Wear: 9/10

Overall: 74% (C-)

Have you tried BB Cream? Don’t you wish there was a better color selection? D…d…did you miss me? ; _ ; I missed you guys!

<3 EA

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12 Responses to Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 31 Golden Beige – Review

  1. Priyanka says:

    I didn’t know they made shade 31, i previously bought shade 23 and it was way to light for me, made me look ashy. Unfortunately i cant find this shade or shade 27 in Australia but thanks for the review:)
    Priyanka recently posted..FOTN- Knock on Wood

  2. Vintage says:

    Yes we missed you! It’s too bad about the shade range :( It makes your skin look really dewy & pretty though!

  3. Yaaaay Welcome back Ava! Of course we missed you!! I hope your laptoppie is fine again =) Amazing review, I read all the post in one go and have to say that the BB cream looks pretty good on you. I admire your courage to post a close-up of your pores (!!!) I think this cream wouldn’t work for my skin.. It’s in pretty bad condition right now =( Does this BB cream still alleviate the appearance of scars? Becase I have some.. :/ But I’m somehow afraid of breakouts and I doubt that I could find the right color… My skin is really cold toned and pale and orange looks fatal on my skin..?! (I think..) looking forward reading from you again Ava!! I missed you posts!

  4. I picked up a small tube of this while I was in the Philippines. I’ve been testing it out over the last couple of days and I love it! :)
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted..All About Eyes – Fall

  5. Sara Hassan says:

    Is there any BB cream that would mattify and not enhance the dry parts? I don’t think so. I think Etude House BB cream work for me in winter because it works more like a tinted moisturizer :) Thanks for sharing! x
    Sara Hassan recently posted..Revlon ColorStay Foundation Combination/Oily skin in ‘Golden Beige’ – Review & swatches

  6. Lilit says:

    Look who’s back now that the lap top has been resuscitated!
    Meh, I’m yet to find a BB cream that I actually like, most just feel like tinted moisturisers to me, except for Illamasqua Skin Base which is more foundation than BB cream.
    PS: Good to have you back!
    Lilit recently posted..Monday’s Mani – Spa Ritual Thunder Road

  7. Stacey says:

    Of course we missed you Eden! Glad you’re back!
    I really love this BB cream, I use it in the majority of my FOTDs haha. I’m impressed by the range of shades Missha has come out with too, considering most BB creams only come in white and whiter. Lol.
    Stacey recently posted..FOTD with WNW Dancing in the Clouds

  8. I use to really look up to this BB cream, but I started liking foundations a lot more. The shade selection for a lot of BB creams tend to suck because the shades aren’t realistic LOL I’ve seen very grey looking ones, very pink looking ones and ones that oxidize in 30 mins! I do like this bb cream overall, it’s one of the better ones. This and the ones from Skin 79 are great.

  9. adrienne says:

    Their shade range is amazing for BB creams, we have only just got BB creams lately and people seem to like them me I feel they are just glorified tinted moisturisers. The shade range in the UK is terrible, just light and medium and although I am the light end of medium skin the medium is still too light…bah. Great review as always :) x
    adrienne recently posted..Barry M Limited Edition Nail Effects – Lilac Foil

  10. kristin k says:

    i’ve been looking for a bb cream! thanks for the post :) following via google connect!


  11. Usi says:

    I’m using No.21 and it is like magic. Since I have dry skin I need my usual face cream under it. I never had a fluid foundation before that fit my skin that perfect (here the lightest color is often too dark for me or too yellow; I have yellowish skin color). Normally it wears off as soon my skin has sucked all included moisture or there is something inside that sticks on the skin and makes them shine. I’m type 1 at Clinique and my skin NEVER shines on their own. Beside that I get pimples very easy and now I use it for two months and nothing bad happened. My skin looks more smooth now. Love it.

    The only fault is, that it won’t work with neurodermatitis rush. It won’t make it worse but coverage it clearly not enough then. I have to use Mineral foundation then. But it is okay since nothing can do everything, ne?

  12. Great colour match! I wish this was available in the UK, cos I would love to try it =/
    do you think it would suit an NW35 skin tone?


    chocoholic-hijabi recently posted..HFW Nov 2011 – Day 7

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