Magic Leverag Hair Curlers – Review

I was born with one curly hair, which was promptly snipped off and grew into a mass of thick, straight hair. I looooooonged for wavy hair all the way up through till my teen years when, oddly, my hair began to wave on its own. I then spent the rest of high school straightening my hair. Haha. Sometimes i’ll wake up with stick straight hair, other times wavy and occasionally one half of my head is wavy and the other is straight. I’ve tried all kinds of hair curling methods, chemical, irons, wands, foam, rags, pincurls – you name it i’ve given it a shot. But my hair is rebellious and none have really given me a curl that lasted longer than one or two hours before falling horribly awry. Enter Magic Leverags and my salvation!

Generic Information:

I first read about Magic Leverags on another beauty blog, which will go unmentioned here (see: Preemptive Legal Stuff below.) As per the blog’s instructions, I searched for Leverag on eBay and found a listing of 18 (Half 27cm (Long) and half 17cm (Short) curlers for $4.15USD. Knowing that I have a lot of hair, I purchased two sets of 18 for $8.30USD. The price has gone up to $4.39 for the listing I purchased from, but that’s not too bad. At the new price, each curler costs less than 25 cents! There are other lengths and widths available, but as I was just testing this out I didn’t bother to pick any of them up.

I ordered my Leverags on December 4th and received them on the 22nd of the same month. Granted, this is unusual for an order from Asia – it could have taken as long as the end of January for my Leverags to come in. But, just as with my circle lenses – i’m aware of the shipping time and agreeing to it when I pay the lower price.

Product Details:

My order of Magic Leverags came with 36 total curlers (18 long, 18 short) and two styling wands/hooks in two pieces.

Magic Leverag (Long on the Left, Short on the Right)



Leverags are meant to be used on wet hair, as such I took my regular shower and ran a towel through my hair so that it wouldn’t be DRIPPING wet. I put the wand together (self explanatory, you can see the design above.) I then slipped a leverag onto the wand as depicted below.

Leverag Opening Close Up

Leverag on Wand

Threaded Hair

Then I separated my hair off using hair clips and began threading my hair into the curlers in sections. To thread, I used the hook to gather a section of hair, then simply pulled the opposite end of the wand. The hook goes through the leverag and comes out the other end with the leverag left attached onto the hair. I repeated this step several times until most of my hair was in leverags. Every once in a while I accidentally let some of the hair fall out of the hook before I had fully pulled it through the leverag. This resulted in having to gently pry my hair out and try again, otherwise I feared ripping the very hair from my scalp.

Hair in Magic Leverags

Depending on how close to the scalp you place the curler you will get a tight ringlet or a softer curled ends look. You technically only have to leave the leverags on as long as it takes your hair to dry, but I left mine on overnight. I have slept in pincurls, foam rollers, sponges and other types of curlers so I didn’t find the leverags any MORE uncomfortable than usual to sleep in.


When I initially took my hair out of the leverags I had a head full of beautiful ringlets.


My hair is rather thick, unruly and frizzy so I was pleasantly surprised to see how nicely the ringlets formed. However, I wasn’t going for the Shirley Temple style so I brushed out most of the curls and pinned them back with bobbys until I had the below:

Leverag Curls


After I took my hair out of the leverags, the curls lasted for about 8 hours before they began to drop. My hair did retain quite a bit of waviness through till the next day up until my shower. However, it should be noted that I left the leverags on overnight and I don’t know how long the curls would last if I’d taken them off after my hair getting dry alone.

Preemptive Legal Stuff:

Now. There is one thing I have to write on before I let you guys go off to curly hair heaven. CurlFormers and parent company Hair Flair Ltd  holds a patent for a similar product to Leverag in the US, Europe, China and Japan. I’ve noticed that people writing about Magic Leverags have been contacted by CurlFormers telling them that it’s illegal to buy Magic Leverag and that they are supporting a counterfeit product. To me, a counterfeit product is one that makes claims to be or in some way references a pre-existing product in order to boost their own sales. I didn’t know CurlFormers existed until after i’d purchased my Magic Leverags, they weren’t mentioned anywhere on the eBay ad. I read about Magic Leverags on another beauty blog (which will go unnamed because I’m totally against this guerrilla bullying technique Hair Flair seems to be employing.) I found out about CFs when I was doing my research on the Magic Leverags. I didn’t purchase Magic Leverag with the intent to buy a cheaper version of CurlFormer, nor were CFs mentioned when I read about MLs.

Most governments save for France and Italy do NOT prosecute buyers of counterfeit or knockoff products (knockoffs being what I believe MLs are, as they don’t make counterfeit claims of being CurlFormers.) In fact, you’re allowed one counterfeit or knockoff version of a product when going through customs. Only the producers and sellers of counterfeit products are subject to prosecution. There is NO prosecution for unknowing buyers of knockoffs or counterfeit products; like me, people who purchase items like Magic Leverag without knowing about the existence of products like Curl Formers are not subject to legal action. Nor should they be! Just because some company wants to bully you into thinking you’re legally obligated to buy their twice as expensive version of a product does not mean you should give in. I think Curl Former would do better to offer some samples of their product rather than hop around forums, blogs and YouTube sites and tell people they’re “bad.” I sincerely hope Curl Formers and their parent company don’t think that by bullying people who try out products similar to their own, they’ll suddenly gain more customers. It makes me LESS likely to want to try their product to see how rude they’re being to women who just want to try new things.

You can check out CurlFormers at this website (Starter Packs, Styling Kits.)  Their cheapest styling kit (for short hair with narrow curls) runs $48.95 and apparently contains curls that spiral both counter clockwise and clockwise. At 40 curlers per styling kit, that places the cheapest styling kit at $1.22 USD per curler. You can look up at the generic information for a comparison price. Curl Former is fond of telling people that the prices of their product vs the Leverag version are only a few cents off…yeaaaah.


I’ve been fairly satisfied with my Magic Leverags. The curl lasts all day, though that may or may not be a good thing for some (the wave didn’t make it past a shower but I think that if I hadn’t washed my hair it would have stayed wavy for the rest of the day.) Shipping time aside, I have absolutely no complaints.

Value: 5/5

Ease of Use: 8/10

Results:  9/10

Wear:  9/10

Overall: 88.6% (B+)

<3 EA

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11 Responses to Magic Leverag Hair Curlers – Review

  1. Sara says:

    Your hair looks very nice. Thanks for the detailed post and a very happy new year to you! <3
    Sara recently posted..New Year’s Eve & Outfit of the day

  2. Oh Dear! what glamorous curls! You look fabulous! The makeup is stunning but what really captured my sight were your GORGEOUS lashes!! the looks so perfect! Lovely Ava all around =) I wish I could curls my hair but it’s nearly impossible.. =(
    ねこちゃん recently posted..A Lolita’s Dream Castle

  3. Shivani says:

    You know what I was born with straight here which transformed into wavy hair when I was about 17. Funny how it works, eh?
    Those are some NICE curls :) And love the fact that they are not too expensive :)
    Shivani recently posted..Review | Make Up For Ever HD Complexion Starter Kit & A Contest..

  4. Wow I didn’t even know there’s curlers like this out there! I really liked the results!
    I’m gonna try to buy them online!
    MelodyofBeauty recently posted..Happy New Year!

  5. Citrine says:

    Wow, it really works and the look you get looks really retro and Teresa Teng (one of the very few pop singers I listen to/like).

    The tools actually kind of reminds me of those goody spin pins (two pretty generic-looking spiral pins for 7 dollars). No matter how great the original thought it, is it really worth it to have the patent portion taking up so much of the retail prices…Anyway, I found similar spiral pins on Chinese version of eBay called taobao, it was 0.50 RMB a piece (a little under a dime)…
    Citrine recently posted..Stila Lip Glaze Pencil in Orange

  6. Stacey says:

    I’ve never seen this before but I’m really liking the result! It looks quite natural and no heat! But I’m not sure about sleeping with it all in…though it would be funny walking around the house with this in my hair too haha.
    Stacey recently posted..FOTD with WNW Silent Treatment

  7. These are sooooo coool!!! I looooove hair gadgets!! You look absolutely beautiful in your pix :) )
    Maryam Maquillage recently posted..A la Russe

  8. LOL@ “Born with one curly hair.” Okay, I need these in my life! Much gentler on hair than a curling iron.
    And you look GORGEOUS!! You wore red! ;_;
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

  9. Emz Layug says:

    hi, where did you buy that whole set.. I’m only seeing 9 long and 9 short curlers totalling to 18 only. thanks!

  10. o: <3 Pretty good results~. And I like that your hair ended up changing texture, and you started straightening it. Haha

    Anyway, I very much enjoy the bit at the bottom directed at CF/HF. Like, seriously? Who goes around bothering folks who purchase knockoff versions of their product? Terrible marketing strategy, that.
    ♥ Noxin ♥ recently posted..Review: Luxury Babe 12 Brown

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