L’Oreal Peach Fuzz (Colour Riche Lipstick and Gloss) – Review and Swatches

It’s quite funny. I made the jump from brands like ELF, NYX, Milani and Wet’n'Wild to MAC, Tarte, Too Faced, Clinique, Chanel and Burberry (all of which will be reviewed in due time) with little pain. Such was the transition that I ended up skipping a lot of the “higher-lower end” stuff like Revlon, Cover Girl and L’Oreal. The only products I’ve picked up were those that got rave blog reviews or that had some novelty value. L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Lipstick and Colour Riche “Le Gloss” in Peach Fuzz were the first of my drugstore purchases I made with no real input from anyone else. I just browsed the aisles and had semi-high hopes for the colors.

Generic Info:

L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Lipsticks will set you back anywhere from $6.99-8.99USD. Mine was $7.99 at WalMart. The LeGlosses (no really – that’s their name!) run from between $5.99-7.99. It’s a bit more than i’d like to pay for something from a drugstore to be honest. If you start taking things like Tax into account I’d suggests saving up an extra $5 and buying a department store product over any drugstore product in this price range.


Colour Riche Peach Fuzz Lipstick

The packaging for the Colour Riche lipsticks is trying really hard to be high-end. It has a matte/metallic gold finish and a useless but pretty click-lock system. But the material FEELS and protects like any old plastic would. Plus removing the sticker leaves that weird tacky feeling on the packaging so I just left mine on.

L'Oreal le Gloss in Peach Fuzz

leGloss’s packaging fared much worse. After about three days the gold lettering began to flake off. All the gold on the tube is completely gone now. The rest of the packaging is nothing special but I wish they’d used better ink for the lettering.

Color Accuracy:

The lipstick has no window through which you can see the color, only the color sticker. The Gloss is clear but as you’ll see – the pigmentation is poor and thus you really don’t know what you’re getting until you put it on.

Peach Fuzz Color Sticker

Peach Fuzz Bullet Close Up

Peach Fuzz Lipstick Swatch

leGloss Peach Fuzz Swatch


Bare Lips

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Peach Fuzz

L'Oreal leGloss in Peach Fuzz

L'Oreal leGloss and Lipstick in Peach Fuzz (layered)

Neither item is particularly pigmented. Given the line name of Colour Riche, I would have expected some…oh…I don’t know…color?


The lipstick lasts less than an hour on me and leaves some considerable sparkle behind. The gloss, surprisingly, outlasts the liptsick on me topping off at about an hour and a half. Combined they still don’t last too much longer than an hour.

I’d also like to note that the lipstick has a very…cosmetic smell to it. It’s not a fragrance – it literally just smells like lipstick USED to smell before it smelled like flowers, vanilla or nothing at all. Grandma lipstick smell I call it.


For the combined total cost of $15 … I’d rather have gotten something else. Both of these lip products are just so remarkably average. Nothing special in any category and very short-lasting.

LipstickValue: 2/5Packaging:4/5Color Accuracy: 7/10

Pigmentation: 4/10

Wear: 2/10

Overall: F (47.5%)

leGlossValue: 2/5Packaging: 2/5Color Accuracy: 2/10

Pigmentation: 4/10

Wear: 3/10

Overall: F (32.5%)

All for now!

<3 EA

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16 Responses to L’Oreal Peach Fuzz (Colour Riche Lipstick and Gloss) – Review and Swatches

  1. Sara.H says:

    This one is too sheer and shiny for my taste. The color looks pretty though! :)
    Sara.H recently posted..Beautyuk Lipstick – In The Buff (review & swatches)

  2. oooh too bad you weren’t a fan of these! I hate when I waste my money on crap products. :-p
    Vintage Makeup recently posted..Help!!!

  3. adrienne says:

    peach fuzz looked so promising but just completely failed. such a shame as its a really pretty shade :( . I had to un-follow then re-follow you my dashboard has a mind of its own and has not been showing me your latest posts, just thought i’d let you know in case you were like why is adrienne now my 1st followe on GFC haha! Oh sleek goodies will be posted to you on monday! :) x

  4. Lilit says:

    Wow those are some low scores, but completely agree with you. I think L’oreal do great eye products, but their lip products are too sheer for my liking plus they have a weird smell that I can’t stand.
    PS: the rimmel brow pencil I use is in Black/Brown, it’s the only one I keep repurchasing.
    Lilit recently posted..Everyday heroes – the products that I can’t live without

  5. Diane says:

    It’s official I LOVE REVLON Lipsticks/glosses!! thank you for the swarches hun!!! love it!!!
    Diane recently posted..Geo Diamond Series WT-B35 Review + FOTD

  6. i’ve been intrigued by these glosses, it’s to bad they’re not as pigmented as i would like though =/.
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted..All About Eyes – 5 Looks From NYX Cosmetics 10 Color Palette In Velvet Rope

  7. Vijaya says:

    These look just a bit too subtle for my taste.

    Have you noticed the weird increase in drugstore prices? I’m not sure I’m willing to pay more than half the amount of a MAC item for a drugstore item–unless it’s a truly *amazing* drugstore item. I don’t like drugstore packaging in general (even if it looks nice, like you said, it *feels* cheap) and with a makeup collection like mine, where I don’t really ‘need’ anything anymore, I’m looking for pieces that are attractive, feel good, perform well and–since I don’t use stuff up–will stay in my stash for years.

    And stickers? They *annoy* me! Especially when they leave the gunk, like you said. And then stuff starts sticking to the gunk… and then all of a sudden there’s black sticky gunk on your stuff. Ew!
    Vijaya recently posted..Final Fantasy Inspired: Ashe II

  8. oh my, that’s really not a lot of color! I think I would get really pissed.. and the price isn’t cheap.. It’s not even a real color it’s more shimmer and glimmer! How can they sell stuff like that?!
    ねこちゃん recently posted..Braids and Plaits

  9. Citrine says:

    I am glad that I have read your review, those marking getting rubbed of is one of those major cosmetic pet peeves I have…Most of the time if the area is small, I coat them with clear nail polish beforehand but I doubt it would work for this big of an area.
    Citrine recently posted..Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Swatches

  10. Stacey says:

    Thanks for this review Eden, I’m definitely skipping this one. I’ve always been hesitant towards drugstore brands but I’ve been hearing so many good things about Revlon recently. I guess L’Oreal really needs to pick up their game in terms of lipsticks!
    Stacey recently posted..My Daily Skincare Routine

  11. I have a few L’Oreal lipsticks and while I do like them, I find that they don’t always apply totally evenly – especially when my lips aren’t moisturized or are a bit dry. Interesting to see your experiences in comparison to mine. Thanks (as always) for the great reviews. I always know I can count on you for that!
    Meredith Jessica recently posted..Pure Cosmetics Haul & Review + Look

  12. These lipsticks are very sheer, certainly not for those with pigmented lips like me! Thanks for the swatches, dear xoxo
    Thebeautifier recently posted..A Little Rough & Tough, A Little Sweet…

  13. Diane says:

    i love this shade! i dont have any loreal lipies, now i want to try and get some!! thanks for sharing hun!
    Diane recently posted..Collective Haul: KK Center, Ben Nye, Human Nature + Review

  14. I agree with Vijiis, wth is up with drugstore prices? Not like they changed the packaging or made the quality better. Same crap, higher prices. You could have gotten a pretty sweet lip glass for those $15.
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..Trip to the Julian Gold Rush Hotel.

  15. Erin says:

    “Grandma lipstick smell” IS EXACTLY RIGHT.

    This was my first lipstick that I ever bought, got it because it was supposed to be subtle… yeah, it was and now that I have become more daring in my lipstick choices, this one rarely gets worn.

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