July 2011 Birchbox feat. Cynthia Rowley


I’ve totally been procrastinating posting because I knew I was going to get this. Just as I was giving up and finishing a post for something else, it arrived in the mail! The much-hyped Cynthia Rowley July Birchbox.

Lookin' Fancy There Birchbox!

It seems that everyone got the same BB, regardless of their answers to the questionnaire. I was wrong, the boxes were ALMOST identical but some people got skin oils instead of the hand lotion.

From Left to Right: Mini Zoya Nail Polish in Shay, Mini Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser, Travel Size Redken Shine Brilliance Glistening Mist, Mini Ahava Mineral Hand Cream (and a Kind Almond and Apricot Fruit Bar as a treat)

I rapid-fire tested all of the products in the box, here’s a mini review.

Mini Zoya Nail Polish in Shay - This is exactly the kind of nail polish i’ve been looking for. I believe it’s one of 3 from Zoya’s “Touch” Collection. Nude, but with a bit of glam. It’s a soft, warm neutral with a bit of metallic sheen. It took 2 applications to get the color to really show, though. The first coat was very streaky and even now I want to add a third coat. Regardless, i’ll be picking this up in full size. It’s a safe, ladylike shade.

1st Coat

2nd Coat

Mini Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser – The instructions for this cleanser said that it could be applied to dry OR wet skin. I’m a rebel, so I went with dry skin for my test run. It went on like a slightly-too-sticky lotion. My face felt clean and soft afterwards, best of all – there wasn’t a dried out feeling at all. I’m pretty happy with my cleanser but if you’re not you may consider trying this out.

Travel Size Redken Shine Brilliance Glistening Mist – Have you ever smelled a skunk that just ran through a sewer line? Me neither – but even it would think this stunk. I could BARELY get myself to try this because of the horrendous smell. I can’t describe it – it was just FUNKY. It did it’s job relatively well though. Kind of hard to gauge how it would work on non-shiny hair (I’m blessed) but it added noticeable sheen. I’d never use this given the smell though. A quick glance at a few other reviews (even on the Redken site!) mention the smell too. I’d say stay away. Far away.



Mini Ahava Mineral Hand Cream – As a hand cream this works just okay. It didn’t make my hands feel oily or greasy but it didn’t moisturize them that well either.  It’s scented rather heavily but with your hands far away from your face you can only catch hints. The problem is that I also tried this on my face after cleansing. Boy do I regret that. It’s way too heavily perfumed. Literally reminds me of White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor.

The July Birchbox was a mixed bag…box for me. I loved the Zoya nail polish (and fyi the KIND bar is delicious) but the rest of the stuff was either “meh” or stinky. So much for this review being a positive one! DW. The post I was writing up before this came WAS a happy one. Hopefully it’ll lift any downtrodden spirits when I post it.

Did you buy the July Birchbox? What’d you think? Did you feel the Redken spray smelled too, or am I just olfatorily gifted?

<3 EA

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5 Responses to July 2011 Birchbox feat. Cynthia Rowley

  1. Nail polish looks lovely!

  2. Lina kim says:

    Zoya Nail Polish in Shay has a cutey nude color! I like it =D~
    and thanks for your comment on my blog xD

  3. Shivani says:

    Ahh I wish there was Birchbox for Canadians, its not fair :(

  4. First thing’s first:

    “I’m a rebel, so I went with dry skin for my test run.”

    I lol’d.

    Moving on: yesss! A glammed up nude polish! : D I loovvee my nude polishes– especially since I usually don’t bother with any for months on end– and that Zoya colour is gorj. Ahh~. I might get a bottle to accompany my two, lonely nude polishes someday…

    And ick– I was all kinds of jazzed for the Redken bit until… I found out it smells. *shudder* Grody, man. Just grody. Haha.

    And yikes: Elizabeth Taylor’s scents are… never kind to my nose. Suffice to say that bottle of White Diamonds I got several years ago shall remain untouched for several more years… I wish you luck in th utilisation of your hand cream.
    * * *

    Ah– for orange lenses, there’s the G&G GP-Type Brown (later nicknamed the ‘Twilight Brown’ on Honey Color…), which are already in my possession, and the Bubble (EOS WM-101) Brown, which are in transit to me right now. Oranngeee. 8)

  5. you just dampened my craving for these boxes! I read a lot about them and there is only BOOBOX that ships to Switzerland..but I don’t like the products they choose and I have to pay an expensive shipping so there’s nothing to do.. The glossybox is what I would like the most…I think!

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