Gucci Flora Garden Collection – Review

Flora Garden Collection by GUCCI

On Friday, just as my spirits were being crushed by the hopelessness that is the-week-before-finals I received a box. A beautiful, glorious box. Can you guess what was inside?

General Information:

The Garden Collection is Gucci’s newest scent offering(s). Launched from the iconic Flora (a perfume apparently commissioned for Princess Grace of Monaco) the Garden collection is a set of 5 different perfumes each of which “explores a different bloom and with it a different facet of the Flora Garden woman.”

The collection consists of 5 scents: Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose, Glamorous Magnolia, Glorious Mandarin and Generous Violet. Gardenia, Tuberose and Magnolia are available in 50 ml bottles for $70 USD or 100 ml bottles for $100 USD. Mandarin and Violet are a bit more limited, being sold only in select department stores and Gucci stores in the 100 ml bottles.

I received some rather generous samples from Gucci via BzzAgent. And let me just give kudos to Gucci…the packaging? It’s goooooooorgeous. Very art-noveau (currently the theme of my room so I’m now using the box for decorative purposes.)

Even The Tissue Paper Matched!


The Details of the Packaging are Sublime!

In addition to the traditional mini sample-spritzers, I received three 5ml bottled samples of the three main scents, Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose and Glamorous Magnolia. Now, I know that the real-deal bottles have a clear cap and spray nozzle/spritzers? What are those even called? But these are black-capped with open mouths. Still, It’s a very chic, classic design.


The perfumes are tinted (Gardenia is Pink, Magnolia is Blue, Tuberose is Green, Mandarin is Yellow and Violet is…duh, Violet.) Their individual boxes also have small accents that follow these color schemes. Sturdy and NOT glass, which I’m so-so thankful for because I’ve broken one Versace Bright Crystal and one SJP Lovely due to their glass bottles.

The Perfumes:

I’ll do a quickie review for each and then discuss the collection overall.

Gorgeous Gardenia:

Gorgeous Gardenia

Okay so, this was primed to automatically be my favorite out of the three because my parents used to hang Gardenia flowers over my bassinet when I was a baby. Of the perfume, Gucci writes:

“Light and addictive the scent’s floral heart is embraced by red berries and pears and leaves the memory of delicate petals, warm frangipani flower, patchouli and brown sugar. Gorgeous Gardenia is an elegant, sensual, celebration of the shrug’s first blossom and sumptuous full bloom.”

Of the above scents, I picked up Pear and Patchouli most readily. My aunt disagreed, stating that she picked up Gardenias. Most of the internet disagrees with her and I have to as well, I don’t really get much Gardenia from this scent. It’s more of a fruity floral. In case you’re wondering what the heck Frangipini is? It’s Plumeria and it becomes more and more apparent as the scent settles down. According to the official breakdown, the topnotes (ie: those you pick up immediately after application) are  Red Berries and Pear. The middle notes (which make their appearance as the topnotes fade off) are Gardenia and Plumeria. And the base notes, or the ones that combine with the middle notes to make up the overall fragrance are Brown Sugar and Patchouli.

I’d say it’s a spicy, fruity scent – rather than a true, white-floral. Honestly? It reminds me of a toned down Viva La Juicy. Which, although I like it on other people, is a little too…BOLD for me.

Gracious Tuberose:

Gracious Tuberose

Gracious Tuberose the innocent, delicate flower of the three Gucci Flora scents. Gucci writes, “The glorious recreation of the Tuberose’s sculptured, smooth, flowers. Serenely beautiful, the brush of violet leaf top notes lingers into the tuberose heart, before leaving a base of citrus and white cedarwood. Gracious Tuberose is a classical homage to the flower’s innocent nature and luscious petals.”

You might call me crazy, but I picked up a LOT more Gardenia from Gracious Tuberose than from Gorgeous Gardenia. This is especially odd, given that there are no Gardenias in this perfume’s composition. Topnotes are Violet and Peach. The middle notes are Tuberose, Orange Flowers and Rose. It ends in a citrus and white cedarwood mix.

I thought this scent started off really powdery and sloooooowly became a gorgeous gardenia (I’M STICKING BY IT) Tuberose and African Orange Flower lovechild. It is by FAR my favorite of the three perfumes for its delicate, elegant true-floral nature.

Glamorous Magnolia:

Glamorous Magnolia

Glamorous Magnolia, according to Gucci is a “Striking recreation of the Magnolia’s silky, statuesque flowers. Sensuous and compelling, the scent’s freesia top note gives way to a heart of peony and magnolia and a memorable sandalwood base. Glamorous Magnolia is a reverent homage to the flower’s radiant freshness and smooth, velvety petals.”

If Gorgeous Gardenia is the Spicy Sweet and Gracious Tuberose is the Powdery Floral than Glamorous Magnolia is the Green Floral What does that mean to you? It means it’s a crisper, fresher floral. Officially, the complete list of notes are topnotes of Freesia, Green Notes and Citrus. The Middle notes are Magnolia and Peony, while the Base Notes are Chocolate, Musk and Sandalwood.

Yes, I think the Magnolia is there. But the Freesia and particularly the Peony overpower it strongly. It starts off quite green and fades into the peony, ending in a soft sandalwoody musk while retaining its floral nature. I think it’s the most “mature” of the scents – and I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. It’s a sensual, velvety floral with a strange mix of starting-off-green-ending-up-musk.


Gorgeous Gardenia was the longest-lasting of the three scents I received, fading relatively quickly (15-30 minutes) into its middle-notes and disappearing at about the 4 hour mark. Tuberose dried down to its official scent much quicker, 10 minutes tops and stayed for about 3 hours. Magnolia took about 15-20 minutes to settle and also lasted 3 hours tops. Honestly? That was a bit disappointed. I love Tuberose but I’m not sure if i’ll purchase it just because of the short wear time.


I think Gucci succeeded in capitalizing on the personality-profiling type of marketing. The scents are definitely different enough to cover all the bases of perfume-wearers, whether sensual or sassy – there’s something for everyone. However, it probably won’t live up to lovers of the scents after which each perfume is named. The topnotes just aren’t present-enough to warrant naming them after specific flowers.

I enjoyed the samples and have definitely had friends and family clawing all over themselves (Yes, CLAWing) to get the sample vials from me. Will I purchase? …Probably (Tuberose is so delightfully white ; w ; …erm…scent wise.) But at $70 – these are totally overpriced. I’ll probably go for the $100 just to feel I got a decent amount of perfume for that price. Given the wear time – i’ll probably be re-applying it frequently anyway.

Have you tested these out yet? Do you have a favorite? PLEASE tell me someone else picked up Gardenia from Tuberose otherwise i’ll have to go to the crazy doctor because I REALLY DO smell it.

 <3 EA


This product was sent to me to review by BzzAgent on behalf of Gucci. I received no monetary compensation for my review and all of the above is my honest opinion.

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6 Responses to Gucci Flora Garden Collection – Review

  1. I love Tuberose! Great review! I will need to sniff these as they do sound lovely!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted..A Hype Is Just Hype Lesson: Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

  2. This kit has my name written all over it!
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..The Golden Girls: When They Were Young

  3. Shivani says:

    sounds heavenly! hmmmmmmm
    Shivani recently posted..Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows in Number 25, 57 & 118

  4. Hrrrnnnggh. Tuberose. I’m not fond of florals, except in the case of light ones. THEN I will smack beach for the scent. <33

    Sucks that it's the least long-lived of them all. Still, if I end up anywhere near a bottle of the stuff anytime soon, I'll definitely be taking a sniff. I've not smelled anything from Gucci in years. (Too many childhood reminiscences of their more… 'mature' scents. Haha.)
    ♥ Noxin ♥ recently posted..Quick Update + What’s Coming Up Next

  5. Larie says:

    Awesome review! These sound pretty interesting! I love getting sample sets – the variety is always great.
    Larie recently posted..The Thursday Post

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