G&G Maxiy Barbie Brown/Walkure Brown – Circle Lens Review and FOTD

Hello lovely, it’s been a while.

At least that’s what I thought when I started getting back into my Circle Lens review mindset. My exploits into beauty began with reviewing one of my favorite “enhancements.”  Since I started reviewing them I’ve accrued quite a large collection – but I haven’t reviewed them! Luckily, I am comfortable enough with these to write up a quick review in the day before I send my laptop off to HP for repairs. I hope that you enjoy this slight deviation (or return?) and my review of G&G’s Maxiy Barbie Brown (Walkure Brown) circle lenses!

Generic Info:

These lenses were the first pair I was ever interested in buying, but because they are rather large – I tried out a few smaller lenses before jumping in.

Unfortunately there’s some inconsistency with their name and branding. The lenses ARE produced by G&G, but occasionally are sold under the manufacturer name “Mirine.” G&G refers to these as their Maxiy (from the Maxiy Girl series) Barbie Browns or just Maxiy Brown AND as Dolly Brown. When they’re sold under the Mirine brand they are refereed to as the Walkure Brown. As far as I can gauge (having purchased both from the G&G name and the Mirine name) they are the same lenses and both came in the standard G&G Bottles:

G&G Bottle

These lenses can range pretty wildly in price. At PinkyParadise and HoneyColor they are sold for $22.90, PinkCon sells them for $35-30. I’ve seen them on pre-order for as little as $15, but they’re a bit harder to find there.


In Bottle

In Case (Inside Out on the Left and Right-Side Up on the Right)

Inside Out In Hand

I bought theses lenses because they are almost exactly the same shade as my natural iris. A very deep, chocolatey blackish-brown. The inner part of the design is closest to the look of my eye color whereas the outer graduation is darker.

The outer ring is darker and more solid than the inner portion. As you can see, it is a slightly lighter brown and is also a cross-hatch style. The color ends in the “flower” center, which gives the eyes a really cute watery look. The design is perfect in every way IMO – it all serves to blend it into the natural iris.

Because the lenses are so large they have what is called a “halo” effect. That is, that slightly lighter bit of color where your natural iris ends but the lens’s color extends into the white of your eye. This adds to the watery, big-doll-eyed look.


One In One Out

Both In

Apologies to those unused to circle lenses if the look is a bit jarring. It can be at first! These may be a bit more shocking than normal because they are so large! Typical circle lenses end up at about 14.2mm (clear contacts are usually 13.8) These are 14.5mm but give your eyes a look as if they are 16mm wide! They’re extremely enlarging and I find that it is as big as I can go without looking too “alien.”


I used these lenses to replace my Neo Vision Extra Dali Browns - i’d been wearing them pretty constantly for about 3 months and they’ve gained some imperfections that hindered my vision. For those of you that haven’t read my previous Circle Lens reviews – a large portion of circle lenses are available with a prescription. I have these lenses in my prescription and in PLANO (non-prescription) for when I wear glasses. They’ve become my most frequently worn pair next to my DollyEye Greys.

These are very comfortable for me, especially for larger lenses. The larger your lenses are the less oxygen your eye gets and the faster your eyes and the lenses get dry. I get about 4-6 hours of comfortable wear and about 8-9 hours after drops at the 5-hour mark. I usually get 8-11 hours with no drops – but that is with smaller lenses!

Unlike my DollyEye lenses, the Barbie Browns have a nice wide clear center so there is no obstruction to my peripheral vision.


These are my most natural lenses and next to the DollyEyes the most dramatic! They are just so darn large and dolly-looking! I love them. Of course, I won’t leave you without a quick FOTD using these lenses!

Do you see what happens when I don’t brush my bangs forward just right? ; w ; ~hides forehead~


ELF Mineral Primer

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW 35

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium Dark

MAC Blot Powder in Dark

MAC Powder Blush in Peaches

Flormar Terracotta Blush-On in 43


Muneca Cosmetics Shadow Magnet

BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette (Shades #4 and 5 from Bottom Palette Column 1 and #4 and 5 from Bottom Palette Column 2)

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara

G&G Maxiy Barbie Brown


MAC Lip Pencil in Soar

MAC Sheen Supreme in Full Speed


Design: 10/10

Enlargement: 10/10

Comfort: 8/10

Overall: 93% (A-)

For my non-circle lens lovers, what do you think? Is it just creepy? Are you intrigued?

<3 EA

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12 Responses to G&G Maxiy Barbie Brown/Walkure Brown – Circle Lens Review and FOTD

  1. These look lovely on you, but I have really big eyes, I’d just look like a stoned cow or something lol
    The Pretty House of Y recently posted..Fugly Fashion Trend: Jeffrey Campell Lita

  2. Damn!!!!! That’s all I have to say … damn! I totally could not pull these off but they might be a lot of fun for Halloween or something. They look cool on you though.
    Meredith Jessica recently posted..September Blogger of the Month – Kassie

  3. Omg I looooove how they look on you!

  4. Stacey says:

    I am still a bit on-the-fence with circle lenses but it’s definitely something I will try one day. I was a bit shocked at how big your lenses looked in the close-up pics but they look fab in your FOTD pic! Love the eyeshadow and lip colour too!
    Stacey recently posted..FOTD: Earthy Eyes with Bobbi Brown Tortoiseshell Eye Palette

  5. So pretty! <333 (And so many darn names/labels). @_@

    Those really DO blend perfectly with your eye colour: a flawless 'extension' of your iris~.

    S'nice to see you going 'retro' and posting a lens review. ;P

  6. Sara.H says:

    I don’t wear lenses. If I wear such large lenses, the white of my eye would disappear and I would end up looking like a demon or something. LOL But you look SO pretty ^^ I love the lippie you’re wearing!
    Sara.H recently posted..Motives® Pressed Bronzer in Miami Glow (review & swatches)

  7. you look too cuuuuute!! like Bambi =) I LOVE your makeup on that pice!! Sadly I never wear my circle lenses.. I just can’t get used to them. It’s like my eyes are rejecting them T.T
    ねこちゃん recently posted..Horror, Obento & forever 21

  8. Vijaya says:

    I’m developing a circle lens addiction… must look away. RESIST THE URGE TO BUY, VIJAYA! RESIST IT!
    Vijaya recently posted..Kat Von D True Romance Palette in True Love

  9. not really my thing, but this would be awesome for photographic looks!
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted..About Face – The Lipstick Bandit

  10. Tangkwa says:

    I’m just curious,do people notice that you’re wearing lens?I would love to buy these,but since they are so large do they look odd in real life?

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      There are some that you can buy which look natural-ish in real life. But when wearing circle lenses the point is for it to have a very otherworldly, dolly effect. So yes – people almost always notice when I wear them. If i’m wearing more natural lenses, even if they can’t pinpoint it, they know something is “different.”

  11. agnes says:

    Hi. where I could buy it?

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