Flormar Terracotta Blushes – Review, Swatch and THANK YOU LILIT!

Not many of you keep up with my personal blog …and that’s probably for the best recently. Suffice to say that in this last week I’ve gone back to school, been scammed out of $50USD by members of my Law Society (and lost another $1000USD as a result of an expense incurred related to that $50USD), my camera is dying and has to be sent in for repairs, my laptop is dying and by the time I sneak on the desktop to post this it will have been sent in for repairs AND school has started up again.

Also I Turned Into A Turtle And Was Then Flipped Upside Down

Whine whine whine, I know! BUT this post is not a post of sadness. Except for that poor turtle up there whom I know we all hope was turned right side up eventually. IT IS A POST OF JOY.  AUSSIE JOY! Because just as my week was crumbling around me…this came!


As you know, I won Lilit’s Flormar giveaway a few weeks ago. I WAS FULL OF THRILL-JOY (because at the time I was unable to get Flormar products here in the States, though that has now been rectified.) I never would have known about this brand if it wasn’t for Makeup and Macaroons. She also tucked in a Model Co eyeshadow trio – but that’s for another post (one where my camera works enough to capture things correctly.)

Generic Information:

United States, I BELIEVE Canadian and European dwellers can purchase Flormars of their very own at http://www.flormar.co.uk/. Beautiful Australian women can hop over to their counters. The giveaway consisted of two of their Terracotta Blushes, # 43 and 45 to be precise. These blushes are HUGE compared to average blushes

Size Difference (Flormar Blush, Mac Blush, NYX Blush)

Flormar Blushes give you 9g of product, MAC blushes are 6g and NYX Blushes are 5.2g. The Flormar blushes cost  $9.71USD!! The shipping costs aren’t terrible either and are based on how much you buy.


Flormar’s packaging for both blushes is a nice thick white plastic. It feels SUPER sturdy. I love a love-hate relationship with white packaging because on the one hand there’s no fingerprints. On the other hand they inevitably turn yellow or just get dirty.

Both blushes come with a really nice mirror inside, it’s the same size as the blush itself and the packaging allows for it to be tilted all the way back (but it can also stay up at various degrees pretty steadily!)

The other neat part of the Flormar blush packaging is the shape.


Maybe it’s the gamer in me, but I love anything that’s ergonomic. That is, the dip in the center is the perfect place for your thumb or arms to fall in when you hold the closed blush.

Color Accuracy:


My 43

My 45

You know that a frequent-online shopper like me is DROOLING at the accuracy of these images. Of course, the marbled blush is different than the picture (that’s just how it goes!) but all the colors shown are the colors you get.


43 Swatch

45 Swatches (From Left To Right: All Colors, Reddish-Bronze Glitter, Pink Shimmer, Reddish/Bronze Shimmer and Gold glitter)

These are slightly more pigmented than MAC Sheertones, but less pigmented than say…any of the solid nars blushes. I think it’s because of the shimmer and glitter (of which there is plenty.)

After A Few Swirls Of My Brush

Unlike the Sula blushes, though – when applied on my face the glitter is actually pretty tolerable (dare I say pretty?!) There are the occasional large chunks but for the most part they just assist the illuminating properties of these shades.


Glitter spillage aside, these are easy to apply. One sweep is all I really need but the intensity can definitely be built up as you desire.

43 On

45 On

I came home from school to this package so I washed my face of whatever I was wearing that day and just tried them on there and then! They went on beautifully…though i’m not yet expert enough in blush application to figure out how to prevent the glitter fallout for 45.

Seriously though, aren’t they beautiful? 43 is the first bronzer (I hesitate to call it a blush) I’ve ever trully fallen in love with. Similarly, I find myself to be incredibly tolerant of 45′s glitter because of the beautifully natural flush of color I get.


I get about 5-7 hours of wear on this with average use (primer, foundation etc). That’s not bad at all for a shimmer I think! I also loved that they didn’t suffer too much from my oily face – strong little clingers these are!


These little beauties definitely saved me from crawling into my emo hole. HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks and hearts to Lilit for giving them away! <3 <3 <3

Value: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5

Color Accuracy: 10/10

Pigmentation: 7/10

Application: 8/10

Wear: 9/10

Overall: 86% (B+)

One of my favorite parts of beauty blogging is discovering new brands. What’s a brand that you’ve discovered and fallen in love with that you may otherwise not have tried?

<3 EA

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7 Responses to Flormar Terracotta Blushes – Review, Swatch and THANK YOU LILIT!

  1. Larie says:

    Sorry about your bad week :( Mail always cheers me up, though!

    I don’t think I would have tried indie companies if I hadn’t started reading blogs, and blogging myself. But there are some great ones out there. I also never would have heard of Inglot, though I still haven’t purchased any Inglot myself, yet.
    Larie recently posted..I Stopped at a Dior Counter…

  2. Sara.H says:

    Aww.. sad to know that. I wish everything gets alright. Don’t worry sweetie. <3

    Ahh! I found these blushes at a local store and I was really VERY tempted to grab em. But I stopped because I hadn't read any reviews on it. After your review, I am not gonna have any second thoughts. GREAT post!!! <3 :)
    Sara.H recently posted..Urban Decay NAKED Palette – Review, Swatches & a VAMPIRE look??

  3. Lilit says:

    Oh so sad hearing about your bad week, but at least you’re not that poor turtle!

    And I’m glad you like the blush/bronzer. I love 45 on you, on your skintone it gives a beautiful rosey glow. I haven’t got that one as when I swatched it at the shop it was too dark on me but I do have 43 and love it.

    Enjoy your goodies, and hope your new week is much better!
    Lilit recently posted..Revlon Top Speed Fashion Show and why you should wear sunnies when looking at my photo

  4. Sorry about everything that’s been going on with you! *hugs*:(( I hope the future brings you better luck!

    I do loooove the look of those blushes on your gorgeous skin and face!
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..Friday’s FOTD for Vonnie of Socialite Dreams

  5. Stacey says:

    Sorry to hear about the bad week Eden! Hope things will pick for you~

    It’s kind of embarrassing admitting to this since I live in AUS but I’ve never heard of Flormar! 45 looks gorgeous on you! I must check it out!
    Stacey recently posted..Review: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

  6. Vijaya says:

    This looks *beautiful* on you!
    Vijaya recently posted..Disney Inspired Look: Stitch

  7. These look absolutely gorgeous! I’m not sure about that massive amount of glitter – which doesn’t usually sit well with me, – but they do still look absolutely lovely on your cheeks :)

    Hope things start looking up for you soon *hugs*
    Rae // theNotice recently posted..The slippery slope of taupe | eyeshadow photos, descriptions, swatches

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