EOS DollyEye Grey – Circle Lens Review

I’ve been so excited to review these lenses, ever since I ordered them. So, so, so excited in fact that I even did a video review (which you can watch at the bottom of this post.) The DollyEye greys were a longtime obsession with me. After reading Noxin & Shara’s reviews on them and oogling them via google I finally jumped full on-in and bought them. SO. GLAD. I. DID. Now i’ve actually had these for a while but this week was the first time i’ve worn then. Ironically, I got rid of about 4 inches of hair around the same time and both the lenses and the haircut debuted at school this Monday. The lenses were so powerful that no one noticed my hair until Tuesday (when I wasn’t wearing the lenses!)

Customer Service I purchased these lenses from HoneyColor.com Again, the reason I didn’t use one of the exponentially cheaper Pre-Order shops is because I wanted my lenses RIGHT away. Because I purchased five pairs in total (all will be reviewed eventually) my total came up to more than $100. What this means, when you buy from HoneyColor, is that I got free expedited shipping with DHL! 1.

Willingness To Fix An Error When I placed my order I stupidly left PLANO for the DollyEye greys. I can’t see squat without my prescription, so this was terror inducing. That same Friday I wrote them and asked them if they could pretty please fix the problem. I was pretty scared they would ship out the order (it being expedited shipping and all) before they got my message. They wrote back in less than a day telling me that they’d fixed my order. Super glad to find the problem resolved, I skipped on over to HoneyColor.com and viewed my Order Information. Below is a screencap.

I wrote HoneyColor back asking them to confirm that they had corrected my order and they assured me they had. With nothing left to do I just sat back and waited for my lenses to arrive and sure enough, when I got them, they had my prescription.

On that same note. HoneyColor sent me my shipping notification on Monday via email. Again, when I went to look at the website I saw that my order still showed up as ‘Pending.’ This is something i’ve heard happens often and so I didn’t worry about it. My lenses arrived two days later and all was well. So with that said – Honey Color’s customer service (to me) was great. It can be a bit hit or miss and they don’t always get back to you right away, but they DO get back to you. If something on the website end of your order seems wrong, write to them. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Generic Info: They were $23.30 for the pair and (again) I didn’t pay for shipping because of my order’s total. I got all my lenses right away (Within 3 Business Days.) HoneyColor includes a free lens case for each pair you order. They also sent me a free travel lens case!

Luckily, this saved me the trouble of having to buy lens tweezers. What are lens tweezers? They’re like regular tweezers but with silicon tips; they’re meant to pick up and put down your lenses. This is especially useful if you have nails or never wash your hands and want to keep your lenses undamaged and clean. It also came with a contact lens case and a suction cup. The suction cup is an interesting little beast. Originally, they were developed to remover the rigid contact lenses (the hard, glass kind.) I’ve seen people use them for soft lenses for two purposes: removing and putting on contacts. I haven’t had much success using them for either of these purposes. Doctors don’t recommend using them for either when it comes to soft contact lenses – so i’m not sure why they include them but they’re there anyway!

Design: The Dolly series has a few things that set it apart from other lenses.

1. Stark, Unnatural Color (discussed below.)

2. Small pupil hole.

3. Black marks around the pupil hole.

4. Thick black limbal ring.

Although all the DollyEyes have the above traits, the Greys exemplify it best because of the STARKNESS of the color. The Grey and Black really contrast each other, making the lens that much more dramatic. Below is a small gallery of the lens in the vial (right side down and inside out), in the contact lens case (right side down and inside out) and also in my hand (right side down and inside out.)

I love the design of the DollyEye series. They remind me so much of the creepy porcelain doll collection I used to own as a child. The black center marks are actually inspired by natural eyes (my own eyes have these marks, but because they’re dark brown you can’t really see them unless it’s a CLOSE flash picture.) Also because of this design, if you’re looking for a circle lens that will blend in with your natural iris you’re best moving on. There are no pixels or blending attempted with these lenses. They are meant to look unnatural. The small pupil hole ensures maximum coverage of your natural iris. However, I did encounter a problem that I’ve seen duplicated elsewhere (see Shara’s above mentioned blog.) Whenever I look to the side or temporarily when I blink I get splotches of grey in my peripheral vision. This is obviously because either my pupil is not dead center of my eye or the lens is not dead center of my eye. The lens overlap with my pupil thereby blocking my vision slightly. This shouldn’t pose a problem to most. If you’re driving however, you should make sure you can see everything properly before you wear these while driving. If it is a problem but you still want to wear similar looking lenses, I recommend the Dolly+ series. The reason I don’t wear these myself is the same reason I suggest them to you guys: the pupil hole is much larger. While this prevents the above mentioned issue, it also means less coverage of the natural iris. In favor of the Dolly+’s however, they are a 14.7 diameter lens and are therefore much more enlarging than the regular DollyEye series. You can read a review of the Dolly+ greys at Angie’s Lenses.

Color: I can’t gush enough about the color! They’re such a bright, unnatural shade of gray! It really changed the general look of my face as well as altering the way my skin looked slightly.

Close Up, Cool Lighting

Close Up, Warm Lighting

Close Up, Flash Lighting

One note of interest: people seemed confused as to whether the color was a light blue or a grey. It was an overcast day when I wore these out, so that could account for the color confusion. To me they looked perfectly grey but after browsing some of the pictures I can definitely see the bluish tint. As with the design, if you’re looking for a natural grey look these are not the lenses for you. They are quite fake looking – but very very cute if you want something fun!

Enlargement: Aaah. The DollyEye’s weakness! The diameter for these lenses is 14.2mm, but the enlarging effect is much less than my Dali Extra Browns of the same size. These are circle lenses yet the black limbal ring (IMO) takes away from the enlarging effect because they limit the colored portion. I wouldn’t get these lenses if you’re looking for BIG grey eyes.

Comparison Shot, Flash

Comparison Shot, No Flash

Actually, looking above…doesn’t it seem as if my natural iris is bigger? It’s probably the slight difference in the distances at which the pics were taken (I NEED A TRIPOD) but…yeah. Not very enlarging at all.

Comfort: Okay! So I decided that in order to get an accurate measure of comfort for these lenses, I would have to wear them out. I definitely wanted to post my review this week and thus wearing them to school became the only option. UNFORTUNATELY, this meant: I had to put my lenses on around 8am and I wouldn’t be able to take them out until around 7pm. You should NEVER EVER follow this example – circle lenses are only meant to be worm for a maximum of 8 hours. Still, at the end of the day they were still perfectly comfortable. I didn’t have to use any re-wetting drops or anything! This seems to be true of all the EOS lenses i’ve used. They’re by far the most comfortable brand i’ve run into.



Glamour Shot!


Manufacturer: EOS

Series: DollyEye

Color: Grey

Purchased From: HoneyColor

Cost: $23.30USD

Shipping: Free! (With Purchase of $100 or More)

Time To Arrive: 3 Business Days

Design: 9/10

Color: 10/10

Enlargement: 5/10

Comfort Level: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

Oh Yeah….One More Thing!

The Video Review:

<3 EA

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8 Responses to EOS DollyEye Grey – Circle Lens Review

  1. Amanda says:

    I think the color is fantastic, and how much it covers your naturally brown eyes without any hint of the color underneath. I would love to pick up a pair, but I have my own fear about contact lenses(what if I do it wrong!)

    They look awesome BECAUSE of the unnaturalness of the lenses.

  2. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- THESE LOOK AMAZING ON YOU. <333 (And your review is perfect. Detailed, matched with relevant images, and comprehensive, too.)

    Like, between your gorgeous complexion, and your hair colour, and just your features in general, this design and colour are sublime~. (Wow… excessive commas, a jacked up list, and a run-on sentence to boot: I am a grammar champ. 8) )

    also, the video review's freakin' adorable. C: Your accent is very slight, and rather unplaceable, but cultured-sounding, all the same. o: Jealousyy~~.

  3. P.S. I got the sky blue ‘mix-up’, too. o: A lot of people think they’re blue, in certain lighting… meh. *shrug* Sky blue’s a pretty swell colour, too.

  4. amber says:

    You can use a button if you want. ;D You can pick one on this page: http://www.ayevanity.com/faq/advertising/ . Also, those contacts are just wow. I have never used contacts before but I might try them. :O

  5. ねこちゃん says:

    Wow they look really great on you!! \(^o^)/it made me want to buy a pair right now !! You look adorable!

  6. Cel says:

    I mistakingly went ahead and ordered from honeycolors before researching… I’ve heard terrible things about circle lenses and i regret placing my order.

    I placed it this morning (saturday) and wrote a request to cancel my order at this time (saturday evening)… I really hope they dont send!!!

    This was my own stupid fault… I’ve read everywhere these lenses are not FDA approved so i’m worried i’ll e messing with my vision if i wear them.

    How has your experience been with wearing?

  7. Eden-Avalon says:


    I’m not sure where you’ve heard such terrible things but it’s probably from some fear-mongering crappy American news article. Circle Lenses are as safe as any other circle lens IMO. It’s all a matter of making sure you have a legitimate prescription (if you need prescription lenses) and of making sure you know your size and that you’re not wearing one with the wrong diameter. It’s important to know good contact hygiene rules and how to handle your circle lenses. In over two years of wearing them i’ve never had an eye infection that could be chalked up to Circle Lenses.

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