EOS DollyEye Blue – Circle Lens Review

Being that I had an upcoming (breathe in and out, this may come as a shock) gathering with female friends, I decided to break out the DollyEye Blues in celebration of my newfound ability to SPEAK to people! Huzzah! Also, the longer-term wearing opportunity made me feel I could confidently give an accurate review. So on we go!

Generic Info:

I bought these in the same order that I purchased the DollyEye Greys. You can read about HoneyColor’s customer service on the DollyEye Grey review post if it’s of interest to you. Other than that, these lenses have pretty much the same generic info. These lenses are manufactured by EOS, a South Korean company.

EOS DollyEye Blue Vials


As I said in my last DollyEye review, the key points of these lenses are:

1. Stark, Unnatural Color (discussed below.)

2. Small pupil hole.

3. Black marks around the pupil hole.

4. Thick black limbal ring.

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone is wearing the lenses due to their unnatural nature. Still, they’re a favorite of mine because of the coverage they provide. But the best way for you guys to get a good idea of the design is to see it. So, below are images of the DollyEye blue lens in the case, in my hand and in the vials both right-side-up and upside down.

I can’t exit the Design portion of this review without mentioning something pretty weird. Remember that in my DollyEye Grey review I mentioned that I was seeing bits of gray in my peripheral vision? This problem is NOT occurring with the DollyEye blue. I can look as far as my peripheral vision will allow without ever seeing a hint of blue. Why this is the case is a mystery to me.

The color of the DollyEye blue is really rather striking. It’s a completely unreal type of cobalt blue, darker than i’ve ever seen in natural blue eyes. The images make it look closer to an azure- which is more or less the effect they have in the sun and under flash. But indoors and in dim lighting the color is a little more dark. Either way – it’s quite noticeable. I LITERALLY (I counted) had 8 strangers compliment my eyes while wearing these lenses in less than an hour. Compare that to the blatant avoidance of eye contact with the DollyEye greys. I didn’t bother to take sunlight pictures of the DollyEye blues because frankly, they look exactly the same in sunlight as they do under a flash. (And it was really warm today!)

Close Up With Flash

Close Up With No Flash

Like the DollyEye Greys, I’m afraid that the DollyEye blues do not have much of an enlarging effect at all. They are 14.2mm in diameter but the color does not extend to the end of the lenses. I’d probably wager that the effect is something of a 13.8mm as the color extends to the same place on the circle lenses as the width of my regular, clear 13.8mm lenses.


Comparison Shot


Aaaah. So comfy! I put these lenses on at around 11:30AM and removed them at about 6PM. They weren’t dry at all, weren’t sticking or sliding and I couldn’t feel them in the least. EOS is definitely my favorite brand in terms of comfort. I got a lot of questions from girls at school as to whether or not I could feel them. (I’ve noticed this happens more with unnatural color lenses than some of my brown ones.) As I told them: I can’t even feel them in my eyes. And it’s true! Unlike some Geo lenses I’ve tried: I can easily forget I have these lenses in my eyes at all.

This Outfit Makes No Sense!


Manufacturer: EOS

Series: DollyEye

Color: Blue

Purchased From: HoneyColor

Cost: $23.30USD

Shipping: Free! (With Purchase of $100 or More)

Time To Arrive: 3 Business Days

Design: 10/10

Color: 10/10

Enlargement: 5/10

Comfort Level: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

And that would have been the end of it…

But then, cheeky-bum Monster demanded a video review too!

Thanks for reading/watching! :3 Can’t wait to hear your comments.

<3 EA

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3 Responses to EOS DollyEye Blue – Circle Lens Review

  1. Hercy says:

    They really look striking! I seriously haven’t tried any colored contacts and I don’t know why. Haha~ I put contacts (color-less) just cos I have this really poor eyesight. T__T

  2. Oh man oh man oh man. <33333 I loooveeeee blue lenses on you, it seems. ; 3;

    And haha- I like how there's no blue in your periphs with these, inexplicably. Maybe the colour stops just SLIIGHHTLLLYYY farther away from your pupil than with your Dollyeye Greys?…

  3. Icy-fayce says:

    I really want these aaah. Even though my eyes are already blue, it would be so awesome to have like SUPER BLUE eyes. 8D

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