Neo Vision Dali Extra Brown – Circle Lens Review

Okay! So I finally have had the chance to write up my review for the second-part of my two-part purchase from


The second pair of lenses that I purchased from them were Neo Vision’s Dali Extra Browns.

I went with the Neo Vision Dali Extra Browns on the basis of the image to the right.

What I would later learn was that Circle Lens manufacturers often Photoshop their images to make the lenses blend in with their model’s eyes. What this results in is a color lighter or darker than the one pictured in the official photos. Thus reviews by actual users of the lenses become far more reliable sources of information when making your circle lens purchase. Though, upon giving it a closer look I suppose that the model’s eyes are considerably lighter than my own.


One thing I forgot to mention in my last review is that no circle lenses come “ready to wear.” They must be removed from their glass bottles and soaked in storing solution for a MINIMUM of 6 hours (retailers will tell you 8 hours and this is probably wisest) before you put them in. This isn’t just to make sure they’re clean and spiffy for you – though that is part of the benefit of soaking them. The reason it’s so important to soak your lenses for several HOURS when they are removed is because they are not put in eye-friendly solution in the vials. The solution they use is very harsh and will actively burn your eyes if they come into contact with it. The only way to make sure your contacts have no trace of this solution is to soak them thoroughly and don’t forget to rub-clean (even if your solution says no rub!) before putting them on! Or Else….

Someone forgot to soak their lenses!

With that said…

Generic Info: These lenses were (on sale) $29.90USD + the $6.50 shipping I paid to ship them and the G&G BT02′s I reviewed last time. The shipping time was 14 business days. Again – these were purchased from popular Circle Lens retailer

Because I used the aforementioned coupon code from a fellow reviewer, my lenses came with two adorable animal lens cases. I’ve already shown you the elephants in my previous review, so say hi to Mr. & Mrs. Hippo!

"We're Hungry, Hungry for Contacts!"

Adorable lens cases aside, the actual contacts came in the traditional glass bottles (which at the time of this purchase I did not have the forethought to photograph!).

Design: Unlike the green lenses I last reviewed, these are designed with the gradually diffusing pixels as the color moves inward. What this means is that it blends a LOT more naturally into the eye (as opposed to having a ring of color that is glaringly fake.) If you have medium-to-light-brown eyes the Neo Vision Dali Extra Brown lenses will look INCREDIBLY natural. Even with my own dark brown eyes (closer to black), people have a hard time telling i’m wearing lenses unless they’re LOOKING for them. But the pixel-y nature of the blending portion stands out very much if your eyes aren’t a perfect match to the color.

Color: Now, the lenses themselves look extremely similar both in their case, in your hand and on your eye. This is fairly rare for circle lenses (especially in brown – which i’ll discuss later.) Here’s some shots of them in their case and in my hand.

And in my eyes…

So I mentioned before that the color of brown circle lenses is hit or miss. This is because oftentimes what are described as “brown” circle lenses are more yellow or “honey” in tone. Case and point, Dolce’s Brown lenses:

See how the brown has become a yellowish tinge? This is very common in brown circle lenses so I made sure to shop around for dark or natural brown lenses. Most reviews or comments on sites will tell you if the color is a honey or a true brown. If you're looking for a natural looking circle lens avoid phrases like "golden" "honey" or the entire GEO lineup of brown lenses. The Neo Dali Extra Browns have some honey tinge to them, but this would go unnoticed on eyes lighter than my own.

Some people purposefully buy the honey tone lenses to lighten what they feel are dull brown eyes without crossing over into the land of unnatural eyeballs. This can work to your advantage but it all depends on your coloring. The Dolce model (left), for example already looks fake with her hair color, dyed brows and skintoned makeup - yellow eyes just wash her out in my opinion. But this young lady on the left (who sells circle lenses on her well known site pulls off the yellow toned lenses VERY well.

But, back to what you’re really here for: MEEEEEEEE! GLORIOUS MEEEEEE! I have set up three shots of my eyes: no lens, circle lens + flash and circle lens in natural lighting.


Lens + Flash

Lens + Natural Light

All in all they look just the slightest bit fake, but not enough to notice unless you actively search people for cosmetic enhancements. They look best in natural lighting and the golden pixels are most glaringly obvious in a flash or fluorescent environment.


Enlargement: The point of all circle lenses is to create that unnaturally large iris that the boys just fawn over. The Dali Extra Browns do this job spectacularly well. They are in the mid-range of enlargement at 14.2mm diameter (compare this to the 14.00mm diameter of my G&G BT02 greens or the 13.8mm diameter of standard clear contact lenses.) This is large enough to create some real wow factor but not so huge that you look buggy. As usual, i’ve taken a picture with one eye sans-lens and the other with the lens in. The enlargement is noticeable but very very natural looking, ala Anne Hathaway’s naturally baby-big eyes.

One of these eyes is not like the other!

Comfort: This is really the only sub-par part about the Dali Extra Browns. Even freshly-removed from their lens case they dried out in my hand VERY fast (I had to re-wet them for the in-the-hand picture to keep them from drying out!) I can only have these in for about 5-6 hours and that includes the use of rewetting drops. Everyone’s eyes are different and i’ve read plenty of reviewers who were able to leave these in (NEVER EVER DO THIS) for 16 hours. I’m able to wear regular lenses for this amount of time with no problem but not the Extra Browns. In fact, after about 5 hours of wear my eyes were uncomfortably dry, the lenses were shifting and my eyes were actually quite red. This has happened consistently with these lenses so I wouldn’t recommend them for first-timers. I believe the problem to be all in the size: the bigger the lenses the more they deprive your eyes of oxygen. The less oxygen your eyes have, the quicker they dry out and thus the quicker the lenses dry out. If you’ve never worn contacts before and can’t tough out the feeling of dry eyes these are only suitable for short-term use.


In conclusion:

Manufacturer: Neo Vision

Series: Dali “Extra”

Color: Brown

Purchased From: PinkyParadise

Cost: $29.90USD

Shipping: $6.50 (for two lenses using the ECONOMICAL shipping option)

Time To Arrive: 14 Business Days

Design: 8/10

Color: 9/10

Enlargement: 8/10

Comfort Level: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

Bye for now!

<3 EA

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3 Responses to Neo Vision Dali Extra Brown – Circle Lens Review

  1. Icy-fayce says:

    Your reviews are so detailed and informative, but still super fun to read. I love it. <3 You make me really really want to try out some of these lenses, even though my eyes are already pretty big and also super sensitive to like everything kdgksdfg. Also I want those little hippo lens holders. ; w ; So cuuute.

  2. Very pretty~. And I love this blog post! :]]

    Also, I think our eyes really ARE around the same colour– mine just look brighter in daylight, which I usually use in pics. o:

    If you’re looking for a veryy dark brown that blends well with dark eyes, check out something like the EOS Love-U Brown, Neo Dali Brown (the original Dali Brown is brown-black), Hana SPC Platinum Brown, Hana SPC Barbie Circle Brown, any of the brown lenses from Geo’s Magic Circle series (

    You can find pics of all these lenses via an awesome Google search, or in either the Gaia CL photobucket (, or the Soompi CL photobucket ( (All of which I’m sure you already knew, but which I still felt compelled to mention just in case you hadn’t.)

    • Eden-Avalon says:

      I should start taking daylight pictures, they really do make all the difference in the way that the color shows up, don’t you think? Anything but direct direct sunlight (or flash) makes my eyes look pure black. I once got into a verbal argument with a homeless man about the color of my eyes but…that’s another story.

      I’ve been considering the original Dali Brown, I forget why I went with the Extra but i’ll probably buy those for my next haul. Your reviews of the pink lenses made it really hard for me to decide between them all but I may go with the EOS Adult pinks. Or maybe even the Blythe Eye (New Adult) pinks. So hard to decide!

      Thanks for the advice Noxin. And for the review as well! I’m working on a few more comments for your amazzzzzzing blog. I’ve been successfully guilted into lurking your threads and blog for so long without a comment so now i’m going to go all out!

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