CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara – Review

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

CoverGirl’s LashBlast Volume Mascara was included in Allure’s The Best in Beauty Allure Award-Winners Gift Set (sold at Wal-Mart for $15USD originally and down to $10USD now.) I’ll admit, this and the free subscription to Allure Magazine were the reason I picked up the set. This mascara has gotten so much love on the beauty blog-o-sphere that I am not sure it can handle yet another positive review. So i’ll leave you in suspense as to whether or not i’ll love it or leave it to force you to keep reading! Woo!

Generic Information:

CoverGirl is spouting a couple of LashBlast formulas. There’s Fusion, Volume, Length and Luxe. I believe Volume is the original formula and it’s definitely the one that I’ve seen the most of. There are also waterproof versions of these formulas out there! Now, It was the non-waterproof volume version that was included in the Allure gift set.

Now, on its own this mascara ranges from between $6-9USD. It’s widely available at drugstores and stores like Ulta, the prices jump up and down based on sales and the like. It’s really quite affordable here in the states. Unfortunately!! It would seem that beauties overseas have a much harder time getting ahold of this beloved orange tube. I wonder why CoverGirl isn’t selling this worldwide?

This mascara comes with .44 fl oz / 13.1 ml. It’s a pretty standard amount of product for a drugstore mascara. It;s priced very well when compared to similar drugstore products and ESPECIALLY when compared to department store mascaras.

The Brush:

Clean Brush

Brush With Mascara

It’s a rather thick, large brush with several bristles spaced all over. All the little hands totally grab every lash. Now, the obvious issue is getting the lashes on the corner of my (rather small) eyes. I have a hard time with it and I have resorted to using disposable mascara wands to brush those lashes after getting an uneven coating on them. The brush is not useful for teasing apart clumped lashes, as the close proximity of each little hand means it will just go on adding mascara as you try to separate.








The mascara delivers on most key points. It adds curl, length and volume. However I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near falsies in terms of effect. In some cases the formula did clump for me and I only felt comfortable with two coats max. More than that and I thought that my lashes became downright globby.


I love love love the wear of this mascara. It stays strong long after primer and shadow have faded into nothingness. This is not the waterproof formula but I did find (pleasantly!) that tears and small amounts of water (rain) didn’t cause it to bleed. You will need makeup remover to get it off at the end of the day but this is one tough cookie of a mascara!


I’ve been using this every day since I got the gift kit. I’ll probably need to pick up another bottle soon! This is one mascara I don’t think I could live without.

Value: 5/5

Brush: 7/10

Results: 8/10

Wear: 10/10

Ovearll: 85.71 % (B)

This is sure to become a cult, everyday classic. Do you have it? Want it? Hate it? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

(P.S. – It’s back to school for EA so my posts may slow down a teensy bit as I get back into the swing of things. Not to worry. I’ll get back on my regular schedule ASAP.)

<3 EA


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9 Responses to CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara – Review

  1. I was just looking in to getting new mascara yesterday and a lot of people recommended this. I’m glad you did a review because I trust yours above everyone elses so if you give it a thumbs up I know it will be worth the purchase.
    Meredith Jessica recently posted..Spring into Color Series with Faux Lashes – Cabaret

  2. I don’t have it, but as Meredith said, your reviews are always on point, so if you say it’s good, then I might as well go get it!! :) )

  3. Stacey says:

    I trust your recommendations too Eden! I haven’t used a CoverGirl mascara in such a long time, but I have heard really good things about this one.
    Stacey recently posted..FOTD: Going Green & Gold!

  4. Sara says:

    I am really glad to know it also worked for you :D . It would’ve definitely become my HG if it didn’t bunch up my lashes. Great review! <3
    Sara recently posted..Shadow Shields – the answer to flawless eye makeup application! – Review & Giveaway

  5. great blog – i just discovered it!

    i like this mascara a lot – it’s my second favorite though. my favorite is maybelline one by one (waterproof). still – second favorite is saying something, because i’ve tried a lot of mascaras!
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted..Nail Polish Interlude: Pretty Woman Magnetix Swatch & Review

  6. Hrm– not bad for the price at ALL. :] I can see why you’d repurchase this.

    Sucks that it clumps up so quickly, though. :/ And I liked the brush’s shape, too. Meh. (I could always stop complaining and just use a lash comb to separate clumps. Haha.)

    I bet this performs super-well with pre-curled lashes, too…
    ♥ Noxin ♥ recently posted..Review: EOS Max Super Neon (WM-209) Pink

  7. This mascara works for me at first, but a few days later my lashes fall out in chunks on the same spot every time–middle of my right eye. It’s happened on the 3 occasions I tested it out. SUCKS cause it gives them so much volume!:(
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..FOTD Using Hourglass Icon

  8. adrienne says:

    I knew you’d love it! We don’t get CG at all in the UK so I think that, well that is the reason why we can’t get out hands on it easily :(
    adrienne recently posted..Boots Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud – Review

  9. rinz says:

    Just discovered you blog! :) love it! Anyways, this mascara never worked on me. I tried 2 times but failed lol. My lashes got dried and shorter!
    rinz recently posted..Michelle Phan…She’s So Inspiring

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