Cliss WL40 – Wig Review

Okay so, I’ve been teasing the few people who read this blog for the last several hours with promises of this review. I’m happy to see that there is interest given that this isn’t a much-discussed topic. Let’s jump right into this! Woo!


Generic Info: Cliss is a the brand name of Yiwu Yu Ze Wig Co. They are a Chinese manufacturer of wigs. Their products are sold under various names on eBay and Etsy. Their wigs are made of Kanekalon, a synthetic fiber. I prefer Kanekalon to Human Hair and Toyokalon due to the lower price and more natural look respectively. It does have a tendency to tangle and mat, but the low price means irreparable wigs can be replaced. Cliss wigs are one-size fits most. My head is about an inch too big for the wigs but with proper tucking and by not using the adjustable strap around the nape (used to tighten the wig) it fits me just fine.

Cost: You’ll find the prices range from 7.99-25.99 for non-cosplay wigs and within those ranges and up for the more complex/cosplay wigs. Keep in mind that due to their location, you can and should expect to wait 4-7 WEEKS to receive your wig. You can buy Cliss and similar wigs from local sellers but the prices shoot up from between 25.99-59.99 for the same wigs you would pay the lower prices for. If you run a search for a color and “wig” on eBay you will most likely see Cliss wigs as a result. My advice is not to buy non-cliss wigs from eBay. I’ve done so and the quality is much lower. Cliss wigs are by far superior to other wigs in their price range.

My WL40 wig cost me 14.99, including shipping. Since I ordered it the price has gone up to 19.99 with free shipping. You can find a listing for it here.

Shipping: My wig took 21 Business days to get to me from the date I purchased it. It was well packaged in a thick brown parcel and was wrapped in a wig net and inside of a plastic bag. I have to admit, I got kind of antsy after day 14 but my experience buying Circle Lenses kept me sane. Some wigs can take up to 2 months to arrive. Again, this is the trade off for the price. You can pay double and wait only 1-2 weeks; it’s up to you.

Accuracy: Below are some the images used in the listing.

A word of advice? Whenever possible, buy a listing that pictures the actual wig and not a model wearing a wig of the same “style.” They aren’t always 100% accurate. If you can’t find a listing with a picture of the actual wig, read the reviews of the individual seller to check for accuracy. Whenever you buy something online you have to be prepared to take certain things into account. Lighting, monitor and color settings and even the angle can all effect the look of the product. Brown is especially hard to shop for as, unlike Blond and Black, it has more than 2-3 colors in its spectrum. The basic colors are between Light and Dark Brown. My natural hair color falls in the more uncommon Brownish Black category. See below:

Within these big categories there are several different shades, which are not usually specified. The best thing you can do (as I said above) is guide yourself by the images of the wig.

Color: The wig pictured in the listings is true to color IF I take flash into account. If I were to ignore this fact of life and compare it to non-flash or natural light images, I’d say the color was way off. What’s interesting about this wig is that it’s more of a mix of a reddish-brown and black that result in a dark brown color.

See The Alternating Strands Of Black and Reddish Brown?

From farther away, the color looks more like one solid shade.

The wig looks closer to the images in the listing when under fluorescent light, flash or other artificial light environments. In the sunlight it looks much darker. To be honest, this is the reason I love this wig. The way it changes colors reminds me much of my own hair.

The wig has a more reddish tint under indoor lights.

Your lazy reviewer did her review at night, so she had to wait a whole day to get a "Sunlight" shot.

Style: For visual learners, you can compare the pictures used in the listing (above) with the ones below.

There’s a little bit more curl on the wig than is pictured. But this is useful as you have to shake the wig and it loosens the curl slightly.

The measurements of the listing has the bangs at 7inches, I measured the wig’s bangs at 6. Overall given length is 25.5Inches and the wig measured at 27inches. Maybe the inch missing from the bangs migrated to the length? Actually the listing did say the wig’s measurements could be up to 1 inch off.

Construction: The WL40 has a built in lace wig cap of adjustable size. It’s rows of elasticized lace with the hair sewn in, giving it a cascading effect that is very similar to real hair. If you don’t wear a wig cap it also means your natural hair can show through. Because my hair is acceptably similar to the wig this is fine. If I were blonde, however, I would require a brown wig-liner for a more natural look. Not using one would be the equivalent of black roots on bleach blond hair.

This is one of two bad notes I have on this wig. It is sufficiently long but it is also thin. Should someone run their hands through your hair they will very quickly bare the lace underneath. Because I don’t use a wig liner this has not been a problem for me: the wig blends in with my natural hair. But if you’re wearing a wig that is very different from your natural hair color you may consider buffering your wig with some clip on extensions of the same color for added fullness.

What I really like about the WL40 is the heaviness of the bangs. They are nice and thick (unlike the rest of the wig) and provide ample coverage of the hairline. I took some close up shots to show you what I mean.

The other negative note I have about the WL40 is the tendency for the curls to tangle. Even using my fingers and a wig pick, It was quite a task to get rid of the knots and at one point I had to cut them out. It should be said that this is less a problem with the WL40 and more of a problem with the Kanekalon fiber itself.

Summary: Well that’s it! That’s all I have to say about the WL40. I leave you, dear readers, with a summary and some excess pictures.


Brand: Cliss

Model: WL40

Material: Kanekalon

Cost: 14.99 (with shipping) / Now: 19.99 (with shipping)

Shipping Time: 21 Business Days

Accuracy: 9/10

Color: 9/10

Style: 9/10

Construction: 7/10

<3 EA

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3 Responses to Cliss WL40 – Wig Review

  1. That wig is freakin gorgeous. <3 It's one of the most realistic-looking wigs I've ever seen. (I dunno' why, but I've always been under the impression that kanekelon looks craazzyy-shiny under any lighting. Maybe they weren't 100% Kanekelon…)

    Anyway– that colour is 100% gorgeous on you: especially with the red tint you sometimes see.

  2. rissa says:

    I also thought kanekelon always ended up looking super shiny and frizzy looking. Not sure why (cheesy cosplay wigs that were styled badly, maybe?). This wig proves me quite wrong, lol. I also like how the color looks different in different lighting! It looks like it has red undertones in some shots, but then it looks ashy in others. Anyways, cute.

  3. Eden-Avalon says:

    Kanekalon CAN be really poorly done, bad cosplay wigs and colored hair clip-ons are notorious for using lower quality materials. A lot of the times people mistake Kanekalon for Toyokalan (the latter of the two IS super shiny and fake looking.) Both frizz when brushed or handled improperly. But for $15 bucks? This wig was well worth it. (Hell – i’d ever buy it again for the new price of $20.)

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