Clip-On Hair Extensions 70g 1b – Review

When it comes to hair, there’s a ton of options. It’s important to know what options are available. I’ve covered wigs, but there are several less dramatic options. Starting with the metaphoric bottom of the hair barrel: clip on hair extensions. Not to put them down that is!

I prefer clip-in hair extensions to glue in extensions (see: Britney Spears’s notoriously poor glue in extensions) and so do a lot of hair professionals. Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Marco Maranghello (senior stylist at John Barrett Salon) have their own line of clip on hair extensions. Why? Because they’re a convenient, inexpensive way to change the look of your hair. They don’t damage the hair the way glue-in and keratin extensions do. When you’re finished with them all you need to do is take them out.

Like with all wigs and hair extensions, the choice comes down to whether you will use synthetic or human hair products. This review WAS going to be a comparison between the two but after the first use of my Kanekalon hair extensions THIS happened:

Kanekalon Extension Fail

I love Kanekalon as a cheap wig material, provided it’s 100% Japanese. But extensions see a lot more free-flowing movement. Because the material doesn’t hold up well once it’s been tangled I suggest you stick to human hair for your extensions.

So this review will consist solely of my human hair extensions.

Generic Info:

These are 15″, human hair, clip-on extensions in color 1b (I’m somewhere between 1b and 02 – but I didn’t want to wait for the 02 to arrive for me to mix.) The total weight is 70g, which is a little light for extensions. Just so you know, 100g is typical for a full head of hair and my natural hair weight falls closer to 200g when it’s long.

I purchased these extensions from eBay seller 55685512. The listing I purchased has since ended. Luckily, they’ve already re-listed the same product which you can find here. As you can see the total cost for the extensions came to $16.98 – a steal for human hair extensions. To give you a comparison, the same weight already in their clips at Amazon costs $60 and at Sally Beauty Supply is $90! That cost includes shipping, which took approximately 12 business days. I paid for them on April 22nd and received them on May 3rd. This is standard-to-fast for an order from Asia. I was prepared to wait a full month!


Seller's Image

My Image

Need I say anything at all? I received exactly what was pictured in what I’d say is a pretty darn accurate color. Make sure to go to a beauty supply store to get your hair color matched before you purchase any extensions. This is especially true for blonds and redheads who have a much wider variety of hair colors than raven or brunette haired folk.


Below are close up shots of the extensions and my natural hair. Keep in mind that these are human hair extensions and thus there should not be a huge difference.

My Real Hair

Extension close Up

A few flyaways when compared to my natural hair. Granted, my natural hair is exposed to a somewhat overzealous and never ending course of treatments and masks. Despite the images, there really wasn’t too much of a frizzy look when the extensions were on.

The hair feels quite dry. My own hair has never felt this dry but it bears a striking resemblance to Parental Figure B’s dyed-every-month hair. Did I expect gloriously soft and silky locks for under $20? No. In fact – I’ve felt up the more expensive extensions at beauty supply stores and found them equally lacking in moisture. So i’ll have to say these fall somewhere in the average range of hair niceness.

There is a slight smell to the extensions. I wouldn’t call it a stink per-say: it’s a very chemical smell that has hints of licorice in it. Can’t explain that second bit away but those are the facts!












A Single Weft's Thickness


When it comes to clip-on hair extensions, one weft is rarely enough. That is why it’s so important to layer them. But no amount of layering will make up for a too-thin set of extensions. The greater the weight of your extensions, the thicker you can expect each weft to be. Most sets don’t go above 7-10 pieces, so the weight is added through the thickness of individual clips.

The reason I went for the 70g set is because I am a fan of the “scene” style of hair: slightly more voluminous up top and tapering down towards the bottom. For 70g of hair, the set felt just about right.


To their credit is the fact that these little things are hardy. They are quite resistant to tangling and I’ve had no problems wide-combing out the tangles when they finally do. I have lost a few strands here and there but they have held up remarkably well during all day use.


Anyone who’s even gotten a weave knows the itching and soreness of scalp associated with them. Clip on hair extensions can give you the same problems in certain conditions. Naturally, you should train your scalp to handle having the extensions in. They do pull at your natural hair and will leave your hair sore if you don’t accustom yourself to wearing them for brief periods at a time first. I suggest increasing intervals of 2 hours for a week until you’re ready to wear them all day. These extensions, being rather lightweight, were perfectly comfortable to me. The thicker your extensions are the heavier they will be and the more they will pull on your scalp.

The itching is mostly associated with the rubbing of the clips and the increased heat on your head. I wore these extensions during a minor protest at school at which I had to climb 20 flights of stairs in under 10 minutes. My head got warm but it didn’t itch nearly as much as it has with some other extensions.

You should NOT scratch your head with your extensions in. You will tangle and destroy them. Instead I suggest you employ that time honored tradition, the weave or “black girl” pat.


Purchased From: eBay

Cost (Including Shipping): $16.98

Shipping: 12 Business Days

Accuracy: 10/10

Quality: 7/10


Durability: 10/10


Overall: 9/10

One of my best beauty purchases thus far! I did go ahead and purchase the next color down #02 to layer with this set to better match my natural hair color, but I wanted to get this review to you guys ASAP. Put eBay down as much as you want but it’s a great place to find beauty bargains if you know what you’re looking for!



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7 Responses to Clip-On Hair Extensions 70g 1b – Review

  1. “Pat yo weave, baby; Pat-pat pat yo weave baby~” Oh Ms. Beyonce, your song lyrics never cease to amuse me. <33

    Anyway, I'm glad I read your post, as I'm heading off to Sally's tomorrow and was looking at buying some clip-ins. o: Now I know not to spend an astronomical amount of colour on those there. Haha.

    Also, I grimaced like I have never before grimaced when I saw the unfortunate mess that was the kanekelon extensions. @_@ Yikes…

  2. Kelsey says:

    For a second, I thought this blog was going to be about Lady Gaga’s new song “Hair”; I was mistaken! I’ve never tried hair extensions before since my hair has always been fairly long and I never needed the need to get additional hair since my hair is already so thick. Finding extensions would be difficult for me since my hair is naturally curly and my hair color is a little weird (it’s a mix between black and brown but it’s not really either). Glad it worked out well for you though! I’ve always wondered how people put extensions on; now I know. I thank you for educating me.

  3. Afef says:

    this is a great review – i’m currently very interested in buying raven black hair extensions for when i buy my hair jet black at the bottom layers – i’ve been trying to grow out my hair for the longest time! :) thanks for sharing this great review (& the seller’s link ;) !)

  4. Erika Alc says:

    I’ve never tried hair extensions before, except when I was in 5th grade and it was in to have streaks of fluorescent color running randomly down your hair. Also, I’ve always thought my hair was already long and wouldn’t need the extra length.

    That was a very thorough review though, and I’ve learned alot about something I wasn’t too informed of. :)

  5. Hercy says:

    I used to get interested with clip on hair extensions, but I really have this paranoia that if I’ll be using them, they might fall off, might easily get noticed by others that I’m wearing a fake hair and whatnot. haha~ And here I am, pathetically waiting for my hair to grow longer! :P

  6. sherry says:

    I also purchased 70 g off of e-bay from china ..i love them ,the thinness is part of what makes them look so real.
    your blog was really helpful thank you ,i had wondered if 70 g was normal and what it meant ,bottoms are thin and mine are much lighter i got 2 dark afraid to color them in fear of losing softness and start tangling


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