Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in No. 05 Blossom Blush – Review and Swatch

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush No. 05 Blossom Blush

Whaa! Officially done with my bachelor’s! I’m taking a year off before law school. Believe it or not, i’m way more nervous about the break than I am about school. 8D On the plus side it means i’ll be writing a lot more regularly. Until that time comes, here’s a review that’s been sitting – waiting to be published. It’s yet another birthday gift from my sister (2 months later! haha!) Burberry’s Light Glow Natural Blush in No. 05 Blossom.

General Information:

(Why yes, this is directly copy-pasted from my review of the same blush in 06 Tangerine Blush!)

Burberry’s Light Glow Natural Blushes come in 8 shades: No. 01 Russet Blush, No. 02 Cameo Blush, No. 03 Rose Blush, No. 04 Peony Blush, No. 05 Blossom Blush, No. 06 Tangerine Blush, No. 07 Earthy Blush and No. 08 Misty Blush. The light glow name suggests a sheerer formula, though some shades definitely stand out more than others.

Burberry describes their offering as:

“A lightweight blush that gives the skin a bright fresh glow. Burberry Natural Blush contains silicones for effortless and even application and wild rose extract for moisturising benefits

The complexion glows with natural looking radiance”

You get 7g or .24 oz of blush for $42.00 USD. MAC’s blushes contain 6g or .21 oz for under half that price ($20.00 USD).


Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush No. 05 Blossom Blush in Pan

So, just as described in the review for 06 Tangerine, 05 Blossom comes in the scented cardboard box, with the velvet pouch and the metallic closure case. It’s all very luxe packaging and probably contributes to the price-point. But it smells so gooooood.

And as I mentioned before, the brush is actually quite good for one included with the product. It’s not the BEST but it does in a pinch.

Color Accuracy:

Again, Burberry loves to do itself a service by taking great product pictures (you can view the official product page here.) I remember there being some concerns that Tangerine and Blossom would be too similar. I can assure you this is not the case. Tangerine is definitely more of a brownish blush whereas Blossom is very pink. Not to mention the fact that Tangerine was a matte blush and Blossom has some real sparkle (see below.)

Blossom Blush Swatches (Unblended and Blended)

All in all I think Burberry did a good job representing their product, capturing even the hints of coral that this blush has in certain lights. The only thing that bugs me is that they don’t specify whether a certain shade is matte or shimmery. This can be make or break some people’s buying decisions and If I hadn’t been prepared (by reading other reviews) for the sparkle I probably would have returned this.


Although Blossom too is part of the natural blush like, it is considerably more pigmented than Tangerine. Of course, that could just be the difference in finish (matte products tend to be less pigmented.)

Blossom Blush Applied

I’ve heard this compared to Orgasm. It’s a pink with shimmer…but that’s about where the similarities end for me. Blossom, for one, has silver shimmer (not gold.) It’s also much sheerer than Orgasm and is a much cooler pink.


Blossom too is a buttery soft dream-to-apply. Of course, any shimmer product will give you some fallout (I accidentally left a brush in my makeup bag that had been dipped in this and only used lightly? It looked like a Cullen took a nap in there.) But the color is a joy to blend, and in the case of Blossom is quite buildable. It too is scented with CLASSY-DOM.


Because it’s more pigmented than Tangerine, Blossom outshines it in the wear category. …Also literally because it’s sparkly. (ha.) I get a good 5-7 hours of wear on primed, set skin. However if I don’t prime (I can skin setting) it only goes 4 hours – max. It just seems like this blush doesn’t like oil! Ah yes, Blossom manages to work over my powdered skin (where Tangerine had a bit of a hard time.) Just FYI.


As you may or may not know, I don’t favor pink blushes. But i’m glad to have this in my stash for days when I want something a little more natural than matte but a little less glowy than…Orgasm and its many lookalikes. The cooler pink looks better against my skintone and the buildable nature make it great for various occasions.

Value: 4/5

A little bit expensive, but you get plenty of quality product.

Packaging: 5/5


Color Accuracy: 9/10

Almost perfect, but no mention of the shimmer so a point off.

Pigmentation: 10/10

Supremely pigmented for a “natural” blush. The color also layers well on itself.

Application: 9/10

Buttery smooth and soft, blends well. Minor fallout.

Wear: 8/10

Lasts much better than its’ sheerer sister shade. But still not horribly impressive and REQUIRES primer. Otherwise you get stuck with half the wear time.

Overall: 90% (A-)

It’s a shame that matte blushes tend to fall…well…flat compared to their sparklier counterparts. Blossom is a lovely color and great for all year with its high building color and cool sparkle. But I just like matte shades better! How about you?

All for now!

<3 EA

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5 Responses to Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in No. 05 Blossom Blush – Review and Swatch

  1. Blossom looks soooo pretty on you! Very natural-looking. Pink with silver shimmer sounds delicious. Dude, every time you post full-face pics I hate you and your completely flawless face little more.<3
    Red Lips, Black Hair recently posted..Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten- Como/Portofino

  2. Larie says:

    Yay, congratulations!!! Enjoy your year off! This one is cute, but I think I actually prefer the other, sparkle-free blush. You’re still cute, though ;)
    Larie recently posted..Coral Corral (Tee Hee!)

  3. sara says:

    Gorgeous shade! It has given your cheeks such a pretty flush. :)
    sara recently posted..The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub – Review

  4. omg.. my heart jumped when I saw the blended blossom blush on your wrist.. SO GORGEOUS!! This shade is absolutely lovely and so lady like.. I’m inlove with iiiit!! Enjoy your year off Ava!

  5. Shivani says:

    Have fun during the year off. I recommend you travel for sometime too – trust me you wont get anytime after that. Congrats on being done your undergrad :D

    The blush is stunning :D I know something is worth it when they get more than 60% in your eyes ;) joking :D
    Shivani recently posted..Review | YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in Rouge Pop Art

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